The Language of Mustaches: What They Say About Men

A mustache is an iconic facial hairstyle that goes by several names, including crumb catcher, lip rug, or bro-stache. But what does it say about a man?

A mustache says that a man takes style and grooming with utmost seriousness. It also shows that he’s thick-skinned and indicates his boldness, patience, and maybe dominant edge.

man with mustache

Remember, there are several mustache styles, and all have more to them than what meets the eye.


Key Takeaways:

  • A mustache shows a man’s dedication to grooming and style.
  • It indicates boldness, as a mustache attracts attention and is less common than beards.
  • A well-groomed mustache requires patience, as growing and maintaining it can be a time-consuming process.
  • Mustaches can show a man’s humorous side, as some mustache styles have a comical effect.
  • A mustache can make a man thick-skinned, as he may develop resilience against mean comments and criticism.


What Does A Mustache Silently Say About A Man?

Read on to learn some essential things a mustache says about a man.

1. He Takes Grooming Seriously

groomed mustache

A mustache is never an accidental thing. That hair is left there intentionally, and to do so, one has to shave or trim down facial hair at the cheeks, neck, and chin, leaving very little hair. All this takes effort, commitment, and time.

It doesn’t matter whether or not a man is untidy. To groom and maintain a mustache requires a lot of dedication to ensure the beard doesn’t grow out.

On top of shaving, shaping, and trimming, serious mustache lovers will brush, oil, comb, wax, and balm it. One example of such a mustache style that requires high attention levels and maintenance is the handlebars.

If you come across a man that takes such care of his mustache, he takes grooming seriously. You’ll notice he likely gives a lot of consideration to what to wear.


2. He is Bold

bold man with mustache

We can all agree that mustaches attract a lot of attention. And compared to beards, they’re not that common. It’s why you’ll find people talking about a mustache even right behind a man with one. Well, people tend to discuss more what is uncommon than what they’re used to.

However, mustachioed men are not fazed by the attention. On the contrary, they’re used to it, thrive on it, or ignore it.

Undoubtedly, standing out among millions as one of the few men with a mustache indicates boldness. That’s especially so for styles like Walruses and Handlebars, which require even more boldness.


3. He is Patient

To grow a mustache and acquire the look you desire requires patience. Even for hairier men, a mustache won’t grow overnight.

Additionally, it’s never a smooth run. You face some challenges that can be frustrating. For example, sometimes, the growth is awkward, patchy, and sometimes you’ll experience itching. But you can’t give up.

To grow a mustache to the desired length requires playing the waiting game and even more patience to shape it into what you want. And even after the mustache has reached the desirable length, you need to groom it frequently to ensure it remains in tiptop condition.

Did you know men with mustaches also have to endure some discomfort? For example, a mustache like Walrus poses challenges while eating. Some food will get stuck on your beards because the hairs reach your upper lip.

Anytime you meet a gentleman with a mustache that’s well taken care of, chances are that he’s one patient man.


4. He is Humorous

Mustaches don’t come with so much seriousness. For most of the distinctive mustache styles, there’s even some comic effect.

Now that’s not to say men don’t take their mustaches seriously. On the contrary, many will leave nothing to chance in ensuring the mustache looks neat and well-maintained.

However, some mustachioed men want to show the world their humorous side. They want us to see them as men who don’t take themselves too seriously. Thus, they’re happy when you appreciate their mustache and are quick to thank you and even give a funny smile.

Because mustaches tend to stand out, they act as conversation starters. These guys like that. Interestingly, although several people out there admire their mustache, some of these guys find it funny. In fact, most men often look in the mirror and laugh at themselves.


5. He is Thick-Skinned

mustache for man

Men with mustaches usually develop a thick skin. They care less about any mean comments people make concerning their beards. In most cases, they’ll even laugh at themselves. Nothing can make them sway away from their ambitions.

If you have no thick skin, chances are high you’ll develop it once your mustache reaches a considerable length and you’ve had it for some years. You’ll develop resilience that a full beard will never give you.


6. Creative Personality

Growing a long mustache shows the creative and unconventional personality traits that can be associated with mustaches worn by artists, writers, and musicians.


7. The Adventurous Men

Examining the daring and adventurous spirit that can be associated with growing and maintaining a standout mustache style.


8. He Respects Tradition

A mustache style like an imperial mustache reveals that you have respect for tradition and cultural heritage that can be conveyed by certain mustache styles, and the sense of cultural identity they can evoke.


9. He can Rebel 

The nonconformist and unconventional personality traits can be associated with growing a mustache in defiance of societal norms and expectations.


10. Fatherly Look

The wisdom and experience conveyed by a grey mustache sometimes make the men look more mature.  The sense of reassurance and authority the grey mustache provides, automatically makes him look most trustworthy to women as a father.


Mustache Looks Throughout History

Mustaches can say various things about a man, depending on the specific style and context in which it is worn. Here are a few attributes that a mustache might convey about a man:


Politicians and Leaders

Throughout history, numerous politicians and leaders have sported mustaches as a symbol of power and authority. Examples include Theodore Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Otto von Bismarck.


Artists and Intellectuals

Many prominent artists, writers, and intellectuals have also embraced mustaches as part of their image. Examples include Albert Einstein, Salvador Dalí, and Friedrich Nietzsche.



The world of entertainment has seen its fair share of iconic mustaches. Charlie Chaplin, Tom Selleck, and Freddie Mercury are just a few examples of famous entertainers who have rocked a mustache.


The Psychology Behind Mustaches

One reason men might choose to grow a mustache is to assert their individuality and express their personal style. A mustache can help a man stand out from the crowd and make a statement about his personality.

Mustaches have long been associated with masculinity and virility, so growing a mustache can be a way for men to emphasize these traits. This can be particularly appealing for men who feel pressure to adhere to traditional gender norms.

Lastly, some men may grow a mustache in an effort to attract romantic partners. While preferences for facial hair can vary, some people find mustaches attractive and appealing.


Final Word

There you have it. Now you know what a mustache says about a man. We hope this information helps eliminate any trepidation you had about what a mustache says about you and whether it’s what you really want. Ladies, you now have more insight into the kind of guy he is.

Remember, a mustache is not for everyone, and if you decide to give it a try, you must be ready for the commitment it takes.

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