Circle Beards

Getting a neat circle beard is a dream for many men. It will require some maintenancee but in the end you will get a very stylish beard, which is bound to make some pretty heads turn your way. This beard type is appreciated by many famous movie and music stars, such as Kanye West, George Michael and Brad Pitt. The combination of a well-trimmed beard and a neat mustache will make any man look very fashionable. The chin part of the circle beard doesn’t have to be exactly circular. It can go from being round to oval. If your face shape is round, forget about this beard type. It will only make your face seem more like a ball. But if your face type is square, welcome aboard! This beard will look wonderful, since it will elongate the face and soften the edges. Such beard is perfect for men who have serious hair growth in the mustache and chin area, while not having too much on the cheeks.

So, how do you go about growing and shaping the circle beard?

– Start with growing hair all over your face, don’t do any shaving or shaping at first
– Once the beard is long enough, carefully trim it to be about 3 -5 mm
– Use the trimmer to shape the beard. Start with an oval and then change it to a circle if needed
– Leave some hair beyond the shape, which you want to make. This will help you create the right outlines without being afraid of making a mistake.
– Shave your cheeks and neck clean with a razor.

Once the beard is ready, think about maintenance. The circle beard needs careful and regular care, which includes cheek and neck shaving as well as length trimming. Try not make the beard longer than 5 mm. Shorter beard is easier to take care of and looks neater. Don’t forget to trim the mustache as well. It is usually done with nail scissors in order to avoid the hair getting into your mouth. The overall impression such a beard makes is amazing. It allows you to shape your face any way you want it, while appearing very stylish. If you are not sure which beard to start with, a circle one can be a good idea.