Mutton Chops

Find trendiest mutton chops beard styles and choose the best one that’ll suit your face. Also learn how to grow, trim and maintain easily.

Mutton chops whiskers have been around for a long time. Some sources say that they first appeared in 1865. If you choose to grow these whiskers, you can forget about looking innovative. However, you can create a really unique style, which will really make you stand out of the crowd. So, if you got tired of looking too contemporary and really want something different without drastic changes, grow Mutton chops! Aristocratic looking whiskers can help you make a statement much better than the constant pursuit of the modern and fashionable style. If you have tried growing a beard before, making mutton chops will be a piece of cake.

So, how do we get the old-fashioned mutton chops? Let the whiskers grow. Mutton chops MUST be thick. Otherwise they will look pitiful. Don’t just grow a beard, it might not cover the areas you need. Start growing a mustache as well. Let it grow freely over your lips and mouth ends. You can trim the mustache above your upper lip, but leave the areas which are growing toward the chin. The chin should be clean shaven. So, make sure to shave it on a regular basis. You can trim your whiskers only when they merge with the mustache. There shouldn’t’ be any space between them, but you won’t like when whiskers will start overlapping with the mustache. Take a trimmer and outline the boundaries of your mutton chops. Get rid of all the other hair on your face. Shave off the mustache (this is optional). Let the whiskers grow down your chin. Shape them as often as possible, so they grow the way you like. You can make your mutton chops as wide as you wish. Once there is enough volume, you can experiment with different whisker styles. You can even go to a hairstylist and ask for some special and unique shape. In fact, if you do that, your old-fashioned mutton chops are bound to turn into a unique style, which will definitely get some heads turning your way.