15 Best Mohawk Hairstyles With A Beard

Ready to change your style? Consider a mohawk and make it more manly with a classy beard style! The look will be bold, daring, and it might be just what you need. Ideal for the adventurous at heart, a mohawk can reflect your unique personality. The best way to add a macho vibe to your look is to add a beard with your mohawk.

A beard adds balance to the mohawk’s intensity. It frames the face, complements the edgy hairstyle, and elevates the overall look. Explore our list of mohawk hairstyles with a beard.

beard styles that look good with a Mohawk

If you’re going for a classic mohawk, try a full beard. It offers a strong contrast to the sleek hairstyle. If your mohawk is more modern, like a fade or undercut, a neatly trimmed short beard or stubble can add sophistication.

For a unique, vintage appeal, a ducktail or a Balbo beard pairs well. Want to express a bold personality? Match your mohawk with a bushy or Viking beard.

The key is to maintain your beard well, keeping it groomed and in good condition. Experiment and find the style that best suits your face shape and personal style.

Combine Your Mohawk Hairstyle With A Beard

From classic mohawks to modern bearded looks, you can have them all. Each mohawk with beard style transforms your look into a masterpiece. Let’s explore the 15 best mohawk hairstyles with a beard.

1. Classic Mohawk with Full Beard

mohawk with full beard

This style combines the boldness of a classic mohawk with the masculinity of a full beard. Use a pomade to slick the mohawk back for a polished look. Maintain the beard with regular trimming and conditioning. The full beard adds balance, making this style suitable for different face shapes.

2. Faded Mohawk with Stubble

faded mohawk with stubble beard

The faded mohawk with stubble offers a clean, minimalist aesthetic. The high fade into the mohawk crest gives the style a modern edge. The crest slicked back gives a sleek appearance. Adding a neat stubble beard provides a touch of ruggedness without overwhelming the face.

3. Mohawk with a Ducktail Beard

mohawk with ducktail beard

For those with a love for vintage, a slicked-back shorter mohawk with a ducktail beard is a perfect combination. The ducktail beard, which tapers down to a point at the chin, adds an old-world charm. Use beard oil to keep the beard smooth and the pointy end in shape.

4. Curly Mohawk with Goatee

curly mohawk with goatee beard

This style caters to men with natural curls. Allow the curls to enhance the mohawk’s volume and slick it back for an effortless appearance. Pair it with a well-maintained goatee. The goatee adds structure and draws attention to the mouth, creating a balanced look.

5. Braided Mohawk with Short Bushy Beard

braided mohawk with short bushy beard

This style brings together a rebellious spirit with a touch of finesse. By sectioning and braiding the mohawk, you create an interesting texture that’s both appealing and distinctive. Paired with a bushy beard, this style provides a rugged yet well-groomed look, perfect for those who enjoy standing out from the crowd.

6. Pompadour Mohawk with Curly Beard

pompadour mohawk with curly beard

The pompadour mohawk combines the volume of a pompadour with the edginess of a mohawk. Slick it back and high for a retro, rockabilly vibe. Pair this with traditional curly beard a beard style that connects the hair from the ear to the chin — and you have an edgy look that’s also a throwback to a classic era.

7. Undercut Mohawk with Balbo Beard

undercut mohawk with balbo beard

The undercut mohawk gives a modern take on the classic style, offering more versatility. The slicked-back finish provides a neat appearance, while the Balbo beard — a combination of a mustache and a beard with hair extending along the jawline — gives a stylish, sophisticated touch that makes this style suitable for both casual and formal settings.

8. Spiky Mohawk with Short Patchy Beard

spiky mohawk with short beard

The spiky mohawk, slicked back, gives an energetic, punk vibe. It’s a playful, youthful look that stands out in any crowd. Paired with a patchy beard, this style emphasizes individuality and uniqueness.

9. Short Mohawk with Chin Strap Beard

short mohawk with chinstrap beard

The short mohawk, slicked back, offers a low-maintenance option that’s both trendy and appealing. The clean lines of the chin strap beard — a thin strip of hair that lines the jawline — contrast nicely with the boldness of the mohawk, creating a balanced, modern look.

10. Long Mohawk with Viking Beard

long mohawk with viking beard

For those unafraid of a daring style, the long mohawk slicked back offers a dramatic and fierce look. The Viking beard, robust and often braided or adorned, adds a bold, rugged touch. This combination creates an impactful presence that’s hard to forget.

11. Mohawk with Beard for Black Man

mohawk with beard for black men

This look is all about embracing natural hair texture. Keep the mohawk thick and kinky, and slick it back. Pair it with a full beard. Shape the beard to create a neat, well-groomed appearance.

12. Mohawk with Long Beard

mohawk with long beard

A long beard can provide a powerful contrast to a slicked-back mohawk. This style exudes an edgy, yet elegant, vibe. Keep the beard well-conditioned and trimmed to avoid an unkempt look.

13. Mohawk with Short Beard

mohawk with short beard

This style combines a slicked-back mohawk with a neatly trimmed short beard. It’s perfect for those seeking a minimalist look. The short beard provides a clean finish, complementing the mohawk beautifully.

14. Burst Fade Mohawk with Beard

burst fade mohawk with beard

This style fuses the mohawk with a burst fade, where the fade ‘bursts’ out around the ears, adding dimension. Slick the mohawk back. Add a full beard to create a bold yet refined look.

15. Faded Mohawk with Beard

faded mohawk with beard

This combination creates a trendy, modern look. Start with a low fade that transitions into a slicked-back mohawk. Complement this style with a well-groomed beard, adding sophistication to the overall appearance.

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