Women With Mustache: 13 Pretty Girls With Unexpected Mustaches

In the modern world, most people don’t expect a girl to sport a mustache or a beard. However, let’s face it, most of them have some facial hair. Women do their best to hide this fact by shaving, waxing, tweezing and etc.

But some of them make a decision to sport it regardless of the popular opinion. There is nothing women can do with genetics. We have made a list of 13 pretty women with a mustache.

So some of them are forced to deal with a mustache. And while most men consider a girl with a mustache to look rather terrible, there are some who don’t mind it at all. In fact, a very slight mustache might not look so bad on a girl. What do you think?

Women with Mustache

Why Do Some Women Grow Mustaches?

women with mustache

Some women get the thinnest white hairs on their lips, while others have to deal with apparent facial hair. The name of this condition is hirsutism, and androgens are the reason behind it.

Androgens are a type of hormone that all females and males produce, but women typically have lower levels, especially testosterone.

Certain conditions and genetic predispositions can cause women to produce more androgens than usual, resulting in male characteristics like unwanted hair growth and a deeper voice.

How Much Upper Lip Hair Growth is Normal?

There is no standard amount of hair to grow on your upper lip. All women are different, and some will have unnoticeable peach fuzz while others will have hirsutism. Some women will be between the two with darker peach fuzz in the corners of their lip but light in the middle.

About 1 in 14 women have hirsutism, so it’s not at all abnormal to have some extra upper lip hair. However, if we’re talking about universal beauty standards, most societies expect upper lips to be completely bare.

Can Women Stop Growing A Mustache Naturally?

There aren’t many natural methods for preventing mustache growth, but a couple of remedies may help. The first you can try is spearmint tea. Drinking spearmint tea twice a day will lower testosterone levels and help reduce hair growth.

You can also try sugar and lemon juice. Heat the two together in a pot, then apply the mixture to areas where you want excessive hair growth to stop. Let it dry, then wash it off. The sugar and lemon will stick to the skin and act as natural hair removers.

How Can You Reduce Upper Lip Hair?

woman removing mustache with tweezers
woman removing mustache with tweezers

Beyond the natural methods, there are also several ways to remove or reduce hair growth manually. The first thing you can try is tweezers. It might be a bit painful, but it’s less likely for the hair to grow back in thick strands when you violently rip it out of your face.

Shaving is another option, but even more temporary, as the hair will grow back faster than with tweezers. An alternative to these two options is threading. Threading is a salon hair-removal method where they use a twisting cotton thread to rip out hairs at the root.

How Do You Get Rid of Mustache without Shaving or Waxing?

Shaving and waxing aren’t permanent solutions to eliminating facial hair. They can also really irritate your skin. Fortunately, there are other ways to prevent hair growth. You can try a medication like Eflornithine or Antiandrogen, which will reduce testosterone levels.

Birth control is another solution and often results in less facial hair for women. The most effective solution is laser hair removal. It will permanently remove your mustache hairs.

Girls With Mustaches To Shake Your Universe

Did you ever wonder how a girl will look with a mustache? You’ll be surprised to learn that some of them look very cute.

Despite the popular belief that a girl should do everything to get rid of a mustache, some of them might even appreciate it. There are men who like looking at girls with mustaches and there are women who are not afraid of their facial hair.

We are giving you a chance to take a peak at how women look with some growth on their upper lip so you can make a decision for yourself. Who knows? You might even like it.

1. Frank Zappa mustache

young girl Frank Zappa mustache

Are you laughing now? Of course, Frank Zappa mustache is supposed to be long and bushy but this is a girl after all. So here we have a little hair growth with the tips slightly turned downwards. Coupled with bushy eyebrows the mustache doesn’t look too much out of place.

2. Pencil mustache

girls with mustaches 2

A thin pencil mustache won’t make a woman look like a man at all. You must have been surprised to see how much harmony such an image holds.

However, to some people, such a mustache makes an impression of an actual pencil line that needs to be wiped off.

3. Natural fluff

Natural fluff mustaches for women

The little fluff on the girl’s upper lip looks natural. After all, we are all humans and all of us have hair on our faces. Such mustache might not even need to be shaved. It is barely noticeable. But for some reason most of the girls hate it.

Funniest Mustaches Ever

4. French fork beard

girls with mustaches 4

This looks like something out of a scary fairytale, doesn’t it? Why would a woman grow a French fork beard to go with her slight mustache? Who knows, maybe she is thinking about a gender change. But somehow it still looks natural.

5. Shave it off

Shave mustaches

This really slight stubble on a girl’s upper lip might look cute but really needs to be eliminated. It is far from being a solid mustache while ruining the young and innocent look. Some mustaches really need to be shaved off.

Creepy Mustaches You Will Really Hate to Grow

6. Dirty stripes

girls with mustaches 8

When your mustache looks like a dirty stripe, something needs to be done immediately. Any man knows it and some women should too. A smart trick would be to bleach such facial hair, so it becomes invisible.

7. Frida Khalo mustache

nicc Frida Khalo mustache

Mexican women are not scared of sporting a Frida Khalo mustache since it is part of their heritage. Each country has its own beauty standards and you can’t fight the genes. If all women wear a mustache, it becomes mainstream.

8. Subtle shadow mustache

pretty girl with subtle shadow mustache

A woman with a faint shadow of a mustache that is barely noticeable unless viewed up close. It doesn’t detract from her overall appearance and adds a unique element to her look.

9. Daring handlebar mustache 

mustache for girls

A woman confidently sporting a well-groomed handlebar mustache. This bold statement challenges traditional beauty standards and showcases her individuality and self-expression.

10. Thin, wispy mustache 

blonde mustache for girls

A thin, wispy mustache that is barely visible unless under direct light. It might blend well with her natural features and not attract much attention.

11. Girl with Cantinflas Mustache and Goatee 

In this scenario, the girl challenges traditional beauty standards by adopting a style typically associated with men. Her choice to sport a Cantinflas mustache and goatee would reflect her individuality and desire to express herself freely, despite societal expectations.

12. Clean shaved mustache with a full beard

girls with mustache

It is a creatively styled facial hair style that complements her artistic personality. The beard is dyed ginger and the mustache is shaved, making it a unique and eye-catching feature.

13. Light Mustache Hair

girls with mustache

Here is a pretty girl with a light mustache. This type of mustache is more visible. The girl may choose to embrace her her light mustache, remove it, or find ways to make it appear more even, depending on her personal preferences.

We hope you liked these interesting photos. Some girls with mustaches look cute while others not so. Should the girls wear mustaches? Let them decide!

FAQ’s for Mustache Girls

Now that we know more about the female mustache, let’s take the time to answer the questions many women are asking.

Is It Bad to Shave Your Upper Lip if You Are a Girl?

A common misconception about shaving your upper lip is that it will cause hair to grow back thicker. This isn’t true. Women can easily shave their upper lip hair and achieve the same results as waxing or threading. It just won’t last as long. After shaving, you can expect hair regrowth in 1-2 days.

Can You Remove Upper Lip Hair with Tape?

It would have to be some pretty strong tape. Waxing is regular for upper lips, but it usually involves a particular solution and paper. They don’t just put duct tape on your face. We recommend using a proper waxing method instead of whatever tape you have lying around the house.

Is it better to Tweeze or Shave Facial Hair for Girls?

It depends on how long you want to spend on your facial hair routine. Tweezing the hairs will have a longer-lasting effect, but it can take a long time to remove every strand individually. Shaving is much faster, but the hair will also grow back faster.

Whichever you decide, just be aware that neither of these methods is permanent. Eventually, your hair will grow back.

I’m a 17 Year Old Girl, and I have a Lot of Facial Hair. Should I Start Shaving My Mustache & Beard?

It’s up to you. If you want a fast solution, shaving is one of the quickest ways to get rid of facial hair. However, you’ll have to prepare yourself to do it regularly, especially if you have a lot of facial hair. For a more permanent solution, you should try medication or laser hair removal.

These methods may seem a bit extreme at first, so it all depends on how important having a bare face is to you. If your facial hair is your deepest darkest secret, then one of these methods can save you time and stress.

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