70 Prevailing Goatee Beard Styles for Men [2018]

Goatee beard is one of the trendiest facial hairstyles today. It is perfect for men who need a change from the clean shaved look and does not like the shabby bearded look. This beard style incorporates chin hair and mustache similar to that of a goat and hence referred to as “goatee”. This style can have hundreds of shaping and trimming modes and can be worn in various combinations of mustache and chin beard.


What a Goatee Should Look Like

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A goatee should look any way you want it to look, within reason, of course. The style is endlessly adaptable, which is why it’s so popular and enduring. For the most part, however, a goatee should frame your mouth and cover your chin. It’s characterized by a mustache of your desired length and thickness, leading down to a small beard that focuses on your chin. It doesn’t extend to your cheeks or jaw. A perfect little circle of facial hair is more or less what you want.


Why Grow a Goatee?

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Why should you grow a goatee? Well, why do you want one? That’s a good enough reason. Seriously, though, goatees are sexy. They’re also the perfect alternative to a full beard. If you have a weak or undershot chin, a goatee will give the illusion of shape and fullness. Wear it to emphasize a pair of full lips or to mask a thin mouth. You can grow one just because, as well. No rule against that.


Which Goatee Style Is Best for You?

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Goatees aren’t as dependent on facial shapes as other beards are. While you always need to consider the angle of your jaw and the curve of your chin, you’re not as restricted regardless of whether you have a round face or a triangular one. The best thing to do is familiarize yourself with the different goatee styles that are traditionally worn.

A pure goatee beard doesn’t have a mustache, but it almost has a soul patch—the beard begins under your lip and covers your chin. A full goatee does have a mustache and it is most definitely full, whereas the Pretty Boy is neatly groomed and trimmed. The Landing Strip consists of a small thatch of hair right on the tip of your chin. A Van Dyke is like a full goatee or the Pretty Boy, but the beard and mustache aren’t connected. That’s true for the Anchor, as well, but the goatee and soul patch are both quite wide.


How to Grow a Perfect Goatee Beard?

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Patience is the key to growing a goatee. That’s all it takes. You have to wait for it to grow in, and in its stubble stages, it will drive you crazy. Persevere through the itch and the patchy appearance. As it grows, take care to shape it the way you want it. At first, you might want to experiment and try a few different styles between growing sessions. Take your time and find the style that gives you a confidence boost.


How to Trim Goatee with Scissors?

When trimming your goatee with scissors, snip no more than a millimeter at a time. You can cut-off more hair, but you can’t glue it on again if you take off too much. Only use scissors on the hair that overlaps your upper lip or chin at first. If it’s your first time, you might even want to ask the barber to give you some tips.


How to Shave a Goatee Under the Chin?

Carefully—that’s how you shave your goatee beneath your chin. It’s better to use two mirrors if you can. Position a portable mirror on the sink counter beneath you. Try to see the underside of your chin. You can also shave by touch if you use your hand as a barrier. It’s vital to keep the area under your chin clean shaven, along with your neck, or else your goatee will look sloppy and messy. Just go slow and don’t move the razor too fast.


Tips to Maintain Goatee Beard

Take care of your facial hair the same way you care for the hair on your head. Shampoo it, condition it, and moisturize it after the shower. Use a quality beard oil that will soften the hair. Shave regularly and trim it anytime it starts looking wild.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Goatee

What ‘Goatee’ means?

Goatee beard refers to a small amount of facial hair that grows on the chin and, often, resembles the beard of a goat. 


When was the goatee invented?

The style has been there for a long time, but it gets the name ‘goatee’ in the 1990s.


Where Should my Goatee End?

Different goatee styles end in different lengths. More often than not, your goatee should end right at your chin. In some cases, however, the goatee ends a bit below the chin, such as with the Van Dyke.


What hairstyle will suit my Goatee?

If you have a round or an oval face, any haircut will suit your goatee. But medium hair is suggested. 


I can’t connect a goatee, what to do?

You can try Minoxidil right on the blank spot. Or take supplements that help the facial hair grow. Eating a balanced diet is also important.


When to trim a goatee beard?

That actually depends on one’s preference. You can get any length you want. But to avoid having any unkempt look, you must trim the edges after one week at max. 


What is a goatee with a mustache called?

Van Dyke is one of these types of goatee beard styles. But there are some beard styles that includes a goatee and a mustache such as an anchor beard, the box beard etc.


Do a goatee helps to hide double chin?

Of course! But you must have a good amount of thick facial hair. 


Most Popular Goatee Beard Styles

Young, old or middle-aged – no matter which age group you’re in, you can get a goatee for a fresh new look. The 70 most remarkable goatee beard styles trending in 2018 among men are:


#1: Chin goatee without a mustache

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A goatee covering only the chin with a thick hair line from below the lower lip to the chin hair. The mustache and jaw line is clean shaved and the sideburns are very short and trimmed.

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