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The 5 Best Beard Dyes for Long Beards (2023 Review)

So you’ve grown out your beard but think it’s time for a change? Beard dye is a fast and effective way to revamp your long beard and break the monotony.

There are several reasons to dye your long beard, including exploring various color options and getting rid of those grey strands that peak as you grow older.

While there are plenty of beard dyes to choose from, we think it’s crucial to find the suitable dye for your long beard. Therefore, we are devoting this post to the five best beard dyes for long beards. 

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Top Beard Dyes for Long Beards

Our top picks for the best beard dye for long beards are:

1. Best Temporary Dye For Long Beards- Blackbeard for Men Formula X

Sometimes, you’ll want to change your beard color, but only briefly. Temporary dye or temporary hair color for long beards is an excellent solution for those short-term beard grooming needs.

Black Beard For Men Formula X is an excellent temporary solution for people with long beards. The dye comes in a small tube with a wand for easy application. Also, since it’s an instant formula, you don’t have to mix the product in a tub before application.

You can also use temporary dyes to fix patches in your permanent dye and achieve a perfect color. However, you may consume more than one tube to achieve full coverage for long beards. The beard hair color holds for a whole day, but you need daily re-application to maintain the color.

What We Like:

  • Temporary hair dye for temporary needs
  • Easy application without prior preparation

What We Don’t Like:

  • People with long beards may consume more product than is available in one tube
  • The color holds for around 12 hours and requires daily re-application


2. Best Dye for People with Sensitive Skin – Dark Brown Henna Hair Color / Dye

Other chemical dyes can irritate when you have sensitive skin. Fortunately, you can dye your long beard with natural ingredients- indigo and henna. For centuries, people have used these products to dye long beards to natural color.

It’s worth noting that there are various formulations to achieve lighter browns, dark and light reds, and jet black. If you’re worried about your grey beard and sensitive skin, consider using indigo and henna for the best results. However, it’s always advisable to test the product on your skin before dyeing your beard.

It’s crucial to remember that henna has a messy application. You can easily dye your skin and end up with a stained face or fingers. Therefore, it’s essential to apply a protective layer before henna and indigo application. Henna dye also takes a moment to kick in, which means you need to set aside 2-3 hours to let the color kick in.

If you’re looking for permanent hair dye for your long beard, henna is an excellent option. The color can last more than three months, though the vibrancy is most intense in the first five-six weeks. The application process also varies for first-time users to prepare your long beard for henna use.

What We Like:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Henna produces a natural, consistent color
  • Henna doesn’t dull your hair

What We Don’t Like:

  • Henna is possibly messy and requires careful application
  • There is a risk of skin staining


3. Best Long Lasting Dye – RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

If you’re in the market for a durable beard dye for long beards, the RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye is the best product for you. This product delivers instant color change for long beards after approximately ten minutes of development.

It’s worth noting that RefectoCIl dye is a professional product, which means it’s one of the best beard dyes in the market. This product also has a rich color and lasts up to six weeks with proper application.

Since this is a chemical dye, it’s best to conduct a safety test before application to prevent irritation. Unfortunately, the RefectoCil dye does not come with a developer. You have to purchase one separately.

The application process is straightforward, but you have to take safety measures to protect your skin and surfaces. Wear gloves and follow the instructions for the best results. After use, it’s also best to wash your beard correctly to avoid staining clothes and bedsheets.

What We Like:

  • Rich, colorful results
  • Long-lasting results up to 6 months

What We Don’t Like

  • The beard dye can stain the skin
  • Since this is a chemical dye, you can experience irritation if you have sensitive skin
  • The beard dye does not come with an oxidant. You have to purchase it separately


4. Best Combined Dye – Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Beard Wash Shampoo

Just For Men comes through with yet another exceptional product that works as a dye and a shampoo. The Control GX Grey reducing shampoo is suitable for people with long beards looking for gradual change. 

You can incorporate the shampoo into your daily wash routine and progressively watch your beard change color. If you’re looking for a gradual change without dramatic effects, Control GX grey reducing beard wash shampoo is for you. However, the product does not eliminate all your grey hairs.

For the best results, alternate this shampoo with a regular beard wash. Leaving the shampoo in for at least five minutes and rinsing with cold water helps the color stick. After two to four weeks, you’ll notice that your beard has taken up a darker, fuller, and healthier appearance.

There is a broad shade range to select from light brown to black. Each color gradually fades the greys into a natural progressive dark color, making it easier to retain consistency over time. As soon as you achieve the shade you want, you can pace your usage of this shampoo.

One of the best parts of using this shampoo is that you don’t have to prepare the dye. No prior mixing in a tub is necessary. As long as you shake the bottle well before use, you’ll have an easy experience with this shampoo.

What We Like:

  • Gradual fading of grey hair without dramatic results for a natural finish
  • No prior mixing required
  • This product dyes and cleanses your beard

What We Don’t Like:

  • This shampoo does not fade all grey hairs, making it unsuitable for complete color change
  • Results take several weeks to kick in
  • People with long beards may use more tubes over time


5. Best For Easy Application – Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit

For easy application and long-lasting results, we recommend this professional hair kit by Godefroy. The best part about this product is that it comes as a complete kit, making it suitable for beginners and regular beard dye users.

Since the product is cream-based, you don’t have to worry about a messy application. The dye is also packaged in capsules, making it easy to track your product usage. Each kit comes with 20 capsules for twenty applications.

The Godefroy hair dye is ammonia-free and safe for use on different skin types. However, it’s also best to test the product before applying it to avoid irritation.

What We Like:

  • Long-lasting results up to several months
  • The package comes with developer and application products
  • The dye capsules make it easy to avoid product wastage

What We Don’t Like:

  • The chemical ingredients in the dye may be unsuitable for people with sensitive skin


There are plenty of beard dyes in the market, but these are our top five beard dye products. We hope this list helps you find the best dye to color your long beard!

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