The soul patch, formerly known as the “jazz dab”, became increasingly popular in the 50’s and 60’s among hipsters and artists alike. The person responsible for its popularization was the one and only Dizzy Gillespie, famous jazz musician and trumpeter. More recently, there has been a new wave of soul patch beard styles to enter the scene incorporating a more modern and edgy look.


What Does a Soul Patch Look Like?

For the past few decades, the soul patch has been dealing with a rather undeserved hatred. It’s such an inoffensive little thatch of hair, after all. It can range from a small area with just a few hairs—so few you can count them—to a larger thicket as big as the pad of a thumb. Originally, it was nothing more than a neat nest of facial hair nestled right below the lower lip. That’s it. Simple, right?

soul-patch 40 Spectacular Soul Patch Beards to Wear [2018]

These days, soul patches are often paired with mustaches, goatees, chin straps, and sideburns. Back during the early days of jazz and blues and soul, when cool cats like Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie were trendsetters, it stood on its own as a signature statement.

From that point on, the beatniks and hipsters of the 1950s stole the look—surprise, surprise—and it morphed into something altogether different. The facial hairstyle, which is also known as the Mouche or jazz dot, began to go downhill. It’s due for a comeback.


How to Grow and Shape a Soul Patch

It’s not at all difficult to cultivate a soul patch, but you need patience to spare. Growing it is the hardest part. As the hair grows in beneath your bottom lip, you’ll hate it in the beginning. Your friends might tease you about the splotch of dirt below your lip because that’s what a stubbly patch resembles—dirt.

Obviously, that’s where patience is essential. Let everyone make their jokes. Just concern yourself with shaping your soulful new thatch. That involves carefully shaving around it, particularly on your chin. Be oh so careful not to take out a chunk of your patch as you groom.


Who Should Wear a Soul Patch?

There are only two rules about who can wear a soul patch. In the first place, you have to be a confident, self-assured dude who doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion. Remember, the soul patch’s reputation isn’t highly regarded right now. You can bring it back to Cool Town, I know you can, but only if you’re not bothered by what others think. A guy who relies on the opinions of other people won’t have a patch for long.


Other than that, any man can bare his soul (see what I did there?). What I mean is that soul patches go with any facial shape. The patch is one of the few facial hairstyles with that much versatility.


Is a Soul Patch Considered a Beard?

The answer to this question is simple: yes . . . and no. See, that debate rages among facial hair connoisseurs the world over. There is no consensus. Those who are for the idea of defining the soul patch as a beard have varied and valid points, but so the folks who fall in the “against” category.

Technically speaking, however, the patch is a beard. After all, it’s a thatch of facial hair. It’s located on your chin. It’s a beard in the same way a goatee is still a beard—that is, kind of.


How to Pick the Right Soul Patch Style: 5 Tips

1. Consider Your Color

Hair color matters. If you have dark hair, then you can get away with a smaller jazz dot. Fair-haired fellas need a fuller mustache. This is a question of visibility, really.


2. Think Texture

The texture of your facial hair plays a part, as well. Fine, soft hair may need more growing time and more space on your face. However, thick, dense, or coarse facial hair will quickly form a mouche.


3. Look at Your Lips

Your bottom lip can change the appearance of your patch. Thin lips aren’t flattered by small soul patches, but don’t let it get too wild, either. The jazz dot is made for a full, shapely mouth.


4. Add-Ins

Do you want to wear a mustache with your mouche? What about a goatee or a full beard? Thinking about sideburns, too? The patch is meant to be worn all by itself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a signature twist.


5. The Skin Question

Your skin tone makes a difference, at least when compared to the color of your facial hair. Some skin tones simply look better smoothly shaven.


Stylish and Trendy Soul Patch Beards

Whether you have a full beard, goatee, or are partial to an amazing mustache, here are some of the coolest soul patch beard styles we love. Hope you’ll love these too!


1. The Curl Up

image0034 40 Spectacular Soul Patch Beards to Wear [2018]
This beard style is made to highlight the mustache and soul patch while the beard sits quietly in the background. To achieve this style, use a bit of mustache wax to curl up the ends of your mustache, shave your beard down to a very low cut, and shape the soul patch so that it compliments your chin.


2. Thick but Tame Soul Patch

image0055 40 Spectacular Soul Patch Beards to Wear [2018]

For men who prefer a little less hair, but still want to sport the combo, this beard style features a thick, long, bold mustache and clean shaven face coupled with the soul patch. To achieve this, keep the mustache full and trim and comb the hairs down so that it has a cleaner appearance.


3. With a Beard

2-1 40 Spectacular Soul Patch Beards to Wear [2018]

Even though it’s not the original conception of the patch, you have to admit that it looks fly with a beard. This is thicker and a bit fuller than a chin strap, but even that style works.


4. The Conservative

image0095 40 Spectacular Soul Patch Beards to Wear [2018]

In this look, both the mustache and soul patch are cut down significantly. This gives the face a more classic and clean look without too much hair or stubble, while still attaining the mustache- soul patch combo.

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5. Add a Dash of Mustache

image0017 40 Spectacular Soul Patch Beards to Wear [2018]

A dapper mustache can elevate pretty much any style, but when combined with the soul patch it gives a classic type of sophistication. Forming a mustache-soul patch combo will take a bit of practice, especially if you’re looking for something to compliment your face. Here are a few combination ideas to get you started:

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