The long beard is a trend that comes and goes, as it takes a real sense of style to pull off a long beard without looking messy. While long beards have made their way back into the hearts of many, a lot of men still don’t know how to style them so that the look suits their face. On the other hand, so many hipsters have adopted the style to a type of “classic woodsman” look which gives the beard a bit more of a polished edge. So whether you’re looking for some new styles to incorporate into your beard, or you’re thinking of giving the long beard a try, here are 20 long beard styles to choose from.

long-beard 20 Refreshing Long Beard Trends for 2018


Best Long Beard Styles

These beards are for men who don’t wish to sport an obnoxiously long beard. While these are considered “short” to some, a lot of men who aren’t used to wearing their beards anywhere past their chins would find these styles to be ‘long’. Here are a few short long beards to try out if you’re interested in letting your facial hair grow out.


1. Polished but Gruff

image00110 20 Refreshing Long Beard Trends for 2018

This full beard is a shorter variation of the long beard, reaching right above the chest. Allow the beard to grow out fully, and trim the hairs down with a pair of scissors in order to give the hair a more uniform shape.

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