Beard Type: Chin Curtain

Chin curtain beards have been popular for centuries. Classical chin curtain is about 1 inch long. It starts at one temple, goes around the chin and ends at the opposite temple. No mustache allowed! Different men go for different length of such beard. It can start from a chin strap (very short) and go as long as you wish. There is an interesting theory behind the appearance of a chin curtain beard. It is believed that this beard was created by sailors. They had to wear turtlenecks, which fully covered their neck. Marine regulations dictated that a sailor must be clean shaven. However, when the neck was shaved, the skin became sensitive and turtlenecks irritated it. So, the sailor came up with a creative idea. They grew chin-curtains and hid them under the turtleneck. The rest of the face was clean shaved, so they didn’t get in trouble. When these men had shore leave, they took off their uniforms and walked around the streets of the seaside cities with their beards were fully visible. Local citizens were absolutely sure that the sailors are shaved in accordance with the latest fashionable overseas trends and started following them.

The most famous person, who wore a chin curtain was Abraham Lincoln. He made the beard quite popular in the United States. Sometimes this beard type is called “Lincoln.” Nowadays, the chin curtain is a popular way to make a tidy beard. The absence of a mustache and clean-shaved cheeks makes a very neat impression. It is important to note, that many women don’t like stubble, which irritates their skin. Such beard allows the men to avoid constant struggle with their wives and girlfriends. To make such a beard you will need to become friends with a trimmer. The chin curtain would need to be trimmed about twice a week. Daily shaving of cheeks and upper lip is required. Make sure to wash your beard about twice a week. Use special hair conditioner for the type of hair you have. Let the beard dry naturally in order to avoid hair damage which comes with the use of hair drier. If your beard is long, brush it daily. Otherwise, it will get tangled just like regular hair would.