10 Reasons Why Women Like Beards [With Infographic]

Do women really like beards?’ It’s a common question for many men before starting to grow a beard. The answer is positive and most of the women do like beards for different reasons. Let’s explore the reasons why they love it!

Contemporary society pressures not only women into conforming to a specific set of regulations regarding their appearance, but also men. If you’re working in a bank and you’ve decided to forego shaving for the weekend, you know exactly what I mean. Colleagues or supervisors will crack a few jokes to begin with, asking if you forgot to shave or if you’ve just woken up from a record-winning drinking streak. Later on, your supervisor might want to chat, thinking he’s doing you a favor: “Listen, this is not on record or anything, but you might want to consider taking care of your appearance before coming to work like this again…”.

women-love-men-with-beard-e1447699329503 10 Reasons Why Women Like Beards [With Infographic]

But not all of us feel right with a clean shaven face, our shirts buttoned up and wearing a three-piece navy blue suit. Plus, there are quite a few good reasons why you shouldn’t listen to your boss and get a beard anyway, one of them being that women actually like beards.


Do Women Like Beards?

Yes, They Mostly Do! Here are 10 reasons women like the bearded guys.

1. The historic reason

Throughout history, men with beards were considered potent, powerful and steadfast. Beards were associated with the wisdom that comes with age. This is why pharaohs had prominent fake beards and the most powerful deities in the Greek pantheon were represented with a hefty amount of facial hair.

2. Having a clean face

The immediate benefit of not shaving is getting rid of folliculitis. Acne and skin irritations are commonly caused by the bacteria spread when shaving, and nobody likes an irritated, itchy face!

3. A beard serves and… protects

Multiple studies conducted on women have concluded that a man with a full beard is considered a good protector and a better partner to start a family with.

4. Bearded men look older (in a good way)

Women like beards because they give the impression of an older man, blessing the wearer with more respect and social awareness.

5. The added touch of masculinity

Facial hair is a genetic proof of masculinity. The more facial hair an individual boasts, the more masculine he will be perceived.

6. A beard scares away the competition

A fairly-sized beard gives the impression of a more prominent jaw line. Studies have proven that bearded men appear more intimidating to other men.

7. Bearded men are more independent

The decision to grow a beard definitely proves you’re willing to stand up for your beliefs and take the beating for them. This is why women like beards the most!

8. Beards require commitment

Maintaining a full beard is not easy and neither is getting one! Wearing a beard shows that you are well aware that good things require time and effort.

9. What it feels like

And, reportedly, most women enjoy the feeling of a full beard when they get closer to it.

10. First impressions matter

Wearing a beard, you are more likely to give a good first impression to the women you meet, because a beard makes a man appear more trustworthy, as well as more authoritative, respectable and distinguished.


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Infographic on ‘Do Women Like Beards?’

We have prepared an infographic with 10 reasons why most women like the bearded men.Do-women-like-beard-infographic-min 10 Reasons Why Women Like Beards [With Infographic]


So, will you consider growing a beard for your special one or is that your woman doesn’t like bearded men! Whatever, share what you think about men with beards vs clean-shaven men in the comments.