25 Common Beard Myths: Debunking Misconceptions About Beard

You have probably encountered a fair share of beard myths throughout your facial hair journey. From “beards are dirty” to “your beard will grow unevenly if you trim it” – there’s no shortage of crazy stories floating around the beard.

Well, it is time to put these beard fibs to bed. We are about to bust 25 of the most popular beard myths you have probably heard a million times. This article will cut through the confusion, and empower all beard lovers with the truth.

So, grab your beard combs, sit back, and get ready for some serious myth-busting action!

25 Common Beard Myths Debunked with Facts

#1. Shaving improves your beard growth

beard myth- shaving improves beard growth
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This is the most heard beard myth that is believed mostly by teenagers. The myth originated from the fact that after shaving, initially, the beard appears thicker and denser than before. So, The fact is shaving does not make facial hair grow faster.

#2. Beard hair is the same as head hair

Beard hair and head hair can differ in texture and growth rate. Beard hair grows faster than head hair. It also tends to be coarser and curlier because of the larger hair follicles on the face.

#3. Women don’t find beards attractive

This myth is highly subjective. Most Korean men don’t grow beards because Korean women don’t beard attractive. On the other hand, researches show that the majority of US women find bearded men more attractive as a partner.

#4. Age doesn’t matter for beard growth

beard myth- age doesn't affect beard growth

Age can indeed affect beard growth, Hormonal changes throughout life can impact the density and coverage of your beard.

#5. Everyone can grow a full beard

Not everyone can grow a full beard. Several factors determine beard growth, such as genetics, hormones, and age. Some individuals can grow thick, full beards, while others might not be able to grow a beard.

#6. A grey beard makes you look older

This is not entirely true. You can choose your beard style for a masculine or sophisticated look. Looking old with a grey beard depends on how you carry it.

#7. Beards keep you warm in cold weather

beard myth- beard keeps warm in winter

The insulation provided by the beard is not enough to keep you warm. Moreover, a beard can cause dry skin and beardruff in winter.

#8. Beard slow down your metabolism

This myth is entirely false. Beards have no impact on your metabolism or any other bodily function.

#9. Beard oils are just a marketing gimmick

Beard oil is not merely a marketing gimmick. It can provide the moisturizing that is necessary for your beard. In fact, it is essential for your regular beard maintenance routine.

#10. You cannot keep a beard at a corporate job.

beard myth- beard can not be kept at corporate jobs
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Many Corporate companies do not have a guideline against keeping a beard. Based on your job role and company you can choose a beard style that is suitable for corporate settings.

#11. Using hair products on your beard is fine

Hair products are not formulated for beard care. It may contain harsh chemicals which can make your beard and the underlying skin dry.

#12. Beard growth supplements guarantee a full beard

Supplements can be a helpful addition to a healthy lifestyle, but they are not guaranteed solutions for beard growth. They cannot change factors such as genetics and hormone levels that significantly influence beard growth.

#13. Minoxidil works for everyone

This is a widespread myth. Rogaine (minoxidil) is effective in treating hair thinning and early stages of facial hair loss. It is less likely to promote significant hair regrowth in completely bald areas.

#14. Beard is dirty and unhygienic

Beards are not Unhygienic. It will become dirty and unhygienic if you avoid the beard care routine like washing and grooming your beard. This is also true for any part of your body so saying a beard is dirty and unhygienic is a myth.

#15. Only hipsters keep a beard

This myth originated in the late 90s as the media often portrays hipsters with long beards. But beards are not only for hipsters. Singers, celebrities, professionals everyone may keep a beard.

#16. Face lock won’t work if you grow a beard

It was true for older facial recognition technologies. But modern face lock algorithms can effectively detect a man with and without his beard. So now it is a beard myth.

#17. If you are a natural redhead, you will grow a ginger beard.

beard myth- redhead man will grow red beard

There are many myths like this about ginger beard. But the truth is the color of your head hair can be different than your beard. Your beard may even turn red though your hair is black.

#18. Native Americans can’t grow facial hair.

Is this a fact or myth? Native Americans may indeed have less facial hair growth compared to other populations, but they are fully capable of growing beards.

#19. The longer the beard the wiser the man

The traditional pictures of ancient wise and powerful men and movie characters like Gandalf the Grey have made long grey beard as a sign of wisdom and power. But greying and growing a long beard has no relation with brain and wisdom.

#20. Growing a beard makes your hair go bald.

Till now there is no scientific evidence that growing a long makes your head hair fall out. As there is no scientific evidence to prove it so it’s a myth.

#21. Beards can repel the vampires.

For this to be true, in the first place, vampires need to exist. Let’s imagine they are real. But there is no way your beard can keep that bloodsucker away from drinking your blood cause it’s gonna bite on your neck, not on your chin. If you still want to believe in this myth make sure your beard is long enough to protect your neck.

#22. Beards act as natural GPS systems.

This myth suggests that having a long beard will somehow sense the earth’s magnetic field and allow you to navigate above the ground. (Wait. What!). Unfortunately, It’s a myth and you can not use a beard compass instead of Google Maps for navigation.

#23. The moon can make your beard grow faster.

“The full moon makes your beard grow faster. So stay out at full moon and let the moonlight touch your beard.” Don’t jump out. Lunar eclipse and full moon does not make your beard grow just like they don’t turn people into werewolves.

#24. You can predict the weather by looking at a long beard.

funny beard myth regarding long beard
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Have you heard that beard joke? “Beard forecaster: Go outside and look at your long beard and match it with the following.

Cool and laid back beard- calm weather, Beard dry- the weather is sunny; Soaked and grumpy beard- it is raining;

Beard flying -the wind is strong; You and your beard both are flying- Tornado.”

This is actually a humorous joke that became a myth.

#25. There is no myth about beards the beardstyle.net has debunked all the myths with beard facts.

This is not a popular myth in the US but if you ever hear something like this consider itself a myth. Because debunking beard myths with facts won’t change the fact that there are people who will believe in what they believe.

So, beard myths will continue to exist. People will always be drawn to imaginative tales and legends, adding a touch of magic and humor to the world of beards.

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