49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Most men wear beard styles that are rugged and tough looking. While most women are easily attracted to bearded men, that’s why many men are now growing their beard like never before!

For most men, the Full beard is the most recommended style for people who have the capability of growing a full beard. But, if not just pick a smart and healthy beard style that’ll reflect your personality. To make a new look, be creative by mixing and matching different beard styles.



Men’s Coolest & Popular Beard Styles

Don’t get yourself confused in the ocean of different beard styles. Below is our list of 49 coolest beard styles for men in 2017 to help you choose your perfect beard style.

1. Professional Beard

long-stubble-beard-styles2 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This beard requires plenty of detailed attention. The hair should always be short and the lines must be shaped tighter. With the professional looking beard, it gives a strong character and high definition. To create a stunning professional beard, you must also shave the neck area make a defined line below the chin area. Moreover, the beard must evenly connect with the moustache.

2. Full Beard

IMG_1723 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Donning of a full beard is known to be a classic expression of manly beards. Having a full beard also shows you’re the manliest of all men. Further, it shows how macho, confident and bold you are. When groomed, your full beard looks classy while if not it shows how rugged you can be. Known as the most popular beard style, full beard needs very little maintenance.

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3. Captain Jack

Captain-jack-sparrow 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

If you are familiar with Captain Jack Sparrow, you already know where the name of the beard came from. A fan of the famous pirate in movies or not, Captain Jack beard style is hitting the waves. It’s a combination of moustache, soul patch and little goatee whiskers. To maintain this beard, regularly trim and shave the hair. Keep it always clean looking by using a wax.

4. Hipster Beard

tumblr_m9kq4644gD1repq97o1_1280 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This rough appearance requires high level of maintenance since you need to grow a large amount of hair in your face. This full beard style is long and combines stylishly with a clean cut pompadour hairstyles.

5. Dyck beard

Blunt-and-Grown-Out-650x650 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This beard style is named after the 17th-century painter, Anthony Van Dyck. In copying this style, it is a combination of growing both the pointy moustache and beard. There is no hair on the side of the face. When copied perfectly, it creates an artsy look but usually needs maintenance to keep the moustache always pointy.

6. ChinStrap Beard

Evergreen-Chinstrap-Beard-Styles-for-Men-43-min-1 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Chin strap is a non-full beard that is like a thong located in your face. If you don’t want to keep full beard styles, you might want to keep a chin strip to keep a little manliness in your character. The style is essentially a long soul patch which extends down to the tip of the chin.

7. Horseshoe Moustache

Mustache-styles-1 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This beard with mustache style can bring good looks while flaunting a horseshoe-shaped moustache wraps around the mouth.  This type of beard is best for men who have round or angular face.

8. Door Knocker Beard

Goatee-beard-styles-for-black-men 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Door knocker facial hairstyle is one of the most popular beard styles for men. Oftentimes, this beard is mistakenly called a goatee, but actually it’s not. Maintaining a door knocker beard is very easy. Using an adjustable beard trimmer at least once a week, you can easily maintain it.

9. Balbo Beard

IMG_1721 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Balbo full beard keeps your looks warm with the combination of handlebar moustache and good coverage facial hair just above the neck. To add more character, allow the hair to grow up to three inches from both sides of the chin and shave the rest to have a clean look.

10. Hollywood Beard

DARK-BROODING 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Hollywood beard once had a very promising era in the world of full beard styles. And it’s no coincidence that most of the Hollywood artists sported a look such as this. This beard style offers a vintage look with its thick shaved beard and very careful cropped boxed beard. Indeed, this beard style is not just for the rich and famous, it’s for every masculine type of guy.

11. Boxed Beard

hipster-beard-42-min 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This type of beard shape sports a common boxer beard style. It’s just an easy combination of moustache and chin whiskers. With a look that almost portrays a newly grown facial hair around the mouth.

12. Lumberjack Beard

original 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This kind of beard styling doesn’t need a flannel shirt or any axe just to pull most of the lumberjacks signature facial hair. It requires a very well maintained down the sideburns which also needs to grow the facial hair from the cheeks down to the chin. It’s a superb masculine look that will attract multiple women.

13. Old English Beard

86ea81ae1abbcc44fc491a9a2c050f63 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Old English full beard brings a lot of ruggedness and sophistication. This mixes several beard styles of a full beard, door knocker and muttonchops. Moreover, the Old English gives almost full facial coverage but highlights the cheekbones.

14. Crusader Beard

article-0-1C83C2E200000578-950_634x828 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

If you want to have a good looking physique, then Crusader Beard is best for you. This facial hair gives a added protection to your face with its thick hair. The full hair coverage along the jawline and cheeks shows a unique combination of a Full beard and Tight beard styles.

15. Musketeer Beard

3847368_AkATCH 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

When sporting a Musketeer beard, you don’t need to dress up like a musketeer as well. Just a look in your face lets your character pull it off. This kind of beard defines the upper lip and chins which are not too hard to maintain.

16. Anchor Beard

cIq8Nwss2ko 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Riding a boat or not, this adventurer look of an Anchor beard provides every man a great look with its anchor shape facial hair. The chin and jaw line are defined together with a pyramid shaped moustache or a pencil thin moustache.

17. Chevron Moustache

Mustache-styles-3 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This military looking moustache with goatee  is sharper, angled and a bit wider. The Chevron moustache is back in the hitting the moustache and beard styling of men.

18. Mutton Chops Beard

Friendly-mutton-chops-cool-beard-style 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The sideburns of the Mutton Chops beard resemble a swath in your face. It gives a very famous yet dramatic full beard. This is best grown on men with a round face. Further, men with pointed chins should not grow a beard such as this style. It’s always good to know that keeping Mutton Chops should always be trimmed to avoid a dirty look.

19. Triumph Beard

Best-Beard-Styles 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Triumph beard mixes beard style of a Chin curtain beard and one patch of hair along with whiskers growing from sideburn to sideburn. Additionally, it has also a small patch of hair which normally extends from the chin to the lower lip. This beard style gives a look that will definitely make a triumphant character.

20. Zappa Beard

Red-Beard 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This type of beard is named after the famous rock and roll guitarist, the late Frank Zappa. The style uses a dark moustache with a thick soul patch. The Zappa beard style has about 2 inches wide and 1 inch long facial hair style. Further, this is also regarded as one of the best styles of facial hair.

21. Klingon Beard

Facial_AroundTheMouth_TightBeard1 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Klingon beard hairstyle is a short boxed beard, however it does not have a moustache on it. Known to be named after a fictitious alien race, Klingon beard is real. A Star Trek fan or not, this kind of beard styling is one to help your face look abundant

22. Tight Beard

tumblr_inline_nqdpviqkKE1t5xeyh_500 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Tight beard needs to have plenty of determination and detail to grow it neatly. The hair though, should be kept shorter while the lines must be tighter. The end result of this style is a defined character and stunning elegant look.

23. Pilot Moustache

Col_Robin_Olds_epic_mustache 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Pilot moustache doesn’t need you to fly a plane just to have a Pilot looking moustache.  Just a few trim and shave below the mouth and above the chin allows you to have a respected Pilot looking beard. This type of facial hair doesn’t require a high maintenance at all.

24. Goatee Beard

how-to-grow-goatee-beard 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Goatee primarily sets the foundation of most facial hair designs. Usually combined with a moustache, the Goatee was coined from the long hair that is seen on the chin of the goat. But, this kind of facial design is lauded with is length and face mixes which enhance the jawline.

25. Classic Full Beard

beard-design-1 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This stylish beard is perfect for the young and bold look. This will give you an energetic and healthy impression. We really love this beard because both young and old men will look equally appealing with this beard.

26. Long Beard with Moustache

Long-Beard-With-Mustache-e1445789166267 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

One of the most popular beard styles with moustache. This style should be chosen by those who owns a healthy beard. If you can grow this moustache then surely you will get an awesome combination of beard and moustache.

27. Elegant Short Beard with Moustache Liner

Simple-but-elegant-short-beard-e1445789766251 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This beard is elegant and one of the coolest one you will find. You will love to get this beard with this side parted haircut as it will increase overall blend and make you look stylish and cool both at once!

28. Bald and Rough

Bald-and-Rough-beard-e1445790755143 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

If you are bald with a close to round face shape and want to grow a beard we recommend you to try this! It’s stylish, bold and will enhance your personality. Perfect for both young and old.

29. Modern Full Beard with Moustache and Patch

medium-beard-with-moustache-e1445790988642 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

If you have a spiky haircut this will definitely look hot. Growing this will need your beard to be healthy and good maintenance. Take care your beard regularly to make it intense and healthy. Otherwise, don’t try this. Middle-aged men will look more attractive than any other with this classy facial hairstyle.

30. Hot Beard with Long Hair

hot-beard-with-long-hair 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Do you have a long hair? If yes, you can try this beard that will go perfectly with the long hair. It’s a manly style commonly seen with the Hollywood actors.

31. Spiky Beard

buzz-beard-style 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This is a look that does not go well with all men. You must be a very confident man to wear such a bold look. It requires daily high maintenance but you will be as stylish as you can be. It is a look for young as well as old men and can be used with a bold head or funky hairstyle.

32. Beard with connected Mustache

healthy-beard 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

One of the new trends mostly seen this year. A full beard with a connected mustache, both chin area and side growing evenly, covering much of the face can be a great look. It is a low maintenance look and is suitable for any age and it looks good.

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33. Dense Full Beard

bearded-guy 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The Full beard is the manliest facial hairstyle you can go with. Be ready to groom your beard often, otherwise, you will suffer for choosing a full beard.

34.  Goatee and Mustache back to 50’s

amazing-beard 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Want to style your beard like the 50’s elegant style? Get this to look like a 50’s rock-star in modern age! This generally suits most of the face shapes so if you like it you can try this.

35. Brownish Combo

long-attractive-beard-with-spike-ahir 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Do you have a brown hair or close to that? If yes, grow a long full beard to make a full brown combo. This will look good specially to white men.

36. Rolled Mustache

No-Beard-Only-Moustache 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The rolled mustache is one of the most difficult to maintain. It implies serious commitment. You have to wash it, comb it every day.This is the perfect look for those who live in a glamorous way but always ready for a fight.

37. Friendly Mutton Chops

friendly-mutton-chops 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Remember the movie Wolverine? If so then you surely do know this popular beard! The stylish & trending mutton chop will reflect your elegant fashion taste.

38. Simple Full Beard

full-beard-design 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The bearded men are up in the market. This is a noticeable change even in heartthrob’s novels, photographic models and artists in general. This is a great look and makes you look handsome.

39. Sideburns chin strap beard

Sideburn-chin-strap-beard 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

A man who has such facial hairstyle is very cool and sexy. It is a very easy beard to grow and maintain, very straight, it gives the image of a strong man with a very strong jawline. Women go crazy with this type of beard because it portraits an image of a clean and committed man.

40. Simple Goatee

beard-without-mustache-goatee-4 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

The goatee is a classic look that never leaves. Getting one requires a lot of practice and some confidence as well.

41. Chin beard without mustache

beard-without-mustache-1 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

You don’t need to have funky haircut to wear this beard. You can shave your head to give more emphasis to your beard. You need to look after it in order to maintain a healthy and clean look Young  men look very attractive with this cool facial hairstyle but an old man can as well be successful with it.

42. Rough Neck Beard

neck-beard-young-age-example-e1434751392778 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This is a more casual look for a beard hairstyle, you just need to let it grow and it’s best suited for men with irregular face hair. Man that live a day at a time, will wear this beard like a glove. Just need keep it clean and with a healthy aspect.

43. Latest Balbo with Mustache

latest-balbo-beard-style1 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This facial hairstyle is very pleasing to the eye and one of the coolest you will see. You can wear it with short or long hair, and you must give it a steady maintenance to keep it well treated at all times. Regular shaving and sharp edges are all you need to do, to always have a defined and sexy look.

44. Amish Beard

amish-434 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Amish beard is more common in older men and doesn’t require much maintenance, you just have to shave your mustache and let it grow freely. To keep it healthy wash it every day and comb it as well. If you are looking to grow a beard that just needs to get bigger and bigger this is the look for you. You will be considered even more honest and reliable than ever.

45. Raw Circle Beard

circle-beard 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Circle beard is a popular beard style that mixes a goatee with a clean mustache. It’s called circle beard because you need to grow chin hair and mustache together, some call it the door knocker. It is one of the coolest beards and this year you might see many of people having. Keep it well treated and don’t let it grow.

46. Soul Patch for Bald Men

soul-patch-beard 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

If you are a bald man and have almost round face shape, soul patch should be the look you should get. It always stylish, very daring and will enhance your best features and good character. This is the perfect look to have both young and old.

47. Brad Pitt Goatee

brad-pitt-goatee 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

This is the perfect beard style for appealing to female audiences. You don’t need to be very stylish or good looking because this beard style will give you the perfect face hair to make a statement. You just need to wash it and keep it short and well cut.

48. Long Goatee with Twist

small-goatee 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Awesome beard for a man with mustache that wants to make a strong statement. It combines a growing mustache with a long chin beard that needs to be taken care of. wash it, comb it and wax it to get the most of your goatee with a little twist to please the ladies.

49. Chin Curtain

chin-curtain 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Chin curtain beard styles have created buzz among young teens in recent years. Great to look if suits with your face size and shape.

These are only some of the coolest beard styles to give you ideas for your own facial hairstyle. Always try to pick one according to your face size and shape. Go to a good saloon or hairstylist. Check if they are professional and knows what they are doing with your beard. Also, consider your hairstyle before choosing a specific one. Don’t just copy other’s beard as they might won’t look good to your face. Grow your beard with care as it’s important to have a healthy beard to get many of the stylish beards. Consult to a hairstylist if you are really serious about the beard.