You must have heard about the mini beard called soul patch. It became popular in 1950’s. Back then it was worn mostly by artists. Nowadays, this style can be a great start for a bearded life. It can prepare you for more complicated facial hair growth. The main advantage of the soul patch is that it suits any face type. All you will need to do is grow a small patch below your lower lip. The size and the shape is completely up to you. You can also add a mustache. Use a trimer to shape the soul patch as you wish. If the hair is long, use scissors. Trim the soul patch on a regular basis and your job is done.

Soul patch is a wonderful idea for men who have a patchy beard. There are many men out there, who worry about sparse facial hair growth. A soul patch will be a real savior. It appeals not just to men without facial hair, but to those, who don’t want to spend too much time caring for their beards. Let’s face it. Men are quite lazy when it comes to any hair care. So, a beard which requires almost none of it, will become their greatest choice. Since beards are becoming more and more popular nowadays, many men want to leave at least some facial hair to look stylish. Soul patch is a very elegant beard, and if it is kept neat, it will surely get a man some attention.

A soul patch can also be considered a certain training ground for a future more complicated beard. If you are not sure whether or not you’ll be ready to deal with a full beard, you can start with this simple patch and go from there. If you don’t have enough patience to deal with a soup patch, then you can forget about goatees, chinstraps and etc. You are not a bearded men at heart.