Travis Kelce Beard: Top 10 Styles to Copy in 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs star player Travis Kelce is known for switching up his beard style in almost every season. Travis has a charisma that shines through his helmet, but a significant part of his identity comes from beneath it – the beard.

He has been making waves in the best NFL beard styles with his exceptional look. Hence, you will get plenty of options if you want to copy him.

For instance, in 2021, he took everyone by surprise when he shaved off his iconic beard, leading fans to believe he had bid farewell to his trademark look. His clean-shaven appearance was met with humorous jabs and jests from fans on Twitter and other social media platforms.

However, Travis didn’t keep them waiting long before he began regrowing his beard. It’s worth noting that he didn’t let it reach its previous length this time around.

We have picked 10 beard styles of Travis Kelce that fans liked the most. Read on to see the appearance and decide if you want to copy any of these.


How Travis Kelce’s Beard Became a Part of His Brand

latest beard style of travis kelce

Travis Kelce began his iconic beard journey back in 2015, and since then, his fans love Travis Kelce with a beard more than the beardless Travis Kelce.

His beard hasn’t merely stayed within the confines of the football field; it’s made its way into various commercial ads and magazine spreads. Kelce’s distinctive facial hair has become a popular choice for marketing campaigns, enhancing the appeal of the products he endorses.

Recognizing the popularity and influence of his iconic beard, Kelce seized the opportunity to launch his own line of beard care products. This entrepreneurial venture not only solidifies the importance of his beard in his personal brand but also connects with fans and followers aspiring to replicate his beard style.

When Travis Kelce made the decision to shave his beard in August 2021, it sent shockwaves through Twitter. The impact of this change was felt across the platform, as users chimed in with their own reactions to his clean-shaven look. It proves how popular Travis Kelce’s beard is among his fans. 


Top Travis Kelce Beard Styles

Travis Kelce has sported a variety of beard styles throughout his career, each one making a statement in its own right. Though he shaved his long beard and has a short beard in 2024 still his beard looks gorgeous on him. Here are some of the top Travis Kelce beard styles you might like.


1. Faded Full Beard with Burst Fade Hair

travis kelce with full beard

This Travis Kelce’s faded full beard from the 2018 ESPY Awards show was very neat and nicely shaped, giving it an evenly trimmed round shape at the bottom. This look was skillfully complemented by a burst fade haircut that seamlessly blended his beard with his hair.


2. Short Beard with Buzz Cut Hairstyle

travis kelce with short beard

Kelce tried different beard and hairstyle combinations throughout his life, and a short beard with a buzz-cut hairstyle is one of them. The facial hair gradually gets longer from the cheeks, and it is kept almost half an inch long while the mustache is trimmed to stubble size. Further, the DITA’s MODDICT sunglass emphasizes his overall facial appearance.


3. Bushy Garibaldi Beard

travis kelce with bushy beard

With the long bushy garibaldi beard, the Chiefs’ tight end looks more masculine. Apparently, Kelce grew this facial hair before heading to the 2019 season. The good thing about this beard is that it surely helped him stay warm in snowy winter while playing on the north coast.


4. Circle Beard with Soul Patch

travis kelce with goatee beard

It is a blend of a circle beard and a French beard. However, this style has a straight line instead of a round appearance. Adding a soul patch made Kelce unique from his regular look.


5. Blonde Full Beard with Connected Mustache

beard style of travis kelce

Travis Kelce’s beard has great density. The blonde full beard is medium in length and the mustache is connected with the beard. It is an excellent option for people with good beard growth. He shaped his box beard with a neckline below the jawline, which is roughly parallel to the cheek line.


6. Ducktail Beard with Triangular Edges

travis kelce with boxed beard style

This style features a long ducktail beard that is trimmed at the sides and creates a triangular shape at both edges. He maintained everything neat and tidy while giving an angled shape to the neckline. Let the chin hair grow longer and make it round at the bottom to give a pointed shape.


7. Light Stubble and Glasses

travis kelce with light stubble beard

Kelce’s light stubble beard with glasses perfectly gives him a formal yet masculine look with some cuteness. Further, the beard is so short that you can clearly see his strong jawline and chiseled features. Overall, the light stubble is one of his signature styles for both on and off the football field.


8. Rounded Red Beard with Skin Fade Quiff

travis kelce with red beard

This beard style is flawlessly paired with a bald fade quiff haircut, where the hair is kept longer at the top and the sides are skin faded with a shave. The result is a modern, sleek look that combines the ruggedness of the full beard with the clean lines of the skin fade quiff.


9. Scruffy Beard

travis kelce with scruffy beard

This style resembles that he hasn’t had time to trim the beard properly. And it gives him a slightly rough appearance even with short facial hair. Also, Kelce wore this beard to match a hip-hop style.


10. Patchy Anchor

travis kelce facial hair

With this style from his early 20s, you can understand that Kelce was an amateur in the beard games. And he had patchy facial hair too. Hence, he chose to style it with an anchor beard. It seems he just grew the facial hair for a week to get this appearance.


Grow and Maintain a Travis Kelce Beard 

Growing and maintaining a beard like Travis Kelce involves patience and care. Whether you’re aiming for his full, thick beard or his shorter beard style the first step is always to let your facial hair grow.

Resist the urge to trim or shape your beard in the early stages. This might take a few weeks to 6 months, depending on your genetics and chosen Travis Kelce beard style.

During this time, use a beard oil or moisturizer to prevent dryness or itchiness to your skin. This will also give your beard a nice shine and make it easier to manage.

Once you’ve achieved the desired length, it’s time to trim and shape your beard. For Kelce’s full beard, you might want to let it grow a bit longer before trimming it evenly with a beard trimmer. For his shorter beard, you have to maintain it by trimming it more regularly.

To keep your beard dirt free, wash your beard 2-3 times a week. Comb your facial hair to train the beard to grow in the direction you want. It also helps distribute beard oil evenly and keep your beard looking neat.

By following these instructions you will be able to grow and maintain the Travis Kelce beard.


So, the Travis Kelce beard is a testament to the man behind it – a man of skill, style, and substance.   

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