Disadvantages of Using Beard Oil and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that one of the side effects of using beard oil can be even more dryness? While it may seem unreasonable, it is still possible, and there are many other disadvantages of using beard oil, especially when you’re not careful of where you get it from.

Using beard oil that is not organic can do a lot more harm than just stripping away the shine from your beard. From an increase in ingrown hair to possible allergic reactions, the side effects can be concerning.

Luckily you can avoid these disadvantages by looking out for certain factors. In this guide, we will go over the disadvantages of using beard oil, and how you can easily avoid them. 


Side Effects of Using Beard Oil 

Applying beard oil is an essential part of your beard care, but you should also know about its possible side effects. Some side effects include:

1. Allergic Reactions

Most beard oils on the market use natural products that keep your beard healthy. However, even too many of these natural ingredients can lead to negative effects, such as an allergic reaction. Ylang-ylang, peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oil are some popular ingredients that you can find in beard oils that can cause an allergic reaction.

2. Skin Irritation

More of a good thing is never a good idea, and nowhere is this more evident with beard oil since using too much can cause skin irritation. If you add too much beard oil, you could clog your pores. These clogged pores can usually lead to inflammation, acne, and even a dry beard. This is why many manufacturers will offer a recommended amount that you should apply.  

3. Acne Breakouts

Another potential side effect of beard oil is acne breakouts. This can happen when the oil clogs the pores on the skin, leading to the development of pimples and blackheads. This is more likely to occur in individuals with oily skin.

4. Dry Skin and Dandruff

Since beard oils are supposed to keep your beard and skin moisturized, one of the disadvantages of beard oil is that it can end up drying your skin. These oils will sometimes contain polyunsaturated fats, which can harden the skin. So instead of letting the natural oils flow thoroughly, they will clog the pores and cause dry skin and dandruff.

5. Over Moisturizing

The skin and hair follicles can absorb a specific amount of oil. Therefore, if you add more oil, it will only sit at the surface of your skin, which can lead to many serious issues. Along with blocking the pores to cause inflammation, a serious disadvantage of beard oil is that it can lead to dry skin and dandruff.

6. Irritation to the Eyes

If you usually touch your beard or run your fingers through it, you might accidentally touch your eyes with those oily hands. If you do happen to touch your eyes with beard oil, then you should wash your eyes as soon as possible. Remember that if your beard is still oily after 30 minutes, you have used too much.

7. Reaction to Sunlight

Some beard oil can be phototoxic, which means that it can cause a reaction when it interacts with the sun. Some phototoxic chemicals can include bergamot, orange, lemon, and lime.

8. Ingrown Hairs

Some beard oils contain silicone which can aggravate ingrown hairs. Cheaper options with silicone can clog your pores and create even more ingrown hairs.


How to Avoid the Side Effects of Beard Oil? 

While the side effects of beard oil are a little concerning, they can be very easy to deal with. Some of the ways that you can avoid these side effects include:

Choose a High-Quality Beard Oil

The first thing that you want to do when you go out to choose your beard oil is to make sure you are buying from a trustworthy brand. Avoid cheaper oils since they likely contain synthetic ingredients or phototoxic chemicals.

Patch test first

A great way to dodge beard oil’s disadvantages is to patch-test it first. You can apply a small amount to a part of your beard and leave it there for about a day. A full day is usually enough to see if it leads to long-lasting side effects.

Use the right amount

Most of the side effects of beard oil can be avoided entirely if you only apply the recommended amount. Applying extra, even if it is of a higher quality, can sit on your skin and clog the pores. By clogging the pores, you could experience more dandruff, itchier skin, and more ingrown hairs.  

Store properly

Before you buy beard oil, you should check its recommended storage instructions. You especially want to store it in the recommended conditions or keep it cool and dry. That way, the ingredients inside will go smoothly.

Check expiration date

One of the major disadvantages of beard oil is that companies that use natural ingredients will also have an expiration date. You should check the expiration date to make sure you use it within the required time, which can also lead to you seeing more side effects.

Use a beard balm instead

If beard oil isn’t your style, you can also try using a beard balm since it can absorb your beard better and doesn’t leave as much residue as oil.

Smell before you buy

Sometimes, beard oil might not directly impact your beard or skin. Instead, it may result in some other type of reaction, such as excessive sneezing. If you often end up in that situation due to strong smells, it would be best to smell the oil before you buy it. 


Does Beard Oil Help Beard Growth?  

Despite the side effects of beard oil we just mentioned, it is still an excellent product to use when caring for your beard. However, a common misconception about beards is that they can help with beard growth, which is different.

Beard oils can moisturize the skin underneath your beard and even help your beard look a lot softer. It also effectively reduces dryness and protects your beard from the sun. But no studies show beard oil possibly helping with beard growth. So even though you can make your beard look much fuller, it differs from helping it grow longer.


So, The side effects of beard oil include clogging up the pores, resulting in dandruff, dry skin, inflammation, phototoxicity, and eye irritation. Although these side effects of beard oil are severe, you can easily avoid them by choosing products from reputable brands, patch testing, and applying the recommended amount. 

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