Pointed Beard: How to Choose, Style, and Shape

When it comes to beard styles, there’s a whole universe out there, and the pointed beard is one dapper star in that galaxy. The pointed beard is like the majestic lion – regal, powerful, and a tad bit intimidating

This isn’t just about face fuzz. A pointed beard can give you that razor-sharp, devilishly handsome look that screams, “Yes, I am the stylishly rugged gentleman you’ve been searching for.”

And here’s the kicker: no matter your face shape, lifestyle, or the vibe you’re after, there’s a pointed beard style out there.

So, buckle up, get those trimmers ready, and let’s set course for the exciting world of pointed beard styles. Who knows, your perfect beard style could be just around the corner!

What is a Pointed Beard?

pointed beard

A pointed beard refers to any beard style that tapers to a point at the chin. This style can range from short and neat to long and bold, but they all share the common characteristic of a pointed chin beard.

This style is versatile and can be adapted to various lengths and thicknesses, from short and neat to long and full. Pointed beard styles can be with or without a mustache.

Types of Pointed Beard Style

According to the characteristics, beard styles such as the Goatee, Balbo, Van Dyke, French Fork, Anchor Beard, Ducktail beard, and V-Shaped beard, all fall under the category of pointed beard styles. The major pointed beard style types include:


pointed goatee beard

The classic goatee is the epitome of simplicity and minimalism. It solely consists of a tuft of hair on the chin, often shaped into a small point, with no mustache or sideburns attached. Ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance look with a touch of ruggedness.

Anchor Beard

pointed anchor beard

Aptly named, this style resembles a ship’s anchor. It combines a pointed beard with a mustache and a soul patch. A stylish option for those seeking a nautical touch to their facial aesthetics.

Van Dyke

pointed van dyke beard

A timeless style named after the 17th-century artist Anthony van Dyck. The Van Dyke boasts a detached mustache and a pointed chin beard, offering a distinguished, vintage appeal.

Balbo Beard

pointed balbo beard

The Balbo is an eye-catching combination of a floating mustache, a soul patch, and a pointed beard. Perfect for those seeking to add a dash of sophistication to their appearance.

French Fork

pointed french fork beard

A departure from the usual pointed style, the French Fork splits the beard into two points at the chin, resembling a fork. A unique style for the bold and the daring.


pointed ducktail beard

Inspired by the tail of a duck, this style showcases a full beard trimmed into a refined point. A fashionable choice for the rugged man who values style and substance.


pointed hollywoodian beard

Also known as the extended goatee is a blend of the full goatee and a mustache, running along the jawline. The point at the chin adds a defining characteristic that sets it apart from regular beard styles.

These styles can be customized as short to long pointed beards, with mustache and without a mustache, or with a unique haircut.

Best Pointed Beard Style Variations

If you are looking to rock a pointed beard we have picked some of the coolest pointed beard style variations from all types of beard styles that are considered as pointed beard styles by definition.

1. Classic Goatee with Handlebar Mustache

pointed goatee with handlebar mustache

A fusion of tradition and novelty defines this style. The Classic Goatee stands as a testament to age-old rugged charm while the twirled elegance of the Handlebar Mustache adds a dramatic twist. The neat Buzz Cut crowns this ensemble, harmonizing the diverse elements into a look that’s both refined and spirited.

2. Anchor Beard with Chevron Mustache and Undercut

pointed anchor beard with undercut

Here, the sea-faring Anchor Beard meets the bold Chevron Mustache in an adventurous liaison. The precise Undercut introduces a modern edge, creating an attractive juxtaposition between the classic beard-mustache combo and the contemporary hairstyle. This style exudes both strength and sophistication.

3. V-Shape Full Beard

pointed V shape beard

A V-Shape Full Beard involves sculpting the entire beard into a ‘V’ shape that tapers at the chin. The pointed tip accentuates the jawline, creating a striking and masculine appearance. This style is best suited for those with full beard growth and a desire for a sharp, distinctive look.

4. Balbo Beard with Pencil Mustache

curly balbo beard with pencil mustache

The Balbo Beard, sophisticated and polished, pair up with a thin, precise Pencil Mustache. Complementing this intricate facial hair is short curly hair, embodying a sense of controlled elegance. This combination is the embodiment of sleek style and precision.

5. Van Dyke with Walrus Mustache

pointed van dyke beard with walrus mustache

A pairing where vintage meets flamboyance: the timeless Van Dyke comes together with the full-bodied Walrus Mustache. The long hairstyle adds a layer of drama and flair to this intriguing ensemble, resulting in a look that’s bold and eye-catching.

6. Full Goatee with Fu Manchu Mustache

pointed full goatee with fu manchu mustache

The Full Goatee, robust and commanding, joins forces with the adventurous Fu Manchu Mustache. The overall style is a harmonious blend of intricate facial hair and simple hairstyle, creating an assertive look.

7. Braided Point

pointed braided beard

Growing a long beard and shaping it into a single braid ending in a point is what defines a Braided Point style. The uniqueness and boldness of this style make a remarkable statement.

8. Stiletto Beard

pointed stiletto beard

Stiletto Beard requires the beard to be grown long and then shaped into a sharp, precise point. This style merges intensity with style, creating a daring yet fashionable look.

9. Chin Strap with Point

pointed chin strap beard

A modern twist to the chin strap, this style outlines the jawline and ends with a neat point at the chin. The balance it strikes between edgy and sophisticated makes it a chic choice.

10. Viking Style

pointed viking beard

Drawing inspiration from Norse seafarers, the Viking style features a full, long beard that tapers into a point, often paired with a mustache. Its strong, commanding aura radiates strength and adventure.

11. Patchy Pointed Beard

pointed patchy beard

Designed for men with patchy growth, Patchy Pointed Beard uses strategic shaping to form a pointed beard. This style gives an edge to your look while embracing natural growth patterns.

12. Mustache with Chin Puff

pointed chin puff beard

A bold mix of a thick grey mustache with a small pointed chin puff, this style brings a unique flair to facial features. It’s a distinctive style that adds character and charm.

13. Double Point Beard

pointed double point beard

Setting a departure from the norm, Double Point Beard splits the chin hair into two sections, each ending in a point. This unconventional style is an adventurous and daring choice.

14. Pointed Beard with Bare Cheeks

pointed beard with bare cheeks

Pointed Beard with Bare Cheeks is a bold choice that emphasizes the chin and jawline. By keeping the cheeks clean-shaven, it accentuates the pointed beard and mustache, adding chic appeal to your appearance.

15. Natural Point

natural pointed beard

For men with naturally pointy beard growth, Natural Point involves minimal grooming, allowing the beard to naturally taper into a point. It’s a graceful blend of nature’s artistry and personal style.

Choosing The Right Pointed Beard Style

choosing pointed beard style for men

Selecting the right pointed beard style can indeed depend on a variety of factors, including your face shape, beard growth pattern, lifestyle, and personal style preferences. Here are a few considerations to help you make your decision:

1. Assess Your Face Shape

Just like with hairstyles, different beard styles suit different face shapes. Understanding your face shape is vital as it helps to balance your facial features with your beard. Here are some key points to choose a pointed beard style based on your face shape:

  • Round Face: A pointed beard, like an Extended Goatee or a Balbo Beard, can add length to the face, creating the illusion of a longer face.
  • Oblong Face: With this face shape, it’s best to avoid adding more length. Instead, consider beard styles that add fullness to the sides, like a shorter Full Goatee. Avoid longer pointed beard styles.
  • Triangular Face: This face shape has a wider forehead and cheeks and narrows towards the chin. A fuller, pointed beard style, such as the Ducktail, can add volume around the chin area to balance it out.
  • Diamond Face: For diamond-shaped faces, which are narrow at the jawline and forehead but wide at the cheekbones, pointed beard styles that add fullness at the chin, like a Full Goatee or Balbo Beard, can work well.

2. Consider Your Beard Growth Pattern

The way your beard grows is another crucial factor in choosing the right style. If your beard grows thick and full, you have more options for pointed beard styles. But if your beard growth is patchy, simpler styles, such as a Classic Goatee or Anchor Beard, may suit you better.

3. Reflect on Your Lifestyle

If you lead a busy lifestyle and prefer a low-maintenance look, simpler styles will likely appeal to you. If you don’t mind investing time into grooming and maintaining your beard, you may enjoy more complex beard styles.

  • Thick and Full Beard: If your beard grows thick and full, you have more options for pointed beard styles. You could opt for a Balbo Beard, Ducktail, or Full Goatee with a pointed tip.
  • Patchy Beard: If your beard growth is patchy, simpler styles such as a Classic Goatee with a pointed tip or an Anchor Beard may be more flattering.

4. Evaluate Your Personal Style

Lastly, think about how different beard styles will fit with your personal style. If you lean towards a classic, refined aesthetic, a Balbo Beard or Van Dyke may suit you. But if your style is more modern or avant-garde, you might prefer a more unconventional pointed beard style.

How To Shape A Pointed Beard

how to shape pointed beard

For shaping a full pointed beard like ducktails all of the facial hair – mustache, chin beard, neck beard, and sideburns:

  • Let your beard grow out for a few weeks to a few months.
  • Use a beard trimmer to shape it into a ‘V’ with the chin as the bottom point.
  • Trim your beard to keep it neat, with the sides shorter than the hair at the chin.
  • Define the point by allowing the hair at the chin to be the longest.

For a pointed chin beard that focuses on the chin:

  1. Allow your chin beard to grow to the desired length.
  2. carefully shave the hair on your cheek and sideburns. This creates a clear distinction between the beard and the cheek area.
  3. Using a trimmer or scissors, trim the hair on your chin to create a rounded and compact shape. The size of the puff can vary depending on personal preference, but it is generally smaller than a full beard.
  4. Define the lower boundary by shaving any hair below the point from your neck.

Trimmer Settings

To achieve the gradient look from sideburns to the chin, you would typically start with a shorter setting on your trimmer and gradually increase it as you move down the face. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Sideburns: Start with a shorter setting (for example, if you have settings from 1-10, start at 3 or 4).
  2. Cheeks: Increase the setting slightly as you move to the cheeks (using the example, a 5 or 6).
  3. Jawline: Keep increasing as you reach the jawline (in our example, this would be a 7 or 8).
  4. Chin: Finally, for the chin, use the longest setting to achieve the pointed look (in the example, this would be a 9 or 10).

Remember that these numbers are simply a suggestion and will depend on the style you’re going for. Always start with a longer setting – you can always trim more off, but if you cut too much, you’ll need to wait for it to grow back.

So, now you have the knowledge and understanding to choose and shape your own pointed beard.

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