Beard Type: Chin Strap

If you have always wanted a beard and are not afraid of the hassle that comes with it, you should try going for a chin strap. This is the smallest beard out there. It looks fantastic but requires some special attention.

The beard surrounds your face from temple to temple and encircles the chin. It is usually very short: about 3 – 5 mm. It needs constant trimming and shaving. You will be keeping the area above your upper lip and your cheeks cleanly shaved, while trimming the “strap” to keep it the right length.

chinstrap beard

A man with a chinstrap makes a solid impression and will certainly become popular among girls who like beards, but don’t want to have irritated skin after kissing. Such a beard is perfect for men with square faces since it softens the jawline. There are different variations of the chin strap. Some men prefer making it wider and longer. For example, you can make the area around your chin a bit wider, while the sideburns are kept thin.

The width of the chin strap should depend on your face type. If your face is wide and rounded, then the beard should be thicker. A lean and angular face means your strap can be quite thin. In fact, anything goes as far as you are doing the regular trimming. Once you start overgrowing the hair or letting stray hairs appear on your cheeks, the style will be lost. So, if you are not ready for daily care, choose a beard, which is easier to maintain.

Chin strap needs to be trimmed at least twice a week. Don’t forget to keep the checks cleanly shaved. Make sure to control the length of your chin strap. Once it starts growing too long, it will smoothly turn into a chin curtain which is also a good beard style, but it makes a completely different impression.

While chinstraps are bound to make you look younger, chin curtains provide a more solid and respectable look. So, do some experimenting with the length and choose which group you belong to. Chinstraps are very popular nowadays. Those who know at least something about beards will really respect you for spending the time to keep your chinstrap neat and stylish.