James Harden Without A Beard: 5 Looks to Laugh Out Loud

James Harden without long beard: James Harden, the legendary American basketball player, who plays at the shooting guard position for Houston Rockets team of the NBA, is world famous for his varying facial hairstyles. He has worn a number of beard styles altering from total clean shave look to the lumberjack full beard.

Harden merely got lazy enough to stop shaving, which led to his overgrown beard becoming famous worldwide in the year 2009. Today his beard style is seen in numerous songs and T-shirts. You can also see our list of best James Harden beard styles after he started to grow facial hair.

james harden no beard photos


James Harden Photos Without Any Beard

There were days when James Harden without the long beard was seen. He wore a youthful look ranging from a clean shave to light stubble and mustache. Here are 5 James Harden without long beard photos.

1. Clean Shave

James Harden without facial hair

Cleaned shave beard is free from any facial hair apart from for the eyebrows, eyelashes and shortly trimmed sideburns. A clean shave look needs to shave your beard constantly on daily basis. Well, he could manage time in his early days before becoming the superstar!


2. Light Mustache and goatee

James Harden Without Beard 2

This beard style incorporates a very light mustache and a light trimmed chin goatee. The sideburns are short, trimmed and the neck and jaw line are clean shaved.


3. Pencil Mustache connected with a Small Goatee

James Harden Without Beard 3

This beard style incorporates a thin pencil mustache which extends down squarely from both sides to connect to a small trimmed chin goatee. The sideburns are short with a clear neck and jawline. This is one of the neatest looks of James Harden before growing a full beard.


4. Trimmed Beard

James Harden Without Beard 4

Trimmed beard is a great one and easy to carry. All that needs to be done is trim your beard and mustache.


5. Stubble

James Harden Without Beard 5

Stubble beards are allowed to grow for some days without trimming. With a cleanly shaved mustache, prominent hair seems to be visible on the chin, cheeks and the jaw line connecting the sideburns. This James Harden without beard look is the infant stage of the trademark beard Harden proudly wears today.

James Harden is not only a sports icon but also a style icon whose beard styles are copied all around the world. Houston Rockets and Harden’s success of making to NBA finals and winning Olympic gold medal can be rightly linked with the growth of his beard from clean shave to full lumberjack beard.

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