Types of Mustache

The idea of a mustache can seem to be less-than-appealing to those men who have had their image of a mustache tainted by images of cartoons who look goofy and unintelligent. However, if a mustache is grown, trimmed and maintained the right way, It can add a great deal of character to your personality. We have listed different types of mustache below to give you an idea of how you can change your look just by getting a mustache.

Mustaches are a popular way to create some variety while they do require a little effort. Growing a healthy looking mustache will be more than worth the trouble. If you decide that you don’t like the mustache style you’ve chosen, you can simply switch to a different one.


Mustache Types

Some of the most popular types of mustaches are discussed below. Keep reading and find the classic and suitable one for yourself. Happy ‘staching!

1. Classic Handlebar Mustache

classic handlebar mustache

This mustache type can both be long and short. It should be thick and the ends must be curled upward with the use of special mustache wax.

Although once considered an old-fashioned style, handlebar mustaches are coming back into fashion for the 21st century. The handlebar mustache is easily recognized by its width and breadth. For a spin on this style, some men like to curl the corners with mustache wax.


2. Relaxed Handlebar

handlebar mustache type

The relaxed handlebar is rich and luscious and looks great on guys who have heavy brows and deep-set eyes. Unlike the classic handlebar, which requires a little more maintenance, the relaxed handlebar is more casual and will not require a lot of care.


3. Horseshoe Mustache

horseshoe mustache

This is a full and symmetrical mustache, which grows down your lower jawline and looks like an upside down horseshoe.

Horseshoe mustaches are recognizable by the clean-shaven chin and the mustache corners that extend down to the jawline. Horseshoe mustaches are similar to goatee beards, minus the hair at the bottom of the chin. In order to make the horseshoe mustache stand out, consider keeping the rest of your face clean-shaven. Alternatively, you can pair the horseshoe up with deep sideburns.


4. The Walrus

walrus mustache

The walrus mustache is a classic and close to the chevron mustache in its construction. It is thick and bushy and tends to pass the lines of the mouth. For those who do not have a thick mustache, this style is not the best. However, a small walrus might be possible if the hair is sufficiently coarse.


5. The Anchor

anchor mustache

The anchor mustache/beard style resembles an anchor like those traditionally used for ships. For a more a more distinct look, allow the soul patch to reach the chin puff to avoid gaps in the middle. This is a minimalistic approach suitable for the quiet professional.


6. The Monopoly Man

A classy mustache type that stands out from the rest. Similar in shape and style to the handlebar, the Monopoly Man mustache is also best for those who have full hair on their upper lip. The hair should meet in the middle of the mustache to create a solid block of color.


7. Toothbrush Mustache

The toothbrush mustache, so named for its extremely minimalistic look, was popular in the late 19th centurial and early 20th century. This Charlie Chaplin mustache can give you an interesting look when paired with a modern haircut. The lampshade mustache is similar but extends to the corners of the mouth while maintaining its vertical lines.


8. Pencil Mustache

The pencil mustache traces the upper lip in an even line. This type of mustache can be either thick or thin and should be worn with care. It requires high-maintenance… keep this in mind before you go for it.


9. The Thick Sloping Beard and Mustache Combo

Those of you with a short face can make it look significantly longer by sporting a beard and a thick sloping mustache. This style is good for men who want to create a look that is rugged and wild. If you are aiming for a more professional appearance, consider trimming the beard closer to your face while leaving the mustache section distinct from the rest of your facial hair.


10. The Chevron with a Full Square Beard

chevron mustache

Thick mustache, which fully covers the upper lip. Bold and boxy, this type of mustache is full of angles and edges and will complement and rugged face very well by making the face and jaw look much squarer than they really are. The chevron mustache adds a unique twist to this style that can be worn by anyone with full and thick facial hair.


11. The Thin One

This type of mustache style is dependent on angles that follow the natural shape of your face. Style maintenance is required daily in order to keep the lines sharp and clean. This is a popular style for working-age males.


12. Imperial Mustache

Thick mustache, which grows above your lower lip and upward to the cheeks.

As a throwback style, this will give you a touch of European flair. Although not quite as extreme as some Imperial styles that have been worn over the centuries, this mustache style still gives you a distinguished and sophisticated look.


13. The Salvador Dali Mustache

Thin long mustache, which curves upwards, was created by the famous artist, whom it is named after. Salvador Dali was well known for his mustache style. Twisted to needle-sharp points, his style required patience and perseverance to achieve. You will need to train your mustache so that it grows out long enough to play with. Once done, you can use mustache wax to complete the look.


14. The Shadow

If you are looking to create the merest hint of a mustache, consider the shadow, an ever-more popular style among Hollywood stars. You can have a shadow mustache in as little as a single day, depending on the rate at which your hair grows. We have listed this as a type of mustache just to give you an idea that – yes, it’s an option too!


15. Tom Selleck Mustache

Tom Selleck mustache

Named after Hollywood actor Tom Selleck, this style will only look attractive on certain people. Requiring up to five months to grow, you will need very thick and coarse facial hair with just a hint of a curl. Too much or too little curl will alter the final product.


16. The General Ambrosia Burnside

You know you have it made when a style is named after you. General Burnside got it right. As with the Selleck, this style will only look good on those with a certain facial structure that is more on the square side. A strong chin will also help balance out the look.


17. The Butch

The Butch mustache extends the corners out beyond the sides of your mouth where they meld with the natural smile line. A tiny soul patch and a jaw beard complete this look, making it a good option for those who have clearly defined jawlines and cheekbones.


18. The Stubble Mustache with a Chinstrap

The chinstrap beard combined with the stubble mustache is easy to maintain and quick to grow out. It looks great on men with thicker, curly hair. Unless you are going for a more rugged appearance, a daily shave may be required.


19. The English Mustache

english mustache

The English mustache is elegant and you need a serious passion to style this type of mustache. It is trimmed nearly straight across with a small dip in the center. The corners can be waxed to make them pointed or cut to the desired length. As with any mustache, the lines should enhance the natural shape of the face for the optimal look.


20. French Mustache

French Mustache

Thin and long mustache, which starts in the middle of the upper lip. The area over the mouth ends is usually shaved.


21. Fu Manchu

fu manchu mustache

This type of mustache stays over the upper lip and hangs down to the lower jawline. The area above the mouth ends is clean-shaved, which makes it different from the horseshoe style.

Now that you have taken a look at the amazing variety of mustache styles, you are ready to make your choice. Start with something simple and go from there. A mustache is much easier to grow and maintain than a beard. So, if you are planning a beard in the nearest future, practice on a mustache.

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