There are many popular and trendy beard styles for black men that you can choose for your new look. Because the beard has become a trendy fashion nowadays, it is better not to make mistakes in the choice of the latter. Beard styles have always been the outcome of black men inspiration just like jazz and moonwalk. So before using your razors and start trimming your beard, take the time to ask yourself and think about what you want. Keep in mind that there are so many shapes of faces, and there are much more types of beards. Your mission is to find one that would add more value and attraction to your look and suits your style, your personality and the shape of your face. As for a haircut, also make sure to identify the type of your hair and match it with your chosen beard style.

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Whether you want a 3-days beard, or just like French rugby player “Chabal’s” or simply a goatee and mustache, we offer below a handy guide that will let you discover the different types of beards. All you have to do is select the style that will harmonize with your face. As a black man your elegance is your secret to a good first impression so be hot, be sexy and be proud.

Recommended Beard Styles for Black Men

Beard styles for black men know no bounds. Black men play every facial hair style… Long, short, or simply stubble, there is no type of beard you can’t wear. Longer beards are always recommended because they look lush and luxurious. Texture means everything when it comes to facial hair, so let it grow.

Even a quick peek at Google reveals the diversity of black men’s beard styles. The short goatee is always a winner but flowing, pampered facial coiffures are more and more common. The main point you should take away from this is that you shouldn’t limit yourself. Grow out some stubble first. If you like it, let it grow a little thicker—just see where your face takes you.


3 Trendiest Black Men Beard Styles in 2018

Here are three of the most popular black men beard styles.

Full Stubble

1-9 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

Stubble is easy to grow and maintain. It’s carefree, careless, and casual, which sprinkles a bit of bad boy appeal over your aesthetic. Just because you’re growing a stubble beard, however, that doesn’t mean you can neglect the upkeep. Trim your beard regularly so that it keeps its shape.


The Hipster Beard

2-9 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

For black men, beards that grow full, long, and lush are always sexy, always. The hipster beard depends on that lushness. I mean, check out this beard. It’s a thing of beauty. Look at how beautifully maintained it is. This man loves his beard and he knows how to pamper it.


The Goatee

3-10 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

Any variation of the goatee is golden. Wear the classic style, go for a mini version, or trim your goat to fit your face. Keep the mustache or lose it. It’s entirely up to you, is what I’m trying to say here.


Most Popular Beard Styles for Black Men

Can’t find a source of beard to inspire black men? We have done a list of 18 amazing beard styles for black men to help you get some ideas for yours. Below you can choose the black men with beard style that will also adapt to the shape of your face.

#1: Five O’clock beard

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The three days beard is the most sought after beard among black men. But beware, on the contrary to what most people might think this type of beard requires much care. The cheeks and the neck need to be shaved on a daily basis, you can also use beard shampoo and oil for relaxation and a shiny look. You can shave your beard every 3 to 4 days to maintain the desired look.


#2: Short beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-3 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

The short beard is a growing trend too. Although black men are dark skinned, the short beard fits them perfectly and grants them higher self-esteem. A recent study found that women prefer men with beard unshaved for at least 10 Days. Indeed three days beard can sometimes give a “sloppy” look for men who have a very dense beard hair. By leaving it to grow for a few more days, the beard becomes more symmetric. To Women’s eyes, men with beards look more manly and mature.


#3: Full beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-4 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

Long ago the full beard used to be the favorite beard style for black men seniors class. It is back and for all age categories. The beard shape and length are determined by the hair growth pattern of the person.
Popular for Hipster, lovers of vintage style and suits men with a highly coiffed haircut.


#4: Goatee Beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-5 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

this is a popular beard style among black men. The goatee is a small beard under the chin it can take several forms. the original name of this style is ‘the goat’. When it is finer or smaller it’s called ‘Goatee’. people often tend to add a mustache. The goatee and the mustache that surround the mouth are particularly suitable for round faces.


#5: The Soul Patch

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sometimes called “imperial”, also another form of the “goatee”. By growing the small part between the chin and the lower lip you can get a perfect soul patch. You can also grow a mustache in addition to your soul patch. When the is extended to the center of the chin, we call it a chinstrap. Black men with this beard look gorgeous if it suits him.


#6: Van dyke beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-7- 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
The Van Dyke is derived from the name of the famous Flemish portrait artist Anthony Van Dyck. This style consists of having a  straight beard on the chin and a mustache that is not connected to the lips. Several variations exist, but the real Van Dyke is a pointed goatee with a well-sculpted patch. With the longer mustache and finer goatee, the Van dyke beard becomes Imperial.


#7: Curved beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-8 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
 The curved beard is the trend for black young men. Young workers are increasingly adopting the sculpted beard. This is a short beard that has the contours perfectly shaped. The mustache, the neck, the goatee and cheekbones are shaved using a razor or a precision trimmer. This beard requires daily care and better suits men with dense beard hair.


#8: Anchor beard or Balbo

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-9 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
Balbo beard, also called ‘Anchor’ is the combination of a mustache and a goatee, which may take the form of an anchor or an inverted tree. You may leave a larger area than the desired shape to be able to shave it in a precise way. This black men beard style is very popular among many black actors in Hollywood.


#9: The Nicolas II beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-10 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
Consisting of a long beard in a peaked shape on the chin. Mostly accompanied with a long mustache. Much desired in the early twentieth century, it is back, especially among hipsters.


#10: Chin curtain

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-11-1024x768 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

You can get this style easily by growing a full beard and shaving the mustache. You may trim down the cheeks spot too following the jaws in a linear way.


#11: Mutton chops

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-12 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
 To have mutton chops you need to shave the mustache, the chin area, and the soul patch and make the sideburns longer and larger and denser down on the jaws and the cheeks.


#12: Friendly mutton chops

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-13- 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
It is the same as the original mutton chops but adding the mustache for a friendlier look and to keep the hair on the sideburns, cheeks, and jaws at a medium length.


#13: Circle beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-14 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
Keeping some facial hair without looking too wild is the desire of many black men. This is fortunately possible through the circle beard style.


#14: Shaved beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-15 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
Or clean face, having no facial hair at all is a unique style. Many black men feel comfortable shaving their beards on a daily basis. This beard style is for the man who is self-confident and who has no defects to hide in his facial lineaments.


Classic beards for black men to try

Below are some black men classic beard styles you can try.

#15: Ducktail beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-16 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]
This beard style got its name from the shape of the chin hair. let the hair on the chin to grow in the shape of a ducktail, as much as you want, providing that you are having the style you want.


#16: A split-in-two beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-18 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

Grow a full beard and when the hair has extended the chin, you can split it in two. It has turned to become cool and popular again after the release of the famous film Pirates of the Caribbean with its protagonist Capt. Jack Sparrow having the beard style we are talking about.


#17: Garibaldi beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-19 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

This is a variation of the full beard but with a slight difference in the shape, it has the shape of the letter “U”. It is better to make them look as natural as possible.


#18: Verdi beard

Black-Beard-Styles-Photo-20 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

Named after Giuseppe Verdi a famous Italian composer, this style is also a variation of the full beard but has a slight difference. The mustache in this style is not connected to the beard and is perfectly styled and well groomed.


#20: A Dutch Variation

1 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

The Dutch beard usually lacks a mustache, but variations can get away with dressing up the top lip. As you can see here, this fine, fashion-forward gentleman nurtured a thin pencil ‘stache. That’s the perfect compromise, as it happens—it’s barely there, but you still don’t have to go full Abe Lincoln.


#21: Bald and Bearded

2 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

No hair? Don’t care! Shave it, man, shave off all of it. A bald man with a beard has his own special attraction. It’s not only irresistible, but it’s also timeless.


#22: The Mini Goatee

3 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

A mini goatee is a bit like a stubble goatee. It’s sometimes full, sometimes faint, but always neatly trimmed and gorgeously styled. Take note of how well shaped this goatee is. Can you mimic that?


#23: The Hipster Beard

1-1 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

The Hipster Beard is almost a combination of a Bandholz and a full beard. In fact, both of those can classify as a Hipster, which more or less just relies on fullness. If you can put flowers or glitter in your beard, you’re good to go—not that you should do either of those things.


#24: The Chin Puff

2-1 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

The chin puff is one of the most popular black men’s beard styles for a variety of reasons. Not everyone can pull off the look, even though it seems so simple. A small, soft thatch of hair on the end of your chin is all you need, but you have to groom it carefully.


#25: The Imperial

3-1 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

The Imperial is a dapper beard that it’s the same family as the goatee. It’s basically a simple goatee, a soul patch, and a mustache, but the configuration matters. See the way the mustache curls up at the ends? That’s what you want.


 A beard suited to your face

face-shape-chart 75 Trendiest Beard Styles for Black Men [2018 Updated]

Square face

Has your face a square shape? no panic to each form its solution; in this case, the goal will be to reduce the “square” look by refining the features, we have to hide the angles. For this, you can opt for a mustache, a goatee or a goat, provided to prevent the bushy appearance, better opt for short hair.

Oval face

Congratulations gentlemen! This face shape will allow you to try out all the beard styles and follow the trend of the moment. However, be careful to keep a balance in your face, in fact, if for example your forehead is large, prefer short beards and make sure that your haircut is not too large risk to lengthen your face. Also, avoid the long beards on the chin.

Round face

Men with a round face and being cleanly shaven gives a bad looking. To counter this look, the goal will be to lengthen the face, the beard will create a shadow that will be displayed along with your face. Go for a 10-day beard, a goatee or beard with longer hair on the chin.

Long face

In this case, we have to balance the length of your face, avoid beard and hair on the chin that would show your face longer. However, you can choose large sideburns along the cheeks and jaws. The mustache can also harmonize your entire face.

Harmony is the secret of elegance

Harmony of beard and hair is the secret of elegance in all men. These beard styles listed in this article will look awesome to most black men if chosen carefully. Beard styles and/or mustaches you are going to choose must match the haircut (example: if you have short hair, opt for a short beard). Feel free to try different styles (in all cases it keeps growing) and seek the advice of your surroundings. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to have an unbiased opinion about ourselves. Finally, note that your beard reflects who you are, i.e. you must have the personality that goes with it!