Bald Men with Beards

Our instincts have been telling us for ages that thick and voluminous hair is the sign of a healthy and strong man. However the times have changed. The sexuality of a man is not dictated by the thickness of his hair or the softness of his skin. In fact, a balding man sometimes looks quite sad. Compare a balding man with a guy whose head is clean shaven. Who looks younger and stronger? Did your hairline start to recede? Don’t worry, nowadays this happens to men as young as 25. You can keep your youthful appearance without coming up with crazy hairstyles to hide the balding head. Just give it a shave! You will look fantastic. And if you add a beard, you are bound to be more popular with girls than you were before. All this is also true for men, whose mane isn’t suffering any loss. Even if all your hair is still in place, there is no reason not to shave it off and add a beard for a fashionable and sexy look.

Shaving facial hair has lost its past popularity and more and more men go for stylish beards. Some people might have old-fashioned opinion about the beards and when they think of one. they imagine an old man or a biker. But take a look at some popular movie starts such as Brad Pitt, George Cloony, Colin Farrell and Ashton Kutcher. All these men don’t just go for small and timid beards, they demonstrate rather large and full ones. So, if you are ready to change your style, a beard is a great way out. Don’t forget that a beard is a symbol of wisdom. Which means that a bald man with a beard will be a mix of sexiness and wisdom. Once you have made a choice towards this style, take some time to read about beard care. While you will be freed from brushing your hair daily, you will still need to remember about such tools as razors and trimmers. In order to keep the sexy and wise look, your beard must be neat and head clean-shaven. Otherwise you are in danger of getting a homeless man look.