How to Grow and Style the Perfect Jim Morrison Beard

Are you a fan of the legendary rock icon Jim Morrison and his iconic beard? Do you want to mirror his style and get a perfect Jim Morrison beard? Look no further as we have got you covered.

Jim Morrison is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in the history of rock music. He is known for his electrifying performances and poetic lyrics.

Morrison had one of the iconic beards in the 70s. During that time, his signature beard style became a symbol of rebellion, creativity, and rugged masculinity matching his musical and artistic persona.

Read on to explore the different variations of Morrison’s sought-after look, from the classic full beard to the modern shadow.


Steps to Get a Beard Like Jim Morrison

Step 1: Choose from Jim Morrison’s Style

Before starting to grow a beard like Jim you have to choose from his beard styles. You can choose from his long unkempt classic beard, thick box beard, and wild and carefree beard styles to look unique. 

Step 2: Grow Your Beard Out

Now you have to grow your beard out. So be patient and let your beard grow long enough to work with. 

jim morrison beard style


Step 3: Trim Your Beard

Once your beard is long enough, it’s time to start trimming it. You want to trim your beard to the desired length, but make sure not to trim too much. You want to maintain the rugged and wild appearance of Jim Morrison’s beard.

Step 4: Shape Your Beard

After trimming your beard to the desired length, it’s time to shape it. You want to create a rugged and natural shape that complements your face. Use a beard comb to brush your beard and create a shape that works for you.

Step 5: Groom Your Beard

Now that your beard is growing and shaping nicely, it’s time to start grooming it. Use a beard oil or balm to keep your beard looking healthy and well-groomed. This will also help to soften your beard and prevent any itching or irritation.

Step 6: Don’t Overdo It

Congratulations! You now have a beard like Jim Morrison. Remember, the key to getting a beard like Jim Morrison is to maintain a rugged and natural appearance.

Don’t overdo it with grooming and trimming, or you will lose the wild and rugged look that makes his beard so iconic.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your Jim Morrison beard and keep it looking great:

  • Regularly trim your beard to maintain the desired length.
  • Use beard oil or balm to keep your beard healthy and well-groomed.
  • Brush your beard daily to prevent tangles and promote healthy growth.
  • Avoid over-washing your beard, as this can strip it of its natural oils and cause dryness and itching.


Jim Morrison Beard Styles

Although Morrison sported various beard styles throughout his career, we have picked some of his top beard styles for you. 


1. Classic Full Beard

beard style by jim morrison

Jim Morrison’s full and shaggy, unkempt beard was one of his most iconic looks, unique to him and part of his signature style. He sported it long, down to his chin, and often accompanied by long, unruly hair. His rebellious, counter-culture image was associated with this wild look.

However, growing this beard requires a bit of patience and experimentation, as you will need to be carefree without giving much importance to your facial hair.


2. Thick Box Beard

jim morrison with full beard

Reaching down to his upper neck and covering his entire chin, the full and bushy beard was a unique look rarely seen on other rockers of the time. Morrison created an incredible look by combining it with long hair and a leather jacket.


3. Wild and Carefree

jim morrison facial hair

Morrison’s untamed and free-spirited beard reflected his rebellious and nonconformist attitude. The carefree bushy facial hair symbolized his rejection of societal norms and embrace of a more natural, instinctual way of living. Its unkempt appearance, combined with long hair, conveyed a sense of wildness and unpredictability to him.

Still, many fans keep this beard growing for a few months by just shaping the chin area and sides.


4. Shadow Beard

jim morrison with stubble beard

Morrison sported this style in his young days. It was a combination of long sideburns and neatly trimmed with a zero-size guard. The style was similar to the 5 o’clock beard but with a more modern twist. The shadow beard was one of the most recognizable looks of the 1960s and 1970s, and it will continue to be a part of Morrison’s legacy for years to come.


Jim Morrison had a personality and face that, whatever beard style he tried, fans liked it. Morrison’s facial hair choices added to his overall image and persona as a rock star. So, If you think you can do it too why not give it a try!

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