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7 Essential Beard Care Tips for Black Men

When it comes to growing beards, black men often face a unique set of challenges due to the coarse and tightly wound nature of their hair, particularly when shaving. This makes beard growth and management a bit more difficult at times.

Simply growing your beard out might help you avoid some of these issues but when you are going from clean-shaven to bearded, you might struggle with patches or ingrown hair as well.

Whatever the case, following these tips should help make your beard-growing days a bit more satisfying.


Beard Care Tips for Black Men

Below are some essential tips for beard care are discussed. These will make beard growth for black men easy and effective.

1. Use High-Quality Beard Products

black men beard products

You need special styling products dedicated to black men’s beard. If you’ve never been one to use beard products, now might be the time. You just want to make sure that you’re getting some good stuff.

Many grooming products, even those marketed specifically toward black men beard care, can strip your face of natural oils, which you don’t want.

Avoid harsh chemicals and find some mild but moisturizing soaps. Also, consider buying a nice styling comb, preferably one that won’t unpleasantly pull at the hairs.


2. Apply Beard Oils and Balms

beard balm and oil for black beard care

Beard balms and oils help to lock in the moisture. These will not only keep your beard hydrated but they will also keep your beard soft and in good shape visually.

Beard oils can also reduce the possibility of common beard problems such as ingrown facial hair and eliminate or mitigate the effects of razor burns for black guys.

Use oils that contain grapeseed, jojoba, or apricot oil and make sure to get natural balms that won’t make your beard look greasy.


3. Wash at Least Once a Week

black men beard care

Washing beard too much can actually be harmful but not washing enough is obviously not a good thing either.

When it comes to beard growth for the black man, washing your facial hair with a nice soap about once a week is good enough. It’s often enough to eliminate dirt and other damaging particles without drying out your skin.


4. Change Your Diet

black men diet for healthy beard

Overall health is an important element of beard care and there’s definitely evidence to suggest that your diet affects how your facial hair grows. If you’re serious about growing a full, healthy beard, you might want to keep this in mind.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and flaxseed oils, among other things, are known to be good while processed foods are notoriously bad for hair growth. You might also increase your intake of Vitamin A and C.


5. Start Exercising More

exercise for healthy care

Again, your overall health plays a role in the health of your facial hair so if you aren’t very active, consider exercising more often.

Working out also increases testosterone and metabolism, which can trigger beard growth and reduce the risk of certain black men’s beard problems. Whether you have to hit the gym more often or organize more group activities, it could be helpful.


6. Stay Hydrated

beard care tips for black men

If you aren’t hydrated, your skin probably isn’t either, but hydration is essential for beard growth.

There’s also a correlation between beard growth and water consumption so it’s probably wise to drink water instead of sodas and other sugary drinks, which would benefit more than just hair growth.

What you’re trying to do is maintain healthy skin, which is arguably the most important factor in beard health and growth.


7. Be Patient with it

black men beard care

If you don’t get the results you want right away, be patient with it. What you should do is leave your beard alone for several weeks without cutting, shaving, or trimming.

Just allow your beard to grow even if you get patches instead of an even growth. During growth, build healthy habits that include everything on the black beard care guide, listed above.