3 Best Leave-in Beard Conditioners Available on The Market

When men grow beards, they rarely think about all the beard care products they need to buy. When the time comes, choosing the best leave-in beard conditioner can become a real struggle. You need a leave-in conditioner to moisturize your beard and keep the hair looking soft and groomed. Without giving you beard sufficient moisture and vitamins, it can get frizzy and itchy, just like the hair on your head.


Leave-in Beard Conditioner: Editor’s Pick

We took some time to go through dozens of leave-on conditioners for the beard and came up with top-3 products that are definitely worth your attention. Read on to find out about the top picks and the runner-ups.


Premium Nature Beard Bf202alm Leave-in Conditioner

1-5-1 3 Best Leave-in Beard Conditioners Available on The Market

We believe this is the best leave-in conditioner for beard on the market today. It has a light texture, strong moisturizing properties, good hold, and a fair price tag. Besides, this conditioner/balm is versatile. You can use it on your hair as well.

Beardstyle Product rating: 9.8/10

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Top 3 Leave-in Beard Conditioners Review

Here are the in-depth reviews top three choices. Each one has a chance of becoming your next favorite beard care product.


1. Premium Nature Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

1-5-1-300x300 3 Best Leave-in Beard Conditioners Available on The Market

This all-natural leave-in beard conditioner contains a variety of moisturizing oils and softening ingredients. It has a slight citrus smell. The box is designed to stay closed during travels but opens easily. You can easily use it on your beard, whiskers, and mustache. The conditioner has a soft texture, which is pleasant to the touch. It doesn’t leave the hands feeling greasy.


[letsreviewunique title=”Premium Nature Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner” score_subtitle=”Excellent” conclusion_title=”Opinion” affiliate_title=”buy now” pros_title=”Pros” pros=”Sleek and convenient box design ,100% natural ,Holding properties ,Fair price” cons_title=” Cons” cons=”The scent doesn’t linger ,May cause allergies due to beeswax content” affiliate=”see price,https://amzn.to/2D8oFy5″ accent=”#eeee22″ final_score=”98″ format=”2″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”3″ main_image=”5312″] Besides offering moisturizing properties, this leave-in conditioner for beard seems to help hold the beard’s shape. If you don’t have overly wild hair, you can skip the beard wax.[/letsreviewunique]


2. Smooth Viking Beard Balm with Shea Butter & Argan Oil – Leave in Wax Conditioner for Men

2-1-300x157 3 Best Leave-in Beard Conditioners Available on The Market


This balm does a wonderful job of softening and moisturizing the beard. In addition, you can use it for shaping. It contains all natural ingredients. If you have dry hair and itchy skin, this conditioner can make a big difference. It can also help your beard grow faster. The texture of the balm is light and mess-free.


[letsreviewunique title=”Smooth Viking Beard Balm With Shea Butter & Argan Oil – Leave in Wax Conditioner for Men” score_subtitle=”Awesome” conclusion_title=”Opinion” affiliate_title=”buy now” pros_title=”Pros” pros=”Great texture ,Fair price, Great hold ,Deep moisturizing ” cons_title=”Cons” cons=” Hard to make liquid ,Not suitable for extra fine hair and oily skin ” affiliate=”see price,https://amzn.to/2Ejsr8Z” accent=”#eeee22″ final_score=”90″ format=”2″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”3″ main_image=”4998″] This balm is a great find for men with extremely dry hair and itchy skin. The texture is truly amazing. The beard doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. However, if you don’t like shea butter smell, this one is not for you. [/letsreviewunique]


3. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm Gloss Leave-In Conditioner

2-21-300x283 3 Best Leave-in Beard Conditioners Available on The Market

This leave-in conditioner provides deep moisturizing and softening properties to help you enjoy a groomed beard all day long. It’s 100% natural with a woody scent. It holds the beard shape while giving your beard a soft and groomed appearance. You only need a very small amount to get the best results so the box lasts for a long time. Due to the light texture, you can wash this balm out of your beard easily.


[letsreviewunique title=”Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm Gloss Leave-In Conditioner” score_subtitle=”Amazing” conclusion_title=”Opinion” affiliate_title=”buy now” pros_title=”Pros” pros=”Light texture ,Deep moisturizing ,100% natural,Small amount needed” cons_title=”Cons” cons=” Strong smell ,Doesn’t provide sufficient hold” affiliate=”see price,https://amzn.to/2FbHdL3″ accent=”#eeee22″ final_score=”95″ format=”2″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”3″ main_image=”4522″] It’s a wonderful leave-in beard conditioner. However, it has a rather strong smell, which may be a disadvantage to many men.[/letsreviewunique]




Final Verdict:

After doing extensive leave-in beard conditioner reviews, we ended up choosing Premium Nature Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner.

[letsreviewunique title=”the best value product” score_subtitle=”excellent” conclusion_title=”Premium Nature Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner” affiliate_title=”buy now” pros_title=”Pros” pros=”Natural,Unique design,Affordable” cons_title=”Cons” cons=”Mild scent,Allergic to some” affiliate=”see price,https://amzn.to/2D8oFy5″ accent=”#eeee22″ final_score=”98″ format=”2″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”4″ main_image=”5312″]This product offers deep conditioning, good hold, light texture, and fair price. It can suit virtually any bearded man.[/letsreviewunique]


Things to Look for When Choosing a Leave-in Beard Conditioner

  • Ingredients. The more natural the product is the fewer chances of allergies and hair problems. Look for grapeseed, jojoba, and argan oils. They are powerful moisturizers. Make sure it contains sealants to help your beard hold shape. The most common sealants are shea butter and beeswax (may cause allergies).
  • Holding power. Most balms/leave-in conditioners have a certain holding power. The thicker your beard is, the better holding power you need.
  • Texture. Conditioners with greasy texture are not suitable for oily skins and are hard to wash out.
  • Scent. This is one of the most important factors so pay careful attention. Some scents linger for hours and may be off-putting.
  • Softening qualities. The leave-in conditioner should soften and moisturize your beard. This is its main property. Even if it doesn’t hold the shape well, you can always use wax.

Best Beard Conditioners and Softners


Tips for Using Leave-in Beard Conditioner/Balm

  • Wash and slightly dry your beard before applying the balm. It should be damp. You can run fingers through the dry beard.
  • Don’t use too much. Start with a dime-sized amount.
  • Rub the leave-in conditioner between your palms to warm it up slightly so it liquefies.
  • Apply the balm when your skin is slightly damp.
  • Start by applying beard balm once a day and then see how many applications you really need.
  • If you are using beard wax, apply beard balm first.
  • Use a brush to distribute the beard balm evenly through your hair.
  • If you feel that your beard is overly dry during the day, you can apply the balm for the second or third time (even if you just did it recently).
  • After applying the balm, keep your hands away from the beard. Running your fingers through the hair adds dirty and grease to the balm, reducing the effect.
  • The sealants in the leave-in conditioner start working as the balm cools. So if you think you put on too little, wait a minute. It will take hold shortly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use leave-in beard conditioner on my head?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, don’t forget about the holding properties.

Q: Can a beard balm cause allergies?

Ans: Yes, even the natural ingredients can cause allergies. Always spot test the product before applying.

Q: Can I use beard balm without the wax and oil?

Ans: Yes, in most cases the beard balm and the right shampoo are more than enough to keep your beard healthy. However, you may need to use beard wax for stronger hold and beard oil for extra moisturizing.

Q: What is the difference between beard balm and leave-in conditioner?

Ans: There is no difference. It’s the same product.

Q: What is the difference between beard balm and beard wax?

Ans: Beard balm offers moisturizing and softening properties. Beard wax provides extra hold.

Q: How often should I apply my beard balm?

Ans: This depends on your beard. Start by using it in the morning and see when the beard looks like it needs more moisturizing. You may need to apply it several times a day. Some men feel fine after just one application.


Choosing the best leave-in beard conditioner isn’t easy. Most of them look the same. We hope these reviews took you several steps closer to finding an ideal beard care product.