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Why Do Men Grow Beards: 5 Most Popular Reasons

Almost every man grows a beard at some points in his life. You will never find a guy who didn’t grow a beard at least once in a lifetime. Why do men grow beards? That’s an intriguing question. The best answer we could get is beard helps a man look manly, dominant, cool and, sometimes, the influence of the opposite sex also works as a great factor.


The Reason Behind the Beards

The first and foremost reason for growing a beard is, it is natural. Every guy has facial hair by default. So, you can’t escape from it even if you want to. But, one can shave it off any time he wants. We will know why a person grows a beard instead of keeping the face clean. Every guy has his own reasons and secrets of growing beards. We tried to break down some of the reasons.


#1. To Look More Dominant

Bearded man

This is a common notion about the beard. Most of the people trust a bearded man and they seem to be more responsible and smart than others. Even in a gathering, everyone listens to the person who has a well-groomed beard. His opinion gets the best response and is accepted by all. This is the dominance of a  beard. A guy without a beard is often considered immature. That’s why men grow a beard to look more dominant.

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#2. To Conceal What Beneath

beard conceal what beneath

Many of us have different spots, blackheads, scars, acne or other skin diseases on our skin. A beard will conceal all these unexpected spots like makeup. This is a true reason for some guys who feel inferior for the spots on their skins. They grow a beard to conceal what is underneath the beard.


#3. To Look Cool & Manly

Beard is not merely a beard anymore. Different type of beard styles and the grooming of mustache and beard has taken a revolutionary place in the fashion world. Balbo, Hipster, Van Dyke, Goatee, Circle etc. beards are getting huge popularity day by day. These beards help a guy look both manly and cool altogether.


#4. Because of Laziness

This may sound funny but it’s really true in some cases. A well-groomed mustache and beard require proper attention and care. And shaving the whole thing off needs a good deal of time and patience. Some people are so lazy that they don’t want to invest labor to take care of the facial hair. They also grow a beard to get rid of the extra toil.


#5. For the Beloved

Stylish man with stubble

Men are naturally romantic. A person can never deny the presence of love and emotion. So, why will be there any exception regarding beards? Some guys grow a beard only to make them presentable and beautiful to the girls. Some of them do the styles as suggested by the beloveds. And, some of them style beards to impress the potential girlfriends. No matter what the reason is, a beard will make you look better for sure.

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What’s your reason for growing a beard? If that matches with our list, that will be great. There are some other reasons as well. Above all, looking good matters the most. That’s the core reason.