Beards and mustaches are the two important things which can change our outward look overnight. Different type of razors can be the best companion in maintaining a complete bearded look. A compatible razor can enhance the facial beauty, on the contrary, a bad pick can make you look ugly. So, one must select the proper tool for grooming or shaving the beard perfectly to look good both in bearded and non-bearded look.


Different Types of Razors to Have A Smooth Shave

There are many kinds of razors available at the marketplaces, not all of them suits everyone plus every razor has their own function and made to serve distinctive purpose. The different types of razors have been discussed here.


#1. Electric Razors

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Electric razors are the most convenient for the people who travel more. As the name suggests an electric razor is that runs on the electrical energy. There are two types of electric razors: 1. Foil Shaver, 2. Rotary Shaver. Foil shaver has a silver foil at the top of the blades covering them to prevent any direct contact with the skin. Thus, it gives a closer shave without any cut. And, a rotary shaver has 3 round shaped blades at the top of the handle. The blade moves in a circular motion. This shaver is good for the guys with coarse and curly hair.

  • Merits
    Electric razors are portable and time-saving. You can shave the beard at any time at any place provided the battery is alive.  And, one doesn’t need any shaving cream or water to shave with an electric razor.
  • Demerits
    There is no con of an electric razor except the irritation it causes on the skin.


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#2. Cartridge Razors

SilverTouch_Power_1 5 Different Types of Razors: Which One Is Suitable for You?

Cartridge Razors are one of the most used razors in present time. It consists of a straight handle and a set of blades on the top. There is a flexible head of the handle and the series of blades are attached to the head. It allows the razor to fit the curve of the face and helps get a smooth and clean shave. The cartridges can be replaced after they become dull. The most used cartridge has 3 blades, and this may rise up to 6 in number for many companies.

  • Merits
    A stroke of a cartridge razor actually equals to the 3 strokes of a straight razor and a safety razor. So it gives a cleaner shave in less time. And, the flexibility will allow you to shave the distant part of the beard easily.
  • Demerits
    These razors are a bit costly and the price is increasing daily. There is more than one blade and it causes more irritation on the skin and the residue of the cut hair get stuck between the gaps of the blades.


#3. Safety Razors

0003_RAZOR-04_1024x1024 5 Different Types of Razors: Which One Is Suitable for You?

Safety razors are considered safe because it has a safety guard that protects the skin from getting cut. It has a double-edged blade which can cut with both sides. But, this is the old version of the shavers. People are moving towards the modern tools. A safety razor has a permanent metal handle and the blade is attached firmly at the top. It is not flexible at all. You can replace the blade whenever it is needed.

  • Merits
    These shavers are cost-effective. A quality safety razor costs the same as a cartridge. But they last way longer than other razors. Safety razors need the minimal pressure to produce a closer and cleaner shave. That causes less irritation to the skin.
  • Demerits
    Safety razors are not flexible that’s why one must be an expert in shaving to get a cut-free shave. The shaving must be done with great attention and patience.


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#4. Disposable Razors

52585141_Alt01 5 Different Types of Razors: Which One Is Suitable for You?

These razors are one of the simplest kinds. A disposable razor is mainly used one or two times. Both the handles and the shaving heads are attached to each other permanently.

  • Merits
    These razors are comparatively less costly. And, a disposal razor can be disposed easily and doesn’t require any extra supplies. That means you will get the convenience to carry less weight in the travel bag.
  • Demerits
    A disposable razor is very light weighted and that calls for more pressure on the skin while shaving. This may damage the skin. And the quality of these type of shavers is not up to the mark.


#5. Straight Razors

european-straight-razor 5 Different Types of Razors: Which One Is Suitable for You?

Straight Razor is the most conventional razor available in the marketplaces. It is open-bladed razor with a curved handle and the blade can fold into its handle. Straight razors are also known as cut-throat or open razors. It has a cutting edge and a fixed handle. One must have great skills and patience to get a fine shaving experience with a straight razor.

  • Merits
    This type of razors has the most direct contact with the skin. As a result, they provide the best shave which looks cleaner than a regular shave with other razors. And, the blades can be brought back into life by sharpening them.
  • Demerits
    The blades of a straight razor get open and direct contact with the skin. This may cause severe injury to the face and throat. A slight deviation of the hand can cause death too. It needs a good deal of time to get accustomed to straight razors.


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Every type of razors has some utility depending on the context. Now you know all the types of razors along with their positive and negative sides. Choose the best one that fits you and your needs.