Beard Without Mustache

Beards are becoming more and more popular, since they make a face look more manly and respectable. One of the widely used types of beards is a beard without mustache. It is often called an “anchor” beard since it has certain relation to the sailors. This beard type became popular many years ago. However, it is still widely used nowadays. Centuries ago “anchor” beards were grown by men who were working at sea. But later it became popular among men of other professions.

Beard without a mustache looks unusual. But this is its main advantage. When you choose such a beard, you are bound to stand out of the crowd. It will allow you to emphasize your individuality. At the same time, such beard is pretty easy to take care of. You will be freed from the daily shaving routine, which is quite a hassle for many men. In order to maintain the beard without mustache, all you will need to do is properly trim it about 1 -2 times per week. However, don’t forget about the mustache. You will still need to be shaving the hair on your upper lip.

There are different ways to style a beard without mustache. There are full or partially full beards. The full beard means having hair all over your face, while the partially full beard requires the cheeks to be shaved. There are also goatees, pencil straps, Klingon beards, soul patches, old Dutch beards and etc.

When you are choosing a beard without a mustache, don’t forget to pay special attention to your face shape. Round faces need longer beards, which extends from temple to temple. Such a beard will visually elongate the face. Heart-shaped faces will look great with square and horseshoe type beards. They will visually widen the chin. Men with elongated faces should forget about cone-like beards, such as goatees, since they will make the face seem even longer. Anchor beards are great for square faces. Amish beards are great for men with large faces and long noses.