Amish Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain Amish Beards

Amish beard is a beard style that encourages the growing of facial hair without a mustache. This style is strictly religious as well as tribal. It is an identification mark for the Amish. It is so rear among men in the contemporary society.



Amish bread has a very long history traced back in the 16th century. Amish are a religious group. What’s more, they cared so much about humanity and detested anything that would hart it. With the evil that was going around, the Amish decide to come up with the Amish Beards as an identification that separates them from the others. This style has gain a lot of fame since then.

amish beard collage



Let me very frank with you guys. This beard style is suitable for any person who has no mustache. Nonetheless, if you have the mustache, you can still shave it. Amish beards go well with individuals who have an egg shaped face.egg or oval faces suit amish beard



Growing facial hair does not need any skill; it is a natural phenomenon that comes with age. If you want to grow Amish and you are young, wait until you grow up.

amish beard

The process of nurturing this kind of beard is more or less similar to growing hair. Here are steps that will assist you to nurture your Amish beard.

  1. You need to keep your beards wash you beards on daily basis with warm water, to reduce debris.
  2. Oil your Amish beard after wash to give it a soft touch.
  3. Make sure you shave off your mustache.
  4. Comb on a daily basis.



Trimming an Amish beard is easy. As a matter of fact, you only need a razor or Wahl shaving machine to assist you clear your mustache. Though, you need to be careful during the process. Below are some tips on how to trim your Amish bread:

  1. Clean you beards with warm water to remove the debris.
  2. Comb your beards to make the hair straight.
  3. Use your razor or shaving machine to clear your beards.
  4. You can leave to grow to any level or trim them when they grow to a certain level.



  • As you nurture your beards make sure that you keep them clean to avoid infection.
  • It is always good to maintain a reasonable level of facial hair to be able to manage it easily.



Managing Amish bread is not that hard as it looks like. They are pretty simple, especially if you maintain the hair outline. The outline makes it so simple because you will not need to gamble when trimming off your beards.

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