70 Hottest Mustache Styles for Guys Right Now [2018]

Mustaches are not just for the “Movember” campaign in November. You can grow and proudly wear a stylish mustache at any time of year, and it will look great. Although they went out of fashion for a while, the mustache is back “in” in a big way! When you are choosing what style of facial hair you would like, you will notice that there are a lot of different celebrities to take your inspiration from. From Brad Pitt to Hulk Hogan, there are celebrities from all walks of life who have recently rocked a mustache style.


How to Pick a Mustache Style

Mustaches are magical. They can change your entire appearance. Have a thin upper lip or an undershot chin? Just grow a mustache. There’s easily a mustache style for every man, from a thick brush like Tom Selleck’s ‘stache to a sleek, thin line. You have plenty of time to choose, too, because the first thing you need to do is just let the hair on your upper lip grow.

mustache-styles-for-men 70 Hottest Mustache Styles for Guys Right Now [2018]

Study styles as your ‘stache grows in, so you’re ready once it’s time to groom. Familiarize yourself with the different mustache types. Pick a manly Tombstone mustache to evoke a Wild, Wild West vibe. Choose something thin, like Errol Flynn’s famous upper lip. The Zappa tends to droop and comes with a soul patch. The handlebar is the hipster’s best friend.

The copstash, favored by law enforcement, is neat and polished, while the Franz Josef merges with mutton chops. From the Dali to the Fu Manchu, you just have to envision what’s going to look fly AF on you.


Mustache Style – With or Without Beard?

You can wear a beard with pretty much any mustache, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Some ‘stache styles just look better on their own. The Dali and Fu Manchu just mentioned are two of them. The Flynn looks better sans beard, as well.

On the whole, however, the majority of mustache types appear even more virile and masculine with the addition of a beard or goatee. A handlebar mustache is rugged but refined when you pair it with a small goatee. The Zappa depends on a soul patch beard. As for the Van Dyke, well, the pointed beard and mustache combo are tops.

Just like any other type of facial hair or haircut, certain mustache styles look better with specific facial shapes. For example, the horseshoe mustache flatters softly rounded, oval-shaped faces, while a small Van Dyke is perfect for a round face. Try a mustache with some scruff if you have a triangular face. A long face benefits from a full, thick chevron ‘stache.

Play around with what looks sexy. You can tweak any style of mustache to suit your face, you know. You might just have to get creative—experimental, even.


Mustache Growing and Care

The trickiest part of having a mustache is normally growing it. You may have to wear your mustache in a few unusual styles whilst you are growing it into the style that you choose. Once it is long enough, you can use trimmers to keep it looking stylish and mustache wax to set your mustache into specific styles. If you are struggling to grow a mustache, read our post on how to grow a healthy and thick mustache.


5 Important Mustache Grooming Tips

Here are some tips to help groom your mustache.

1. Shampoo it

A mustache isn’t like your eyebrows or the hair on your legs. A ‘stache hangs out around your mouth. It drinks what you drink. It eats what you eat. It gets dirty. Rather than simply hoping that no corn kernels are moldering away in there, shampoo your ‘stache when you shower.


2. Condition it, too

Mustaches are coarse and dense. They get prickly. Do a solid for all the people in your life who enjoy kissing you and condition your mustache after you shampoo it.


3. Steam it

Steam your whole face, actually. Pamper yourself. Seriously, washing your face with a hot washcloth or towel, or just draping a hot towel over your face, will steam your skin and your hair follicles. It also cleans the hidden skin beneath your mo, which can eliminate itchiness and dryness.


4. Train it

You’ll still need product if you plan to style your ‘stache in an extreme fashion, ala the handlebar. However, you can train the hair to grow and lay in a particular direction. It just involves a lot of careful combing, preferably with a fine tooth comb.

You’ll still need product if you plan to style your ‘stache in an extreme fashion, ala the handlebar. However, you can train the hair to grow and lay in a particular direction. It just involves a lot of careful combing, preferably with a fine tooth comb.


5. Trim it

Regular trimming maintenance is a must. Wild or uneven hairs are instantly visible because they’re right there hanging over your upper lip. With some mustache types, a small electric trimmer will work. In most cases, you’re better off using small barber scissors or scissors designed for facial hair. Always snip carefully and conservatively, cutting only a little at a time.


Coolest Mustache Styles to Try in 2018

Mustaches are a huge trend among guys and there are many new trends that are coming up with the passage of time. If you are wondering about the best mustache styles that are in fashion and how you can get a stylish mustache then read this post to get an idea about it. We have gathered the 22 classiest and best mustache styles for you to take a look and try out.


#1: Handlebar Mustache

1 70 Hottest Mustache Styles for Guys Right Now [2018]

Handlebar mustaches were once considered to be an antiquated style, but they are now back in fashion among hipster guys. These mustaches are famed for their width and the fact that they curl up at the corners like the handlebars on your bike.

Top Picks: Coolest Handlebar Mustaches in 2018


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