Popular Amish Beard

Find your style from the collection of elegant Amish beards in 2021-2019. Learn how to grow and maintain Amish beards so that you can easily handle this long beard.

amish beard

When you hear about Amish beards, you probably imagine something long and unkempt. You are quite wrong. An Amish beard can be very neat and stylish if you know how to make and maintain it properly. This beard will become a great choice for men who want to hide the protruding chin or make a square jaw softer.

Creating an Amish beard is quite easy if you follow a few simple rules. Remember, growing a beard requires some time, so be patient. If you give it your best, you will surely be amazed by the result.

First of all, you need to grow a full-fledged stubble. Trim it to be about 4 – 5 mm. Make upper and lower boundaries with the consideration of the natural face lines. Make the hair all the same length. Shave the stubble beneath the lower lip, as well as on your neck, upper lip and cheeks.

You are now ready to start growing a long beard. Let it grow naturally and don’t forget to follow the above rules for keeping the beard neat. Amish beards range in length. You can either keep it 4-5 mm or grow it as long as you wish. If you want to look stylish, you must keep your beard neat.

Otherwise, a fashionable Amish beard will turn into unkempt facial hair. If you opt for very long Amish beard, make it a habit to cut it on a regular basis. Visit a barber at least once in every few months to get a professional trim and some advice on beard maintenance.

Don’t forget to care for your Amish beard, no matter how long it is. The hair on your face needs just as much attention as the one on your head. You need to wash your beard on a regular basis. Make sure to keep it clean and dry.

Just like a regular hairstyle, your long beard needs regular trimming and styling. Make sure to get rid of all the stray hair with the help of a trimmer or a razor.