Mutton chop beards are so named because they resemble a piece of chopped mutton, particular when shaped correctly. They’re characterized by sideburns that are chopped, or cut, along with the lower jaw line and extend to the chin. Because the shape and style are so specially shaped, you have to be extremely careful when you shave your mutton chops. Precision is critical.

mutton-chop-beard-style 25 Modern Mutton Chop Sideburns for The Boldest Look


How to Shave Mutton Chops

Before shaving, comb your sideburns from top to bottom and from the sides of your chin. That way, you train the hair to lie flat in the direction you want. Choose a comb based on the texture of your facial hair. The softer and finer your mutton chops, the finer your comb; the coarser and denser your facial hair, the wider your comb.

You can choose to wear mutton chops with or without a mustache. If you don’t want a mustache, then shave your upper lip, the middle of your chin, and your neck as you grow and form your chops. As you trim the hair on your cheeks, shave at a slanted angle. Your mutton chops should measure about 1 and ½ inches at the widest point. They’re more narrow near your ears and temples.

For the close work, especially along your cheeks and on your chin, you might have more luck with an electric shaver than a traditional razor. It’s also a good idea to invest in a small but powerful trimmer for dealing with edge work and tight spaces. It’s too easy for a razor to slip and take out a chunk of hair.

You also need to consider the shape of your face when shaving and styling your mutton chops. There are different styles to choose from, you know. For example, a round face looks best with chops that are short on the sides and long at the bottom, while the opposite is true for long faces. Maintain small, neat chops if your face is small and larger, fuller ones if your face is big. Style round chops for square jaws to create balance. It’s all about symmetry.

The styling of mutton chops became increasingly popular in the 19th century among Europeans. The sideburns were allowed to grow bushy and thick and the beard was shaved off in order to further stylize and personalize the look. Later sported by Teddy Roosevelt, Elvis Presley, and even Mr. T, mutton chops have begun to make their way back into the limelight with each new generation. Now it has become one of the most trendy, popular and modern facial hairstyle among all ages.


Popular Mutton Chop Sideburns

If you’re thinking of incorporating mutton chops into your look, here are a few modernized options to choose from:

1. Clean and Classy

image0014 25 Modern Mutton Chop Sideburns for The Boldest Look

This look is achieved by fully growing out the sideburns into the beard, shaving off the goatee, and trimming down the hair of the beard with scissors. Keeping the chops moderately thick is the key to this look, as it further outlines the masculine shape of the jawbone. Precision and symmetry are very important when styling this look, so brushing down the hairs and trimming each day may be necessary for some.

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