7 Cool Beard Styles of NBA Superstar Stephen Curry

When it comes to discussing the Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry aka Steph Curry, no one can overlook his extraordinary skills, amazing shooting capability, and leadership on the court. But, there is another thing that captured attention recently: Stephen Curry’s beard.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating evolution of Steph Curry’s facial hair and how it eventually became a defining feature of his persona.

Early Days Of Steph Curry’s Beard

Most his college and NBA career, Steph Curry appeared with his baby face. Beardless Stephen Curry presented a different image from the confident and bearded basketball superstar the world knows today.

Nonetheless, it was this very journey of experimentation and growth that eventually led him to embrace the fuller beard, symbolizing not only his transformation as a player but also as a person.

As time passed, Curry’s facial hair choices evolved, and by 2013, he decided to let his beard grow, embarking on a path that would culminate in the iconic look that fans have come to love and admire.

Before 2017, Steph Curry’s beard was not as prominent as it is now; he experimented with different beard styles, including goatees and shorter beards.

In 2017, Steph Curry’s beard had reached its full potential, becoming a signature feature that fans eagerly associated with him. The fully-grown beard gave Curry a more mature appearance, adding to his magnetic presence on and off the basketball court.

Since then, we have seen Stephen Curry join the list of NBA players with beards. Let’s explore some of his facial hair transformations.

Stephen Curry’s Latest Beardstyle- Jawline Beard with Connected Mustache

latest beardstyle by Steph Curry

From ‘Baby Face Assassin’ to a bearded man, the following are the top facial hair styles by Steph Curry.

1. Thick Bushy Chin Curtain

Stephen Curry beard of 2019

This dense growth of beard gives Steph Curry a mature look while it also frames his face. He just grows the facial hair for a few weeks and keeps it as it is.

However, he trims and lines the mustache to get some focus on the upper lip.

2. Thin Goatee

Steph Curry with goatee beard

With this beard style in 2016, Curry showed a sleek and refined impression. The goatee was carefully groomed to add a touch of sophistication to his charismatic demeanor.

Further, the thin facial hair defines the point guard’s chin and boost his facial feature.

3. Thin Egyptian Goatee

Steph Curry with chin beard

This style complements Steph Curry’s facial structure and accentuates his prominent low cheekbones and expressive eyes.

In addition to that, the Egyptian goatee reflects his masculinity without overpowering his overall facial structure.

4. Patchy Jaw + Anchor

Steph Curry beard style

So, Stephen Curry has a patchy beard in his jawline! However, this combined style of patchy and anchor beard shows that the NBA star wanted to embrace his natural growth pattern. Eventually, it gave him an intriguing texture and slightly unconventional look.

5. Stubble Beard with Goatee

stubble beard with goatee by Stephen Curry

Curry grew some shorter stubble beard outside the limits of his goatee. However, he carefully maintained the ideal length, which gives him a laid-back yet confident vibe reflecting his cool character.

6. Neckline Beard with Shaved Sideburn

beardstyle by Steph Curry

The combination of shaved sideburn and neckline add a touch of modernity and sleekness to Curry’s look.

While the removed sideburn gives him a polished appearance, it also creates smooth contrast between his cheeks and neckline.

7. Clean Shaved Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry Davidson without Beard
By Dave Hogg

The clean-shaven Stephen Curry of 2008 presented a different image from the confident and bearded basketball superstar the world knows today.

For the last couple of years, Steph Curry’s beard has represented his determination and willingness to embrace change. Indeed, he has changed his appearance.

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So, do you think he looks better with the beard or without the beard? The clean-shaved Stephen Curry of 2008 may have been the beginning, but it was the fully-grown beard that became a significant part of his legacy.

The evolution of his facial hair represents not just a change in appearance but also a symbol of his journey toward greatness, both on and off the basketball court.

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