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5 Simple Tips to Fix An Uneven Beard

Having an uneven beard is one of the worst things when you want to style with your beard. When the facial hair doesn’t grow as your wish then it feels like all the times spent on the beard growth go in waste. If you are facing this problem, then this article is for you. We are here with some good ideas to save your beard from a disaster.


How to Fix An Uneven Beard?

The uneven beard can be fixed over time or you can simply keep your beard short to keep it invisible.

Leave The Uneven Beard In Short Size

uneven beard caring

You can start over again by taking off the beard completely, as the problem arose at the beginning of the growth. But if you are not willing to spend more time growing the hair again, then a good idea is to keep the beard short and messy. Trim the beard regularly and the normal growth rate will be achieved.

Beard Growth: Different Stages


Let The Beard Grow At Once

growing uneven beard

Some small holes can appear in the face if you don’t let the beard grow at once. Don’t itch in the first few months to avoid the scratch on the face. Otherwise, it won’t look pretty when the scratch marks will be visible.

In cold weather, the itchiness increase. Applying a few drops of beard oil will help you to avoid this problem. Beard balm offers the nutrients for which the hair grows healthy and soft. So, use it during shaving.

So, in order to get a beautiful beard without inequality, Let it grow at once and do not rush.


Comb Regularly And Keep The Style

combing the uneven beard

We always comb our hair regularly for which our hair looks soft and bulky. In the same way, we also need to comb the facial hair vertically to hide the unequal points. It’s one of the basic things to keep the look you want. Do it at least once a day with proper care.


Make The Appearance When There’s No Way

If the above methods don’t work for you and you are failed to grow the even beard, then the best solution is to trim the beard. This method is using by a lot of men to make a new appearance. You can use a razor for this task. Use the shaving oil and a good aftershave. You also need a warm cloth and a cool cloth for the before leveling and afterward respectively. These tips will help to avoid the risk while trimming.


Make The Inequality A Style

style with uneven beard

A very logical way is to make a style with your uneven beard. Use beard balm when you are letting the beard grow. This will help to increase the tendency for hair to grow more.

There are many guys whose beard doesn’t grow in the jaw, or in the cheeks or even in the chin, which make them concern. The tips for this situation is to level the field which will turn the areas with holes into a beard. This kind of style matches with any face shape.


If you have an uneven beard, then these above tips will surely help you to style with your beard. If you are facing trouble while following these methods or getting confused to make the right trim then go to a barber to save your beard. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed in styling with your uneven beard and enjoy your new look!