Blonde Beards

The time has come for you to grow a beard. You have chosen the size, the shape and the type. Now let’s think about the color. If you are naturally blonde, then don’t be surprised to find a blond beard growing on your face. Blonde beards are quite rare, just as naturally blond people are. And they usually don’t look as neat as their darker counterparts. So, what are the tips for dealing with a blond beard?

– Get ready to wait. Blond beards take a while to grow. Usually blond facial hair grows sparsely. So, in order to get enough volume to shape a beard, you will have to be patient for at least 3 months
– Wash your beard on a regular basis. But not more often than twice a week. Make sure not to pull too much on the hair while washing.
– Use special hair products for thin hair. They will help your beard to grow as fast as it can.
– Trim the beard at least once a week. If you have never had a beard before, you will have trouble eating and drinking at first. So, it it recommended to start with a short beard and keep it as such for at least a month. Then you can continue growing it.
– Don’t go too short. Make sure to leave at least 1 cm of hair on your face. When the blonde beard is short, it looks like sparse growth, which is not acceptable. Short blonde beards don’t look macho. They remind people of a teenager’s stubble.

If your hair is too light, consider getting your beard dyed. Once it grows long enough, browse different colors. Don’t do anything dramatic, but take some time to choose from various shades of blond. The hair on your head will always look darker than your beard, since it is usually thicker. So, choose the dye, which will make your facial hair look as close to your mane as possible. You can even make it a shade darker. Blond beards rarely look well without any help. So, get ready to spend some time taking care of your facial hair.