Neck Beards

If you have made a decision to grow a beard, you must have heard about something called a neckline. Neck is very important to the overall look of the beard and the hair on it must be taken care of. A lot of men ruin their beards by failing to shape the lower hair growth boundary, which is called a neckline. This mistake is made very often and usually, men end up getting rid of the beard altogether. We have prepared easy to read instructions to help you understand how to deal with your neck and make a proper neckline.

Why do we need to care for the neck and bother with the neckline? Why not let the beard just grow naturally? Of course it is allowed, but many men don’t like the way they look, especially in the first weeks of beard growing process. The untidy and disheveled look might become frustrating, especially for people who need to go to an office every day. You can let your beard grow and forget about it. In time it will become long enough to cover the neck and your worries will become a thing of the past. However, if you don’t want a really long beard, you will need to learn how to shape it,

Don’t make the neckline too high. If you shave your neck completely, the result might look quite absurd and you might end up getting rid of the beard altogether. Some beard styles need a high neckline, but if you are growing a full (classical) beard, then you don’t need to bother. Let the nature do its job. Let’s suppose that the boundary between your neck and your chin is not well outlined, then you will need to find the right place where one meets the other. Remember not to go too high.

– Draw an imaginary line which connects your ears. It will go from the back of one ear, through the upper part of you neck, under the jaw and to the back of the second ear.
– Draw another imaginary line from the back part of your whiskers until it intercepts the first line.
– Make the interception a little rounder. You will need to push the rounded line back to the ear.

Once you know where the neckline is, shave all the hair below it, to keep your look respectable and neat.