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Gillette Sensor Excel Razor Review: Buyer’s Guide

Shaving is one of the most controversial tasks in any man’s life. Until the beard starts growing, you can’t wait for it to finally happen. Once it does, you start looking for the best ways to get rid of it. This usually involves finding an ideal razor.


Gillette Sensor Excel Razor: An Ultimate Tool for Shaving

Choosing a perfect reusable razor is a complicated task. Many men complain about uncomfortable handles, expensive replacement blades, inability to shave hard-to-reach places, etc.  We browsed several dozens of razors and came up with a few that get the highest ratings from our team. One of them is Gillette Sensor Excel Razor.


In-Depth Review of  Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

Gillette Sensor Excel Razor is a high-quality product suitable for everyday shaving. It has two sharp blades, an easy-to-grip handle, an attractive price tag, and good options for blade replacement. We can easily recommend this blade for men with all facial hair types.

Product name: Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

Product type: Razor for men

  • Good grip handle
  • Sharp twin blades
  • Micro-fin protection from nicks and cuts

Beardstyle Product Rating: 9.5/10


Features and Benefits

  • Gillette sensor razor handle is easy to grip.
  • This Gillette razor model comes with two sharp blades.
  • The price tag of the razor is reasonable. The replacement blades aren’t costly.
  • The razor provides a close shave for any facial hair type.
  • The blades are easy to replace.
  • The built-in skin protection reduces the chance of nicks and cuts.
  • Other types of Gillette blades can fit the handle.
  • The razor is lightweight.
  • The product is well-built and long-lasting.


Gillette Sensor Excel Razor
This is a high-quality razor from a respected manufacturer. The razor has twin blades and soft protection to keep the skin from being cut and nicked during the shave. The handle is easy to grip so the shaving process is smooth and enjoyable.
Easy grip handle
2 sharp blades
Protection against cuts
Flexible head
Only two blades
Comes with just one replacement blade
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How To Use Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

  • Wash your face with mild soap and warm water (a hot shower before the shave opens pores and makes shaving easier).
  • Apply a high-quality shaving cream or gel (choose shaving products for sensitive skin) using circular motions.
  • Leave the cream on the face for about 30 seconds. It will allow the product to soften the skin and hair for better shaving.
  • Start gliding the razor against the direction of hair growth. Don’t apply too much pressure. High-quality sharp blades can do their job with minimum pressure.
  • Wash the face with cool water and check if the hair is all gone.
  • If some stray hairs are left, apply shaving cream again and repeat the procedure.
  • Apply an aftershave


What To Look For When Buying a Razor For Men

  • The Number Of Blades. The more blades a razor has, the smoother shave you will get. Don’t consider razors with less than two blades.
  • Flexibility. Stationary razors are more likely to cut your skin when trying to shave a curved surface. Your chin will thank you for using a flexible razor.
  • Lubrication strips. The more lubrication your skin gets the better. Built-in lubrication strips improve the shaving experience even if you are using the best shaving gel.
  • Blade replacement. Replacing the blade shouldn’t be harder than snapping and clicking. Anything else is time-consuming and inconvenient.
  • Replacement blade cost. In order to get a clean shave, you need to change the blades on a regular basis. Don’t buy a razor, which requires the blades you can’t afford.
  • Handle. The handle should feel comfortable in your hand. It should provide a good grip to avoid slipping and cutting.


Other Gillette Sensor Products:

Some other Gillette Sensor products are also available to give you a luxurious shaving experience. These products provide good close shave without damaging your skin.


Men with Sensitive Skin Can Take Advantage of:

Gillette Sensor 3 Disposable Razors

Gillette Sensor3 Sensitive Men's Disposable Razor, 4 Razors
37,471 Reviews
Gillette Sensor3 Sensitive Men's Disposable Razor, 4 Razors
  • Up to 10 gentle shaves per razor
  • 3 skin sensing blades for a comfortable shave
  • Enhanced Lubrastrip with water-activated Comfortgel technology for ultra gentle shaving

This razor has 3 blades and 3 lubricating strips to make your shaving experience more enjoyable. Men with sensitive skin will appreciate the extra lubrication and softer feel of the blades on their skin. Three blades provide a close shave.

Beardstyle Product Rating: 9/10


Following Video Shows How to Get a Comfortable Shave with Gillette Sensor 3


Men Who Are Looking for Fairly Priced Replacement Blades Can Go for:

Gillette Sensor Excel Refill Blade Cartridges

Gillette Sensor Excel Refill Blade Cartridges

This is a convenient pack of 10 original blades for the Gillette Sensor Excel Razor. Each replacement unit comes with two sharp blades and special micro-fin protection to prevent cuts and nicks. One replacement blades can last up to three weeks, depending on the shaving frequency and hair thickness.

Beardstyle Product Rating: 9/10


We hope this short review of Gillette Sensor Excel Razor helped you understand whether this product is right for you. Our team of experts recommends this razor for your everyday needs. If this product doesn’t suit you, please use our tips to find the best option for yourself.

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