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Why Do Men Have Facial Hair & Women Don’t?

You will see a lot of people walking around with a beard. Some beards are less groomed and some are groomed so well. But, you may have a question deep in your mind that is ‘why do men have facial hair and women don’t?’ We appreciate your curiosity. We break down the mechanism behind the lovely beard of a grownup man.


The Secret Reason Behind the Body Hair

It’s a natural way that men grow beards and women have smooth and cure the skin. But, there surely is some science behind every natural phenomenon. And, the beard is no exception. The journey of a beard starts at an early age in our childhood. Both boys and girls have vellus which is light and soft body hair. But, things keep changing with the advent of puberty.

This is the crucial period when you can differentiate between a boy’s and girl’s basic attributes disregarding sex organs. The voice of the boys starts to get manly and the vellus starts to darken.

This happens because of the hormones called androgens. This hormone is present in both sexes but men have androgens to a great degree. That’s why both boys and girls have dark hair in the armpit and pubic area after puberty.

Reasons Behind Slower or No Beard Growth


Why Only Men Have Beards and Women Don’t?

Men have androgen hormones more than girls and a sex-specific hormone named Testosterone is available in only men that can stimulate hair growth. That’s why the body hair starts to darken and the facial hair flourishes as days go by. There are some exceptions, though. Take a look at these bearded women.

Usually, the beard sprouts firstly at the upper lip then it keeps spreading to the other places of the chin and cheek. But, girls have no testosterone, and they have no facial hair. The reason is so simple and natural. Girls end up having light and thin facial hair while boys grow thicker and manlier facial hair that distinguishes them from the girls.

The hair follicles act faster being influenced by testosterone which is present abundantly in men. Thus, a beard is considered a sexual characteristic identical to that men.

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Men and women are different from each other in many ways. Facial hair is a visual difference between these two sexes. A few girls also grow a beard because of hormonal imbalance. But that’s an exception. Now you know why men have beards and women don’t.