A stubble is a special way to deal with facial hair without the hassle of growing a beard. A slight stubble makes a man look strong and manly. It was made popular by Bruce Willis, George Clooney and other movie stars. Many people believe that a stubble adds a man a lot of style. However, not every man can sport a fashionable and sexy stubble. All depends on the hair type and the right hair care. Some men have trouble growing a stubble, which is all the same length. You will need to learn to deal with what the nature gave you. Before growing facial hair, choose the shape which will fit you best. There is no ultimate stubble, so let your imagination run wild. Take a look at different types of stubble and perhaps one of them will catch your eye.

Full stubble – short or medimu-short stubble looks natural if all the facial hair is the same length. Such stubble is easy to grow and easy to care for. Examples: Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper

Furry stubble – Short stubble, which looks elegant and almost perfect. Examples: Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling

T-shaped stubble – stubble which looks like a short version of a goatee or a vanDyke. The hair is growing near the mouth and the nose, while cheeks are clean shaven. Examples: Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom

Overgrown – if you want to look macho, the stubble should be a little longer than usual and look a little unkempt. Examples: George Clooney, Idris Elba

Neglected – this stubbles reminds of a beard. It will make you look wild and unkempt. In order to sport such a stubble you should be really self confident and the result will be amazing. Examples: Bear Grylls, Russel Brand

Whatever stubble you choose, it will still need some maintenance. Some men believe that a stubble will allow them to forget about facial hair care. This is far from the truth. Unless you want neglected style, you will still need to wield a razor and a trimmer in order to make your face look attractive. A stubble can easily be considered a beard, so most of the beard hair care tips apply.