48 Coolest Mustache Styles for Guys to Wear with Pride

Mustaches are not just for the “Movember” campaign in November. You can grow and proudly wear a stylish mustache at any time of year, and it will look great. Although they went out of fashion for a while, the mustache is back “in” in a big way! When you are choosing what style of facial hair you would like, you will notice that there are a lot of different celebrities to take your inspiration from. From Brad Pitt to Hulk Hogan, there are celebrities from all walks of life who have recently rocked a mustache style.


Mustache Growing and Care

The trickiest part of having a mustache is normally growing it. You may have to wear your mustache in a few unusual styles whilst you are growing it into the style that you choose. Once it is long enough, you can use trimmers to keep it looking stylish and mustache wax to set your mustache into specific styles. If you are struggling to grow a mustache, read our post on how to grow a healthy and thick mustache.


Coolest Mustache Styles to Try in 2017

Mustaches are a huge trend among guys and there are many new trends that are coming up with the passage of time. If you are wondering about the best mustache styles that are in fashion and how you can get a stylish mustache then read this post to get an idea about it. We have gathered the 22 classiest and best mustache styles for you to take a look and try out.


#1: Handlebar Mustache

1 48 Coolest Mustache Styles for Guys to Wear with Pride

Handlebar mustaches were once considered to be an antiquated style, but they are now back in fashion among hipster guys. These mustaches are famed for their width and the fact that they curl up at the corners like the handlebars on your bike.

Top Picks: Coolest Handlebar Mustaches in 2017

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