55 Most Popular Asian Beard Designs [2020]

There are many trends going on in the Asian beard scene. From the clean face to the daring mustache, there’s a great deal of variety. Clean cut looks are becoming more prominent, but there are those who are taking on the bushy look that is popular among hipsters. So whether you’re looking for ideas for the office or are just looking for a new look in general, here are 25 of the most popular Asian beard styles.


Clean Cut Beards for Asian Men

The clean cut is a timeless look that will never go out of style. Since it offers a polished look it’s perfect for corporate settings and professionals. These styles are also great for men who either don’t like a lot of hair on the face or aren’t able to grow much facial hair.

1. Just a ‘statue

image00115 55 Most Popular Asian Beard Designs [2020]

This look features a clean shaved face and a mustache that has been trimmed short. This allows the focus to remain on the jaw line and the precision of the hairline.

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