80 Epic Beard Quotes For Your Social Media Caption

Beard quotes are not only a great way to express your love for your facial hair but also an excellent way to impress your friends and followers on social media.

Beards have been a source of fascination for men for a long time. It has inspired countless quotes and sayings.

Some men think of it as an inseparable part of their manhood and physiognomy. Some even become pogonophiles and form beard quotes to express their obsession.

Whether you are looking for a catchy Facebook or Instagram caption for your beard, or just want to add some humor to your daily life, we have made a list of 80  beard quotes that will inspire and entertain your followers.

Best Beard Quotes For Your Social Media Captions

The following inspiring and funny beard quotes will portray the true demeanor of beard lovers and who knows you might find yourself falling for the beard as well. You may also like these beard memes.

1. A good beard is a great companion; it can make you look older, and even more serious.

best beard quotes

2. If you want to see the kid inside you, shave your beard.

quotes on beard

3. Nothing shows a man’s might like a long populated beard.

beard quotes

4. Life makes a man’s character, the beard just reassures it.

quotes about beard

5. Never mess with a man with a beard.

beard quotes

6. Women wear makeup, men wear their beards.

best beard quotes

7. Nothing like a good beard to take you through social networks.

quotes on beard

8. Beauty for men? You mean good beard care.

beard quotes

9. The longer the beard, the more interesting the man.

quotes about beard

10. The longer the beard, the better the symbol of manhood.

beard quotes

11. Your beard is your most powerful asset, take good care of it.

best beard quotes

12. If you want to show off as a man, take care of your beard, so you can flex it first.

quotes on beard

13. Nothing like a good beard to scare off rivals.

beard quotes

14. You don’t have fangs or big feathers, you have a beard, so use it wisely.

quotes about beard

15. If you wear a good beard, you are not a boy anymore.

beard quotes

16. Character makes the man; the beard is just the reminder.

best beard quotes

17. A man must take care of his beard the way women take care of their hair

quotes on beard

18. A good beard will remind the world never to mess with you.

beard quotes

19. Only the greatest of kings have always worn beards.

quotes about beard

20. When Someone Asks Me If My Beard Makes Me Hot During Summer I Like to Reply with It Makes Me Hot All Year Long.

Beard quotes

21. I Grew My Beard out A Little Bit Just to Show That, Indeed, I Am A Man. – Johnny Weir

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22. A Man Who Can Grow A Beard Is The Kinda Man You Want to Be with Because A Man Who Has The Patience to Grow A Beard, Has The Patience to Deal with Your Shit!

quotes for beard

23. The Scruffier Your Beard, The Sharper You Need to Dress. – Ashton Kutcher

best beard quotes

24. Shave off Your Beard And Wear A Dress. You Would Be A Great Impersonator. – Simon Cowell

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25. First of All, I Wish I Could Grow A Beard. – John Hodgman

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26. Well Done, Sir P90X Has Helped You Get That Lean Look of A Female Marathoner! Get Your Beard on.

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27. I Just Play Him As Myself, I Don’t Ease Myself into Any Role Really. I Stick A Beard on And Play Me. – Michael Gambon

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28. Every Director I’ve Ever Admired Has A Beard. – Peter Horton

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29. I’m Not Gonna Be Able to Grow A Beard. I’ve Realized My Limitations As A Human. – Danny Pudi

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30. There Was An Old Man With A Beard, Who Said: ‘It Is Just As I Feared! Two Owls And A Hen, Four Larks And A Wren Have All Built Their Nests in My Beard. – Edward Lear

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31. I Hope People Think of Me As A Bit Older. I Do Have A Beard. That Makes Me Look Very Old. Afnan Gani

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32. Maybe! Maybe! Maybe if Your Aunt Had A Beard, She’d Be Your Uncle. – Alvah Bessie

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33. His Droll Little Mouth Was Drawn up Like A Bow, And The Beard of His Chin Was As White As The Snow. – Clement Clarke Moor

34. A Full Beard Looks Cool. – Richard C. Armitage

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35. “Your Character Tells The World You Are A Real Man. Your Beard Is Mostly The Exclamation Point.”

36. I Never Had Long Hair Before I Got Busted. I Never Had A Beard Before I Got Busted. – Charles Manson

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37. When I Was A Kid I Had This Idea That I Would Have A Beard When I Got Older. I Thought It’d Be Nice to Rub My Chin.

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38. The Beard Isn’t Novel, It’s Natural. But, Your Continued Efforts to Maintain A Boyish Look by Shaving Your Face Is Truly A Peculiar Habit.


39. You Don’t Always Need A Plan. Sometimes You Just Need Balls And A Beard.


40. Sexy Women Have Curves And Real Men Have Beards.


41. Beards Are SEXY.


42. “I Ain’t Shaving My Beard for You. To Shave My Beard off Would Be to Cut My Fucking Nuts off. You Know What I Mean?” – Tom Hardy

43. You Don’t Know The Power of The Beard.


44. There’s A Name for People without Beards WOMEN!


45. I Like Men with Beards.


46. When Someone Has A Problem with Your Beard, Remember This… That’s Not Your Problem.


47. Keep Calm And Love Your Bearded Boyfriend.


48. Trust Me I Have A Beard.

beard lovers quotes

49. Beards Are Like Tequila They’ll Make Your Clothes Fall off!

quotes about beard

50. I Have The Beard. Therefore, I make The Rules.

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51. ” You Call It Facial Hair. I Call It Awesomeness Escaping through My Face.”

52. Ideas Are Born from A Beard Stroke.


53. Stroke It Often. Bury Your Face in It. Help Him Groom It. Compliment Him on The Size. Let Him Enjoy The Attention from It.


54. Beards Are An Acquired Taste. Don’t Like Them? Acquire Some Taste.


55. It’s Good to Have Beardless Friends. When You Go out, People will Assume You Are Their Leader.


56. I Wanna Get Weird with Your Beard.


57. Shaving Your Beard Is Like Golfing at Night You Will Surely Lose Your Balls.


58. Manlier Sexier Smarter Braver Wiser Sharper Funnier Stronger Wittier Healthier BEARDED Better Looking Better Prepared Better Husbands Better Fathers Better Fighters Better Lovers.


59. Kissing A Man without A Beard Is Like Drinking Champagne without Bubbles.


60. Ladies If Your Man Has A Beard, Raise Your Hand. If He Doesn’t, Raise Your Standards.


61. When A Bearded Man Is Around I Can’t Keep Calm.


62. A Good Man Breaks Your Headboard, Not Your Heart…. And He Probably Has A Beard!


63. Maybe We Could Hang out, And I Could Touch Your Beard!


64. I’m Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over My Awesome Beard.


65. Men Who Think Beards Are Too Itchy Will Find Manhood Too Heavy.

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66. One Can Always Trust A Man with A Well Groomed Beard.


67. I Don’t Work out Much But My Beard Lifts Skirts.


68. Without a Beard, He’s Your Boyfriend. With A Beard, He’s Your Man.

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69. Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beardiful!

quotes for beard lovers

70. To wear a great beard is to let the man inside you show his strength through your face.

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Beard Quotes For Social Media Caption

71. Beards: Turning boys into men since the dawn of time.

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72. A beard is the difference between ‘Hello, sir’ and ‘Excuse me, sir!

73. Man with a beard is like a cup of coffee: strong, hot, and keeps you awake at night.

A man with a beard is like a cup of coffee: strong, hot, and keeps you awake at night.

74. A man who can grow a beard has the patience to deal with your shit too.

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75. I love beards, they are a reminder that sometimes the most simple things in life can be the most beautiful.

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Funny Beard Quotes

76. My dad always told me to “keep my chin up,” but I think he just wanted to make sure my beard was visible.

77. What did the goatee say to the mustache? “I goat your back, bro!”

78. I don’t have a beard, I just have a 5 o’clock shadow that’s permanently stuck at 9 am.

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79. I grew a beard during the lockdown, but it was getting too long, so I decided to shave it off. Now, I’m feeling a little un-FUR-chin-ate!

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80. Did you hear about the barber who invented a new type of beard trimmer? It’s cutting-edge technology!

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So upload your bearded picture on insta, facebook or twitter and motivate others to grow a beard with your favorite beard quotes.

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