25 Fat Guy Beard Styles To Make Your Chubby Face Look Slimmer

Not all beard styles are suitable for round or chubby faces. It is important for fat guys to pick a beard style that will make the jawline look sharper.

Chubby men should avoid beard styles that highlight face size. Instead, they should choose a beard style that creates the illusion of a slimmer face.

If you are looking to spice up your chubby face with a beard, you are in the right place. We have got 25 unique and eccentric beard styles to suit fat and chubby, round faces!

Beard Styles for Fat Guys

1. Scruffy Stubble For Chubby Face

scruffy beard for fat guys

The scruffy stubble is a fantastic style for a fat guy with a chubby face. This style also pairs well with semi-rimmed rectangular frames for a semi-formal appearance. 


2. Long Beard Bush with a Bald Head For Oblong Chubby Face

long beard style for fat guysA long beard bush with a walrus mustache makes for a low-maintenance style. It looks great with a bald head and accessories such as earrings. This beard style complements tattoos while giving a more masculine look.


3. Chin Puff  Goatee With Slicked Back Hair For Fat Guy

blonde beard style for fat guys

This charming and quirky style is perfect for fat guys with a round face shape. The chin puff and mutton chops combo add some definition to your facial structure, and it looks good with slicked back hair.


4. Goatee with Pencil Stache

Asian fat guy with beard

If you can’t grow out a full beard and only get facial hair on your chin, a chin puff is one of the best beard styles for fat guys out there. You can pair with a neatly trimmed pencil mustache to complete the look.


5. Chin Curtain with a Man Bun

man bun with beard for fat guys

If your facial hair growth is heavier along the neck and jawline, beard styles like a chin curtain will look great on you. You can pair it with a man bun and fade to create a dynamic, energetic appearance.


6. Curly Scruff with Afro Hair

curly beard for older black guys

If you’re growing out an afro, a minimalist beard like this curly scruff can help define your facial structure without taking the attention away from your hair. It also suits round faces because of how it enhances jawline.


7. Classic Full Beard with Square-Framed Glasses

celebrity inspired beard style for fat guys

If you want to keep it classy, you can’t go wrong with a full beard and glasses combo. A full round beard can make your face look symmetrical if you have curly hair. It also softens your facial features, making you appear approachable and friendly. 


8. Full Round Beard with a Side Part

boxed beard for fat guys

A full round beard paired with side-parted hair is a foolproof combination for fat guys. The side part frames their face to create a more chiseled look, while the round beard sculpts the jawline.


9. Landing Strip with Pencil Mustache and Buzz Cut

beard style for fat guys with round face

It’s not easy to create a serious look with a round face shape.  That’s why a landing strip with a thin mustache and buzz cut is the way to go. It even pairs well with jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings.


10. Boxed Beard For Fat Bald Guy

beard style for fat bald guy

A fat guy with a bald head looks good with the boxed beard style. It is suitable for both formal and informal occasions if you want to make a bold statement.


11. Long Bushy Beard with Rectangular Frames

red bushy beard for fat guys

To make a statement with your chubby face, this full bushy beard with pushed-back long hair is the way to go. The beard and hair are styled to get a voluminous, thick appearance that complements rectangular frames.


12. Patchy Beard and Light Mustache For Chubby Guy

patchy beard for fat guys

Even if you grow a patchy beard with little facial hair, it’s okay! A patchy beard and mustache can complement your chubby face and make your face look slim.


13. Boxed Fade Stubble with Half-Rimmed Glasses

beard style for fat guys with glasses

This unique style combines the trendy boxed fade haircut with some light stubble.You can enhance the look with a pair of semi-rimmed frames and a short hairstyle. Just remember to shave the edges of your beard for a finished appearance.


14. Thin Circle Beard with Chinstrap and Bald Head

fat black guy with beard

You can’t go wrong with a thin circle beard and chinstrap combo. It pairs well with a bald head and a pencil mustache to make you look put-together. You can improve your fat face look with some jewelry as well.


15. Medium Stubble Beard with Light Mustache

stubble beard for fat guys

The medium stubble beard is a classic look that never goes out of style. It’s a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down and suits those with a laid-back and relaxed personality.


16. Salt and Pepper Full Round Beard

salt and pepper beard style for fat guy

This style is for those who embrace their salt-and-pepper hair and want to show it off. The full round beard covers the sides of the face and extends beneath the chin, while the salt and pepper color gives your beard a two-toned look.


17. Garibaldi Beard For Double Chin

garibaldi beard style for fat guys

The long beard garibaldi beard gives your face a defined shape by hiding your double chin. You can improve your look with accessories like earrings and a cool hat.


18. Grey Beard with Soul Patch For Bulky Face

fat older guy with beard

This style is perfect for those who want to keep things casual and laid-back. The scruffy grey beard covers the jawline and connects to the mustache and beard. Meanwhile, the slicked-back hair transitions downwards as the sideburns connect to the stubble.


19. Patchy Faded Stubble with Fringe Up Haircut

beard style for fat face

The patchy faded stubble with fringe up haircut is a unique choice that doesn’t hide your face shape. It helps frame your face to give it a more defined look. Additionally, patchy stubble on the sides of your face make it the best style for an easygoing personality.


20. Full Goatee Beard Style For Fat Guys

fat guy with goatee beard

This full goatee connects to the walrus mustache and has neatly trimmed edges. You can grow out some stubble along the sides of your face, or opt for a shave for a distinct appearance.


21. Thin Circle Beard with a Brett

Asian beard for fat guys

The Brett with a thin circle beard is a fantastic combination that looks great when you want a casual appearance. You can also grow out some stubble to give your face a more defined shape.


22. Classic Patchy Goatee and Mustache

thin goatee beard for fat guys

The classic patchy goatee and mustache is a timeless choice if you’re looking to give your face a more defined structure. To complete the look, you can use some hair products to style your hair up and trim the edges of your beard. 


23. Classic Full Beard with Long Hair

fat guy with long hair and beard

The classic full beard with long hair is a great choice for fat guys looking to grow out a beard. The bangs fall over the forehead, making your face appear smaller, while a circle beard frames the rest of your face to accentuate your facial features. 


24. Chinstrap with Piercings

chinstrap beard for fat guys

For those looking for a minimalist yet stylish look, the full chinstrap is a perfect choice. It frames the jawline nicely and complements rounder faces. Pair it with earrings and round frames for a simple yet sophisticated look.


25. Low Chin Puff with Mustache

fat guy facial hair

If you can only grow a beard under your chin, a chin puff with a mustache is the way to go. It’s a simple combo that looks great with glasses and doesn’t require much maintenance.

How to Choose The Right Beard Style For Fat Guys

As we have described the best styles for fat guys here are some tips on how to choose the perfect beard style for a chubby face

  1. For a round or chubby face, opt for a style that adds angles and definition to create a slimming effect.
  2. Select a beard style that emphasizes vertical lines to elongate your face. Longer beards or styles with length near the chin can create this effect.
  3. Shorter sides make your face look less chubby. Consider styles like a goatee, extended goatee, or a short boxed beard.
  4. Choose a beard style according to the size of your nose or the prominence of your cheekbones.
  5. Try out different beard styles and lengths until you find the one that suits you best. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments as you go.

with so many beard styles available for men of all shapes and sizes, there is no reason for our beloved chunky comrades to feel left out! So go ahead, pick your favorite, and let your beard do the talking!

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