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3 Popular Longest Mustache of The World 

Those who love mustaches like to see how impressive their mustaches can get. Some people even go to such lengths that they decide to grow out their mustaches as long as possible. If you look up the longest mustache in the world, you will likely be very impressed.


World’s Longest Mustache Styles

Take a look at 3 of the world’s longest mustache titleholders so that you can see exactly what is possible when you dedicate time to growing a mustache out. 

1. Ram Singh Chauhan of India

Ram Singh Chauhan's longest mustache

The world’s longest mustache belongs to Ram Singh Chauhan of India. This astounding mustache measures in at more than 14 feet long. Having a mustache that touches the floor is automatically going to be pretty impressive.

The fact that this man has a mustache that is longer than the tallest NBA basketball players is very impressive. When you consider that it is twice as long as most basketball players, that is absolutely uncanny.

Ram Singh Chauhan says that he has been growing out his mustache since he was very young. It definitely shows how long it has become.

This long and thick mustache is a testament to what can happen when someone decides to commit to growing out a mustache. Most people will never come close to a mustache that is this long but it can be fun to dream about it.


2. Ramesh Chand Kushwaha of India

world's longest mustache - Ramesh Chand Kushwaha

Ramesh Chand Kushwaha is another Indian native who has a remarkably long mustache. This man has horseshoe mustache which is the second-longest in all of India and is only standing behind the aforementioned Ram Singh Chauhan.

His mustache is approximately half a foot shorter than Ram Singh Chauhan’s. Even so, it is still one of the most impressive mustaches known to mankind. This man is 70 years old and he has been growing his mustache for more than three decades now.

He even goes to the great length of living in isolation in order to protect his facial hair. One of his secrets to success is massaging his facial hair with butter, cream, and assorted special oils.


3. Haci Kilic of Turkey

Haci Kilic's longest mustache

Haci Kilic of Turkey does not have one of the longest mustache records or anything. His long handlebar mustache is still very impressive, though. He currently has a 1.5-meter long ‘stache. This hairdresser from Turkey is a good example of a slightly more normal-looking mustache that is still very impressive.

While not as pronounced as the two gentlemen above, this is still a mighty mustache that is beyond what most people will ever be able to grow.