Top 23 Funny Mustache Names Commonly Used As Slang

Every single thing in this world has a nickname. There are some funny mustache names also which are commonly used as slang.

People have been using these nicknames for a long time. Read on to know the funny name of the mustache you are having.

Best Funny Nicknames for Mustache

Almost all mustaches have some background history and nicknames derived from these stories. Here is a list of the top 23 funny mustache nicknames.

There are many more mustache slangs, the following ones are the most common. Browse these mustache styles if you really wanna grow a manly Mustache.

#1. Lip Toupee

Lip Toupee

This is a gigantic handlebar that covers the upper lip completely. That’s why it is named as a lip toupee.

#2. Face Furniture

Face Furniture funny mustache name

The name suggests the meaning here. This type of mustache can enhance the beauty of the face to a great extent. So, it is face furniture in a sense.

#3. Dirt Squirrel

Dirt Squirrel

The persons having fewer mustaches often face humiliation because of the straggling and patches in hair. This type of mustache can be named as a dirt squirrel.

#4. Whiskers

Whiskers - a funny mustache name

You didn’t read it wrong. Yes! This mustache resembles the whiskers which are actually found in animals. This is a unique mustache style with a unique name.

#5. Caterpillar


Caterpillar mustache comprises of two caterpillars shaped mustache with a connection in the middle of the upper lip. it seems like two caterpillars are put together in the place of the mustache.

#6. Snot Mop

This one is a famous mustache style. The mustache grows to the beard and the front part of the jaw is shaved like a mutton chops beard.

#7.  Lady Tickler

This type of beard is so well-groomed that anyone will have a good impression of the patron. It is called lady tickler because of the well-defined style.

#8. Bristol Batons

Bristol Batons

If someone struggles to grow a mustache he is surely going to have bristle batons. The hair looks so unkempt and thin because of the low density of the mustache.

#9. Old Bullet Proof

Old Bullet Proof

This is a common mustache style for the military or defense people. That’s why its nickname is old bulletproof.

#10. Lip Warmer

Lip Warmer

If you have a thick and black mustache, you can try a lip warmer. The density of the mustache is the main feature of a lip warmer mustache.

Cookie Duster

The mustache is kept unshaped, starting from just under the nose, trimmed only around the brim of the top lip.

It’s usually a full-bodied, thick, and course on the top. A perfect look for those with mature facial hair growth.

#12. Soup Strainer

Soup Strainer Mustache

A soup strainer is a long mustache that hangs over the upper lip area. It looks like the mustache is trying to catch stray food particles traveling into the mouth, which is why the peculiar name.

#13. Dental Drapes

Dental Drapes

A pun completely intended dental drapes are medical equipment actually used by dentists. But here, it means something completely different.

Any mustache that is long and bushy enough to grow over the upper lip and lower lip completely covering the mouth unless it’s opened.

#14. Face Lace

Face Lace Mustache

Face Lace is any mustache that’s evenly trimmed and kept short in terms of its length. It’s also sometimes combined with a goatee.

#15. Dirt Squirrel

Dirt Squirrel

Sharing the name with sexual activity, this mustache look is far from anything sexual. In fact, it’s a nerdy, hipster style that is arguably trendy these days and the name definitely does not do it justice.

#16. Mouth Mane

Mouth Mane Mustache

Mouth mane is a large, bushy, over-the-top, larger than life looking mustache that is hard to grow and maintain. It looks a lot like the mane of a lion which is why the name.

#17. Lip Doily

Lip Doily Mustache

Lip Doily mustaches have a prominent end. They are usually made pointy and sometimes even curvy around the end with mustache wax.

#18. Muzzle Fuzz

Muzzle Fuzz

A fuzz is any mass of frizzy hair. Muzzle refers to the mouth or nose of an animal. When a thick mustache extends from the upper lip paired with a beard that is short and stubbly can be named Muzzle Fuzz Mustache.

#19. The Hair Handle

The Hair Handle Mustache is a funny name for a mustache that is long and curved enough to be grabbed like a bicycle handle. The nickname is not so offensive and playful. The name also describes the wavy pattern and texture of the mustache in the same time.

#20. Crumb Collector

man with crumb collector mustache

Crumb collector is a funny mustache name for an untidy mustache. This nickname can be suitable for any bushy mustache that may collect crumbs and other small bits of food.

#21. The Cheek Charmer

the cheek charmer

Any mustache style that adds a touch of charm to your appearance can be called The Cheek Charmer. It complements the mustache with your facial shape.

#22. Fault Line

man with fault line mustache

If there is a mustache gap in the middle you can name your mustache the fault line. This refers to the noticeable gap between the two sides of the mustache, which can give the impression of a fault line in the earth’s surface.

#23. Grizzled Grandeur

grizzled grandeur

A long, grey, salt-and-pepper mustache can be given a funny name “Grizzled Grandeur”. Grizzled refers to the mix of grey and white hairs. Grandeur means impressive or magnificent. This nickname highlights the mustache’s majestic look.

Infographic on Funny Mustache Names

Funny Mustache Names infographic

All these mustache styles have distinct characteristics. Though these funny mustache names are commonly used as slang, you can undoubtedly carry any of these styles.

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