7 Wayne Rooney Beard Transformations Till 2024

Wayne Rooney’s beard has sparked quite a sensation among soccer enthusiasts. For those who have been long-time followers of the sport, they’ll recognize Rooney as one of the greatest English footballer, renowned for his clean-shaven, youthful appearance throughout the majority of his career.

Everything changed since he decided to grow a beard. Rooney first started growing a beard in 2010. At the time, he was playing for Manchester United and had just led England to the World Cup quarterfinals.

By the time he retired from international football in 2018, Rooney’s beard had one of the most stylish footballers with a beard. As we continue to progress through 2023, Rooney persistently evolves his beard styles.

Let’s check out all Wayne Rooney beard style transformations till 2023.

Wayne Rooney Beard: The Timeline

Wayne Rooney's latest beard style: bushy gray and ginger full beard

His evolution into a bearded hunk has been nothing short of dramatic. The stubble that initially made an appearance gradually morphed into a full beard. It completely changed the look of Wayne Rooney, the former Everton and Manchester United star and present head coach of Major League Soccer club D.C. United. Here is a timeline of Wayne Rooney’s beard styles:

  • Wayne Rooney had a clean-shaven look during his early days at Everton.
  • Rooney started with light stubble as his career progressed with Manchester United in the Premier League.
  • The light stubble evolves into a more noticeable beard in 2010. At the time, he was playing for Manchester United and had just led England to the World Cup quarterfinals.
  • Rooney introduced a fuller short boxed beard look.
  • The beard goes through a transitional phase, with varying lengths and shapes over the years.
  • Rooney surprises fans by shaving off his beard and returning to a clean-shaven look in 2017 with Everton.
  • The clean-shaven look transitions into a short, well-groomed beard, reflecting Rooney’s evolving style.
  • Rooney grows his beard out again, pairing it with a buzz cut for a balanced appearance.
  • Experimenting further, Wayne Rooney tries different beard lengths and styles throughout his career.
  • He is sporting a medium-boxed beard in 2024 in D.C. United (Head coach)

Wayne Rooney Beard Styles

Check out these Wayne Rooney beard styles and find the one that’s right for you

1. Clean-shaven look

wayne rooney facial hair

Back in the early everton days, Wayne sported a completely clean-shaven face, looking super fresh. To pull off the same look, all you need is a razor and some shaving cream. Easy peasy!

2. Light stubble

wayne rooney with stubble beard

As his career started to bloom, he switched to light stubble, giving off a more mature vibe. To achieve this look, let your facial hair grow for a couple of days and use a beard trimmer to keep it short and neat.

3. Noticeable beard

wayne rooney short beard style of 2022

Over time, his stubble transformed into a proper beard, adding a touch of masculinity. Grow your facial hair a bit longer, and remember to trim it evenly to get that noticeable beard going.

4. Short Box Beard and buzz cut combo

wayne rooney with full beard

Wayne paired his beard with a buzz cut for a balanced and masculine look. Use a clipper for the hair and a trimmer for the beard to achieve this strong, handsome style.

5.Fuller Ginger Beard

wayne rooney full beard

This is the Wayne Rooney’s beard style in 2016. It is a fuller beard style. The ginger beard is medium in length and thick in Texture. To get this look, let your beard grow for around 3-months and then trim it to your desired length. Connect your mustache with your beard to create the ultimate Wayne Rooney beard look

6. Rooney Without Beard Again

In his return to Everton after a long time he was seen without his beard again. He clean shaved his facial hair and looked so young like the early days of his career in Everton. Clean shave your beard and mustache regularly if you want to copy this Wayne Rooney without beard look.

7. Burst-Fade Beast Beard

wayne rooney with thick beard style

The “Burst-Fade Beast Beard” is a bold and eye-catching style that combines a burst skin fade haircut with a full beard. The combination creates a striking contrast between the neatly groomed and tapered hair on the head and the thicker, more substantial beard.

So, which of Wayne Rooney’s beard styles is your favorite? And what do you think will be Rooney’s next look?

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