20 Perfect Boxed Beard Style for Your Round Face

For men with round face shapes, the quest for the perfect beard style often revolves around finding a style that adds definition and character to their naturally soft and full features. One beard style that often tops the list for its ability to provide that to the round face is the boxed beard.

The boxed beard, with its well-defined contours and structured appearance, is a trendsetting facial hair style that transcends the boundaries of fashion seasons. It offers the perfect blend of masculinity and sophistication, making it an attractive choice for modern gentlemen.

But why does the boxed beard style work so well for round faces? What makes it stand out in the myriad of beard styles available for round face shape? And how to trim a boxed beard for your round face?

Let’s explore the compatibility of the boxed beard with round face shapes.

How Does Boxed Beard Balance the Round Face?

boxed beard for older men with round face

A boxed beard can help balance a round face by adding structure and definition. Here’s how it works:

  1. A round face tends to lack defined angles. The straight lines and sharp corners of a boxed beard can introduce a sense of angularity and structure, which helps balance out the soft curves of a round face.
  2. The vertical lines of a boxed beard can help elongate the face. This is useful for counteracting the broad, horizontal nature of a round face.
  3. The round face often lacks a clearly sharp jawline. The lower border of a boxed beard can mimic a stronger, more defined jaw, providing a visual counterweight to the roundness of the face.
  4. A well-groomed, boxed beard can act as a focal point, drawing attention away from the roundness of the face.

Boxed Beard Styles for Round Faces

Here are a few boxed beard styles that work well for round faces:

1. Angular Boxed Beard

angular boxed beard for round face

The angular boxed beard takes on a more geometric approach, ideal for those who prefer defined lines. The bottom line of the beard is cut at a slight angle to the jawline, which adds length and breaks up the roundness of the face. You should consider a steeper angle at the bottom line of the beard, as it can contribute more to elongating the face and breaking up its roundness.

2. Short Boxed Beard

short boxed beard for round face

A short-boxed beard is an excellent choice for those who want a low-maintenance style. Trimmed close to the face, it provides a neat appearance while adding the illusion of an elongated chin. It is a short beard style for round face, so, keep the lines around your cheekbones higher to create an impression of a slimmer face.

3. Long Boxed Beard

long boxed beard for round face

If you’re a fan of long beard styles, the long boxed beard could be your perfect match. By adding length below the chin and trimming the sides neatly, this beard style creates a vertical illusion, counteracting the round face’s horizontal expansiveness.

4. Tapered Boxed Beard

tapered boxed beard for round face

The tapered boxed beard works wonders by gradually decreasing the length of the hair from the sideburn down to the chin. This tapering effect adds a subtle contrast to a round face, making it look narrower and more defined.

5. Balbo-Boxed Hybrid

balbo boxed beard for round face

Here’s a twist – the Balbo-boxed hybrid. This style combines elements of a classic Balbo (think Robert Downey Jr.) with the neat and defined edges of a boxed beard. The result is a beard that adds depth and definition to a round face while keeping things stylish.

6. Squared Boxed Beard

squared boxed beard for round face

In this style, the beard is kept full and dense with sharp edges, mimicking a square. This provides a strong contrast to the round face, providing an illusion of an angular jawline.

7. Patchy Boxed Beard

patchy boxed beard for round face

A perfect choice for those with patchy beard growth. By keeping the beard short and maintaining a clear outline, the focus remains on the structure rather than the density, providing an edgy look to a round face. This style can be further modified for round faces by allowing the beard to extend just a bit more beyond the chin.

8. Goatee-Boxed Hybrid

goatee boxed beard for round face

This style combines a traditional goatee with a boxed beard’s edgy sides, focusing the attention on the center of the face. It helps elongate the chin area, adding a balance to round faces.

9. Extended Boxed Beard

extended boxed beard for round face

In this style, the beard extends slightly beyond the chin, creating an illusion of length. It helps minimize the roundness and brings attention to the chin area.

10. Stubble Boxed Beard

stubble boxed beard for round face

Also known as the 5 o’clock shadow, the stubble-boxed beard offers a low-maintenance style with a sharp edge, adding a sense of depth and dimension to the round face.

11. French Fork Boxed Beard with Bald Head

French fork boxed beard for round face

A unique style where the beard splits into two segments at the chin, creating an illusion of length and width. The sides are kept sharp and neat as in a traditional boxed beard, adding definition to a round face. You can pair this beard style with a round face and bald head.

12. Chin Strap Boxed Beard

chinstrap boxed beard for round face

This style features a thin strip of hair that traces the jawline, combined with the neat cheek lines of a boxed beard. It gives an impression of a more pronounced jawline for men with round faces.

13. Ducktail Boxed Beard

ducktail boxed beard for round face

The Ducktail boxed beard style lets the beard grow longer at the chin, resembling a duck’s tail, while keeping the boxed beard’s sharp edges. It offers an elongated effect to the face, reducing its round appearance.

14. Medium Length Boxed Beard

medium length boxed beard for round face

This style combines a medium length beard with the sharp, neat edges of a boxed beard, providing a distinctive focal point and creating an illusion of length to a round face.

15. V Shape Boxed Beard

V shape boxed beard for round face

In the V shape boxed beard, the shape of the beard contours gently along the natural line of the jaw. For round faces, this beard provides an appealing counterpoint, subtly enhancing the jawline and adding visual interest.

16. Boxed Beard with Mustache

boxed beard with mustache for round face

The Boxed Beard with Mustache is a dynamic variation that pairs the strong geometry of a boxed beard with the classic appeal of a mustache. The key here is balance – the mustache and the beard should complement each other, with neither overpowering the other.

For round faces, a well-trimmed, prominent mustache can draw the eye upward, diverting attention from the roundness of the face. The mustache can also be styled to be slightly longer in the middle to create a counteracting vertical line.

17. Diamond Boxed Beard

diamond boxed beard for round face

This style reimagines the classic boxed beard by sculpting the facial hair into a diamond-like silhouette. The widest part is around the chin, gradually narrowing towards the cheekbones and down to the neck. This distinct geometry, with its points and lines, lends a round face a fascinating contrast.

The wider portion at the chin aids in adding a sense of length to the face, while the tapering sides help reduce the appearance of width. It’s a bold, stylish choice for those seeking a fresh take on the boxed beard.

18. Braided Boxed Beard

braided boxed beard for round face

The Braided Boxed Beard brings an element of creativity to the traditional boxed beard. In this style, sections of the beard are braided, adding texture and visual interest. The boxed outline remains, providing structure and the well-groomed look typical of the style.

For men with round faces, this style helps to distract from the roundness by creating distinctive focal points. Moreover, if the braid is done at the chin, it can also elongate the face visually.

19. Low Boxed Beard with Pompadour Haircut

pompadour with boxed beard for round face

The pomp’s volume at the top creates an elongating effect for round faces, while a neatly boxed beard adds definition to the lower part of the face. The juxtaposition of the voluminous pompadour hair and the beard makes for a balanced and stylish look.

20. High Boxed Beard with Undercut

undercut with boxed beard for round face

The undercut is a trendy haircut where the sides and back of the head are clipped short or shaved, leaving length on top. When paired with a boxed beard, the neat and sharp edges of the beard echo the crisp lines of the undercut. For round faces, this combination works wonders. The shorter sides of the undercut haircut and the beard give a slimming effect to the face, making it appear longer.

How to Trim A Box Beard For Round Face

Trimming a boxed beard for a round face requires precision and attention to detail. The aim is to balance your facial features and create an illusion of length and structure. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to trim a boxed beard for a round face.

  • Using your beard trimmer, define the outline of your beard. For a round face, the goal is to make your face appear slightly elongated and less round. The outline should be a neat rectangle (hence the term “boxed beard”), following your natural jawline. You can opt to have the corners sharp for a more pronounced box shape, or slightly rounded for a softer look.
  • Start with a higher guard on your trimmer to avoid cutting too much. Trim your beard to your desired length, moving the trimmer in an upward motion against the grain. Pay extra attention to the sides. Keeping the sides slightly shorter will help to narrow wider cheeks.
  • Remove the guard from your trimmer or use a precision trimmer to cleanly define the edges of your beard. Make sure to keep these lines straight and neat.
  • Check your beard from all angles to make sure it’s evenly trimmed and symmetrical. Use scissors to snip any remaining stray hairs.

So, a boxed beard creates the illusion of a longer, narrower face, defines the jawline, and adds depth and dimension to the face. If you have a round face, the boxed beard is the best option for you.

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