Beard Styles Vs. Trustworthiness: Is Your Beard Trustworthy?

It may sound bizarre to most of the people that one may be assumed trustworthy just because of the beards he is wearing. The trustworthiness of a beard depends on the different type of beards.

On the scale of good and bad, yes and no, there is a huge space between the two par point. Most of us fall in that area. Well! On the scale of trustworthiness and unsavoriness of the beards, there are a lot more to explore.


How Trustworthy Is a Beard?

A beard can cover almost 60% of our face. That implies the importance of facial hair in our day to day life. We have to depend on others at some point in our life. A beard can help you in this regard.

One can easily figure out whether a person is trustworthy or not just by looking at his beard. Well! I know it sounds illogical or childish but you know what? This is the output of our psychological reaction to the appearance of an individual.


The Trustworthy Beards

MTS_Phaenoh-1204771-BeardChart1 Beard Styles Vs. Trustworthiness: Is Your Beard Trustworthy?

  • Full Beard, The Philosopher, Goatee+Mustache are the most trustworthy beard. If one carries a full beard style, people find him more faithful than a clean shaved man. We automatically trust people having these sort of beards.
  • Full Mustache, Cop Mustache, Chin Strap are the beard styles we trust less than the above-mentioned three beards.
  • Sideburns and Friendly Chops will not give any impression relying on the beard styles.  These two are neutral.


The Unsavory Beards

MTS_Phaenoh-1204772-BeardChart2 Beard Styles Vs. Trustworthiness: Is Your Beard Trustworthy?


Beard Style vs. Trustworthiness

There is no actual clash or relation between beard styles and trustworthiness. It’s all about on what grounds one perceive the personality of a person. A wise quote goes that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Having said all that, we want to address another great thing about the appearance of a man.

The first impression lasts long. When you have no enough time to judge a person by his actions, there comes the need of judging him by his appearance. On that note, you may find the beard styles as a good way to measure the trustworthiness as per this scale we have just provided.

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Don’t judge a book by its cover. But, what will you do when you have to pick a book and there is no time for reading? Exactly! You will be influenced by the cover. That’s how it works in case of the trustworthiness of a beard. Hope, you will be able to choose the right person who will never break your trust.