12 Cool Spanish Beard Styles You Should Try in 2024

A long beard isn’t your cup of tea and you’re seeking a style that wouldn’t require more than a stubble or short beard. Well, that’s where Spanish beard styles come into play.

These beards are stylish, but not too long to hide your facial features. In fact, they have quite the opposite effect as they complement your face shape.

The Spanish Beard is characterized by a connecting mustache and a short goatee, with the cheeks remaining clean-shaven. This beard style is remarkably versatile, as it can be adapted to various lengths and levels of fullness.

Origin Of Spanish Beard

The origins of this unique style can be traced back to the 16th century, during the golden age of Spain. It was often worn by noblemen and explorers during the golden age of Spain.

According to some experts, Spanish explorers and conquistadors, upon their travels to the Americas, also wore this style of beard and when they came back to Spain, it became a trend not only in Spain but also in many other parts of Europe.

Despite the passage of centuries, the attraction of the Spanish Beard has not faded. Today, it remains a favored choice for men around the world.

Even if you experience patchy facial hair growth, you’ll see from these styles that a patchy beard isn’t an issue at all.

Spanish Beard Styles

The Spanish Beard is more than just a style of facial hair – it’s a symbol of elegance, and nod to history. With its versatility and classic charm, the Spanish Beard continues to be a celebrated icon in men’s fashion. So, let’s dive into the styles right away.

1. Salt and Pepper Goatee with Spiky Hair

Spanish beard style for fat guys

First on the list of Spanish Beard styles is the simple yet stylish goatee. Start by growing a stubble beard, then trim away the excess hair to form a goatee.

What truly sets this beard style apart is the stunning salt-and-pepper effect. Complement this trendy-looking beard with a faded haircut for an added edge.

2. Patchy Beard with Thicker Mustache and Goatee 

patchy Spanish beard

Even if you struggle to grow a full beard, patchy beards are actually in style. To avoid growing out a stringy beard, keep a light stubble on the sides of your face and on your neck. Keep the mustache and goatee thicker and denser to bring the entire look together. 

3. Short Stubble Goatee without Sideburns 

professional Spanish beard

This goatee, with its clean edges, soul patch, and stubble mustache, offers a winning combination. This particular style doesn’t have sideburns, so the rest of your face is clean-shaven. Call it one of the cleanest Spanish beard styles because of added freshness to the style with a low-fade crew cut.

4. Patchy Long Stubble with Curtains Hairstyle

long hair with thick Spanish beard

Here’s an impressive pairing that balances patchy long stubble with curtains softly parted in the middle. The hairstyle has fringes on the side, giving your wavy hair that extra volume. Trim the patchy beard on the sides of your face so it looks thicker around the chin and on your upper lip.

5. Grey Anchor Beard with Ivy League Haircut 

Spanish beard style for older men

Show off that grey with a beard that gets attention at first glance. Paired with a clean-shaven face, the anchor beard looks neat and works really well with an Ivy League haircut. It’s more of an executive look, so the short sideburns make sense. 

6. Circle Beard with Handlebar Mustache 

Spanish beard with long mustache

If you are an African American man with a patchy beard, you can go for a bold Spanish beard style. When you look closely, it’s a circle beard at its core, but the handlebar mustache is a great twist to the setup. What helps this look stand out, even more, is the long afro haircut. 

7. Trimmed Light Stubble Beard with Short Hair 

light stubble Spanish beard

This short hair and light stubble combo is for those who wish for a low-profile look. The light stubble gives you the double benefit of growing out a full beard and letting you show off your chiseled jawline. The haircut in this case is a Princeton clip but the sides are slightly more tapered than they usually are.  

8. Untrimmed Goatee with Spiky Fringe

Spanish beard style

This stubble goatee is untrimmed and you can tell that from the edges–they aren’t sharp. The mustache looks only slightly thicker than the goatee here, but the combination as a whole looks great because there’s no other facial hair or even sideburns. The haircut is a simple spiky fringe with no tapering or fade.

9. Anchor Beard with Pyramid Mustache 

van dyke style Spanish beard

This minimalist anchor beard only covers half the chin, starting well below the bottom lip. The edges are neatly trimmed to give it a rounded look, and it connects to the soul patch in a clean line. For better symmetry, the pyramidal mustache ends along the edges of the upper lip.

10. Full Gray Goatee with Salt and Pepper Mustache 

long Spanish beard

When your facial hair grows in different colors, it adds layers and depth to your beard and mustache. The goatee is white from the sides, with a mix of white and grey along the middle, and has shaved inner edges. You can pair it with a salt and pepper mustache and soul patch for a versatile look.

11. Chinstrap Beard with Spikes

celebrity inspired Spanish beard style

The thin goatee paired with the chinstraps is a style popularized by Robert Downey Jr. It easily lets you show off your jawline and can be fairly easy to maintain. This particular look features thin stubble along the jawline. A spiky haircut complements this Spanish beard style.

12. Trimmed Mustache with Scruffy Goatee and Sideburns

Spanish facial hair

A goatee covering the contour of your chin can give your face a more masculine look, while a parted mustache that extends past the edges of the upper lip and connects to the goatee adds some symmetry. Pair it with sideburns and keep the rest of your face clean-shaven.

Now you know that Spanish beard styles are not limited. You can try out these different combinations and stick with the one that gives you a unique identity.

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