25 Best Blowout Haircuts With Beard In 2024

A hair and beard style is more than just strands of hair on our head and face—it’s an extension of who we are, reflecting our style, personality, and confidence.

Now, when you pair a striking haircut like the blowout with a beard, that’s a statement! Let’s dive deep into the world of blowout haircuts and how they can be perfectly paired with beards.

What Is Blowout Haircut?

A blowout haircut, often referred to simply as a “blowout,” is a hairstyle characterized by the appearance of the hair being “blown out” or standing away from the scalp, typically with a voluminous and wavy or slightly curled style.

A blowout haircut is achieved by washing your hair after getting a haircut, primarily using a hairdryer and brush.

In a typical blowout haircut:

  • The sides and back are typically tapered or faded to be shorter, while the top remains longer.
  • The hair on top is styled to have a lot of volume, often looking like it’s blown back or upwards by the wind.
  • Depending on the desired look, hair products such as pomades, mousses, or gels might hold the hair in place and give it a shiny or matte finish.
  • The blowout haircut can be adapted to different hair lengths and textures and personalized to suit individual preferences, making it a versatile choice for many.

Popular Blowout Haircut and Beard Combinations

Not every beard goes well with a blowout. However, a well-maintained, thick beard or rugged stubble can add depth and character to the voluminous blowout look.

Here are some blowout haircut and beard combos that go well.

1. Blonde Blowout Haircut with Bushy Long Beard

blonde blowout haircut with bushy beard

Sometimes, you can play around with colors and dyes rather than the length of your hair. That’s what you’ll be doing with this haircut, which has a blonde high-top haircut with tapered sides and a bushy beard to go with it.

2. Wavy Blowout Hair with Heavy Stubble Beard

short blowout haircut with stubble beard

It’s the look of an executive with short-blow hair that has waves on the top and front. On the beard side, it’s a heavy stubble that goes perfectly well with the tapered sides of the haircut.

3. Curly High-top Haircut with Chin Strap Beard

curly blowout haircut with chin strap beard

What makes this blowout haircut suitable for a round face are the mid-taper sides. The curly hair on the top and crown is dyed blonde. Lastly, the chin strap beard wraps around your chin and jaw with no mustache.

4. Highlighted Wavy Hair with Short Beard

blowout haircut with highlights and beard

The wavy hair on the frontal region of the head makes it very stylish, and the blowout will help you get those waves. Pair it with a short yet messy beard for a symmetrical look.

5. Spiky Hair with Scruffy Beard

blowout haircut with beard and glasses

The spiky hair with tapered sides looks stylish yet quite simple at the same time. What makes the style scruffy is the beard. You can leave your heavy stubble untouched, without sharp lines, or a well-defined neckline.

6. Red Curly Bangs with Side Taper and 5 o’clock Shadow

blowout haircut with 5 o clock shadow beard

You’ll surely be turning some heads with this blowout haircut that stands out because of the popping red color.

The curly top makes the style even more attention-grabbing. Leave a 5 o’clock shadow on the face so all eyes can be on your hairstyle.

7. Long Wavey Mid-part Hair with Short-boxed Beard

blowout bob haircut with beard

That’s the kind of haircut Johnny Depp had in the early 2000s. The wavy locks on both sides provide a dark background to your short-boxed beard. This style beautifully complements a rectangular face.

8. Tapered Haircut with Blonde Beard

blowout haircut with blonde beard

A stubble beard with a tapered haircut is a combination that never disappoints. You can always decide the stubble length. This particular case is a 5-day stubble with a mid-taper, no-part haircut.

9. Taper-fade with Line-up and Beard Fade

blowout haircut with hard part and beard

Take the fade effect to the next level with this style. A lot is happening in this haircut, with a spiky, highlighted top and taper-faded sides with a hard line. The short beard is also tapered near the sideburns and completely fades on the temples.

10. Side-swept Hair with Red Lumberjack Beard

blowout haircut with very long beard

Want to show the world you have a red beard? Grow a big, long, and curly lumberjack beard for the right impact.

Pair your bushy beard with a more tamed side-swept haircut. With this style, the longer the beard the better.

11. Shaved Sides Comb Over with Tapered Beard

blowout hairstyle with shaved side and beard

The blowout haircut here has completely shaved sides. With the bald sides, you can comb or brush the hair with a blow dryer to fall on either side without difficulty. Combine it with an equally impressively tapered and impeccably trimmed full beard.

12. Undercut Haircut with Short Patchy Beard

blowout undercut with patchy beard

One of the things about an undercut haircut or any haircut with fade or taper is that it works well with a patchy beard.

The patchy sides blend into the tapered hair on the temples, just like this one. The rest of the beard is almost heavy stubble.

13. Puffy Colored Hair with Light Stubble

colored blowout haircut with light stubble beard

Undoubtedly, the puffy hairstyle will take time for you to create. Coloring the hair is yet another added responsibility. Once that’s done, you can go easy on the beard by keeping a light stubble only.

14. Pompadour Haircut with Verdi Beard

blowout pompadour with beard

You’ll surely be taking a lot of time to get ready when you pick this style. The haircut has a prominent pomp with sides slicked back. Your Verdi beard will add another layer of complexity to the overall look.

15. Side-swept Haircut with Grey Long Beard

side swept blowout haircut with grey beard

It’s almost like a Garibaldi beard, with the lower end being slightly narrower. The thick beard with neatly trimmed outer edges contrasts nicely with a side-swept haircut. This haircut is excellent for people whose hair becomes wavy after a certain length.

16. Straight Blowout Haircut with Mid-length Red Beard

straight blowout haircut with full beard

Not a lot of people go with a mid-length beard, but you can stand out by having one. This red beard isn’t too long or too short, and has a bit of messiness to it, but looks great with a simple blowout haircut with a spiky top.

17. Wavy Side-part Hair with Salt and Pepper Beard

wavy blowout hairstyle with beard

Wavy hair can be hard to deal with, but a side part is a great way to tame it. You don’t have to brush or comb your hair a lot for this style to keep a slightly messy look. The beard is short with salt and pepper effect.

18. Low-fade Haircut with Imperial Mustache

short blowout haircut with beard and mustache

A low fade isn’t too noticeable, but it gets the job done. The hairs in the middle are pretty wavy and clustered in this case. A medium-stubble beard is like a background to the beautifully curled imperial mustache.

19. Short Low-fade Dreadlocks with Petit Goatee

blowout haircut with goatee beard

The neatness of this look is evident. The low-fade sides complement the look of the dreadlocks. The cheeks, sideburns, etc. are neat, and then you have a petit goatee, a very small soul patch, and a pencil beard.

20. Tapered Afro Haircut with French Beard

afro blowout hairstyle with beard

You could call it a different version of the previous look. The afro top is quite high and the sides are rather tapered and not faded. The French beard with short stubble on the sides boosts the overall look of the style.

21. Perm Haircut with Stubble Beard

blowout perm hairstyle with beard

This is a muscular look and the one you should go for if you are ready to put up with curly hair for a long time. Supporting the haircut is a stubble beard with a fully grown mustache almost covering the upper lip.

22. Blonde Side-swept Hair with Jawline Beard

men's blowout haircut with beard

The side-swept blowout haircut is only slightly tapered on the sides. You can notice a clear outline of the face due to long sideburns and a short beard that’s more consistent along the jawline. Top it all off with a beautifully shaped light mustache.

23. Side-part Hair with Curly Garibaldi Beard

side part blowout haircut with beard

You want this style if you have been seeking the “power” look. Part your hair on one side and sweep the bigger bunch to the other side. Make a powerful statement with a curly Garibaldi beard and a thick and long mustache.

24. Bleached and Died Messy Hair with Patchy Stubble

Asian blowout haircut with beard

You won’t find many people with this look because it’s hard to achieve. The hair is not only bleached but also dyed of an orange hue.

A light stubble beard embellishes the face, whereas the shaved mustache is an unexpected yet welcome move.

25. Blonde Tapered Fringe with Pointy Beard

blonde blowout haircut with dark beard

It’s a game of colors in this style. The tapered sides with short fringes cover part of the forehead, making the face look square.

The sides of the beard are tapered with a sharp cheekline. Lastly, the beard hangs slightly more than 2 inches down the chin and is given a pointed shape.

So, why wait? Choose your favorite blowout haircut and beard style, and let the world see your bold and stylish side!

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