How to Grow A Mustache That Rocks – Ultimate Guide

Ah, the elusive ‘stache. Many people have tried to bend this legendary facial hairstyle to their will, and many more have failed. You see, growing a mustache is an art that takes time and finesse to achieve. When executed properly, the upper lip hair creates a certain mystique that leaves the viewer either duly impressed or incredibly jealous. If you’re ready to take your mustache game to the next level, read on to discover how The Pros craft their manly, sleek ‘staches into masterpieces:


How to Grow a Thick & Healthy Mustache?

Contrary to what you may already think, know, or think you know, growing a mustache is a lot more than simply having enough hormonal energy to summon follicles from the depth of your pores; there’s a process, and to have a great ‘stache, its steps have to be followed and respected. Here’s a breakdown how you can grow a healthy mustache:


Ready your tools

mustache-tools How to Grow A Mustache That Rocks - Ultimate Guide

The easiest way to get a truly legendary mustache out of your efforts is to have quality trimmers, combs, and styling products at the ready when you need them most. Get a quality electric clipper to get rid of pesky beard hair encroaching on your domain, and then a pair of manual facial hair styling scissors for the finer points of trimming. A beard balm to nourish your facial hair will keep your work of art looking fresh and some mustache wax will keep even the most unruly mustache under control.


Grow it in

grow-mustache How to Grow A Mustache That Rocks - Ultimate Guide

When you’re working on your sweet lip full of lusciousness, grow in the rest of your beard along with it to avoid the awkward, half-filled-in stages of your mustache that are bundled with the journey to a truly epic one. Growing a killer mustache is, after all, an exercise in patience. Depending on how quickly your beard grows in and how fully it completes itself, this process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to over a month. Wait it out. It’ll be worth it. If you are looking to grow a handlebar, check out our post about growing a handlebar mustache.


Trim it back

trim-and-size-mustache-line How to Grow A Mustache That Rocks - Ultimate Guide

Once you’ve got a respectable beard grown in, trim back that savagery into the epitome of refinement: your perfectly-grown mustache. As a rule of thumb, try to be conservative in your styling until you have a rough framework to base the rest of your trimming off of. It would be a real shame to go crazy with your clippers and accidentally venture too far into the body of your luscious lip-warmer.


Maintain your mustache

maintain-mustache How to Grow A Mustache That Rocks - Ultimate Guide

Once you’ve grown your mustache, liberated it from the rest of your facial growth, styled to spec, and held in place with quality wax. It won’t be long until you’ll have to show it who’s boss again. If you’re not careful, overgrowth and undernourishment will cause your mustache to become scraggly and unkempt. So, every few days, take a few extra minutes in the shower to trim and recondition your stylish ‘stache.


Watch how to trim your mustache the best way:

Must Try Mustache Styles


Do’s and Don’ts When Growing Your Mustache

So, you’ve grown the mustache of your dreams. But, how do you ensure its quality? How do you make one that’ll be remembered for generations to come? Easy – follow these tips to keep it looking clean and regal:

  • DO grow it as long as you want. While there’s a time and a place for slim and trim ‘staches, if that’s not your style, don’t try to make it. Embrace the style of the coveted English Mustache by growing your hair as long as it needs to be. It may take over a year to get it to your desired length, but it’ll be worth it.
  • DON’T go crazy with touching your own ‘stache. Not only will it possibly come off as slightly malevolent, dastardly, or even creepy, but it can also make your ‘stache look haggard and oily. Style it, then leave it. Done.
  • DO take pride in your mustache. These beauties aren’t for everyone. Actually, they aren’t for anyone but you. So, take pride in what you’ve created. If you’re self-conscious about the stark symbol of masculinity that’s taken residence on your upper lip, your demeanor will make it look less like a bastion of badassery, and more like a dead animal parked itself on your upper lip. If you’ve grown it, you’ve got to own it.
  • DON’T “over style” your ‘stache. It’s easy to get carried away with all of the crazy things you can make out of a good patch of lip hair; however, less is often more when you’re styling. Leave the stepped patterns and razored designs for the sides of Kanye’s head. A chevron, a pencil ‘stache, an English ‘stache; the world is your oyster, but keep it classy.


There you have it! All you need to grow the mustache of your dreams. Keep it clean and classy, and it’ll treat you the same way. With the addition of this symbol of manly prowess on your face, you’re now part of an elite club with a distinguished history of masculinity and downright coolness. Carry yourself confidently, and enjoy your new mustache!

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